Chapter/Member/Council Spotlight
Tickets can be purchased on the student box office website
Tickets can be purchased on the student box office website
Tickets can be purchased on the student box office website. You have a chance to win some amazing prizes and you do not want to miss it!!!!!
If you would like to make a donation to help support make a wish, please click the link below.

If you would like to be featured in the next FASA Monthly Newsletter, make sure to fill out the Chapter/Member Spotlight Form! We can’t wait to share all the great things you are doing in the community and at the university! If you have any questions reach out to Kyle McGee 
Upcoming Events
Make sure to check out the updated Spring Semester Deadlines. March 4th is the next due date for some forms.
For the panel discussion & speaker, we are requesting the following attendance from each council:
IFC: 20 members per chapter
MGC: 10 per chapter
NALFO: 10 per chapter
NPHC: 10 per chapter
PFC: 20 per chapter
PHC: 20 per chapter
All chapters must send 2-4 new members to the retreat. Four new members are the maximum a chapter can have, due to the size of the venue. New members can be from Fall 2021 or Spring 2022. Registration closes on April 14th,2022. Cannot be graduating seniors.

Presidents and New Member Educators Please make sure to give the link to your new members. (
In need of a place to study, unplug, or meet? Well FASA has a spot for you!!!!

You can now stop by the FASA Lounge, on the second floor of the Women’s Building, where we have a lounge area, conference room, that you can reserve, and office space where you can host virtual meetings in!!!!

Make sure to stop by the space!
On Wednesdays, we wear Para/Letters!!!!
All forms can be found on the FASA Website under Resources.
Requirements for Potential New Members & Interests
Please don't forget that ALL potential new members and interests of a fraternity or sorority must attend all three workshops below before they begin the recruitment/intake process. All workshops are coordinated through the Barnes Center at The Arch Health Promotion.

Alcohol Safety 101
Participants will learn about general information on alcohol use, a variety of strategies for safer alcohol use, and how to recognize and respond to alcohol poisoning. The workshop is provided by Be Wise Peer Educators.

This workshop will discuss what bias is and provide real-life, relatable examples (recognize), as well as bystander intervention skills (stop). We will also discuss how to report and what the process looks like after you've done so (report). The workshop is provided by the STOP Bias Program.

Hazing Prevention
In this presentation, you will learn about what hazing is using an affirmative consent framework and how it can impact your social connections and mental health. Review how to recognize hazing and act as a prosocial bystander to intervene safely and help your peers that are experiencing hazing. This is an interactive session where you will practice scenarios and hear from other peers to help better equip you in responding if you see hazing among your friends and peers.
Council Social Media Accounts
Contact Information:
(315) 443-2214