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FAN Mail: Winter 2023

Welcome new FANs!

  • Zach Blackwell (Georgia)
  • Cherisse Santiago (Guam)
  • Maegan Kautz (Idaho)
  • Ashlee Fields (Massachusetts)
  • Derek Loftus (Massachusetts)
  • Jason Vitaliano (New Jersey)
  • Sonia Rita (New Jersey)
  • Michael Turner (South Dakota)
  • Mary Kate Brown (Tennessee)
  • Lisa Treleaven (Texas)
  • Rachel Goodman (Texas)
  • Michelle Schwake (Texas)
  • Jeffrey Wilson (Utah)
  • Jill McCormick (Washington)

Thank you for your service:

  • Suzanne Gottlieb (Massachusetts)

Open FAN positions:

  • Delaware
  • Kansas

Dear FANs,


Welcome to our first edition of the "FAN Mail" newsletter, designed specifically for you as our incredible FAN representatives.


In each issue, you will find FAN announcements, EMSC news, upcoming events, the latest resources, action items we need your help on, and a quarterly "FAN Favorite" highlighting one of our representatives.


We'd love your feedback on this new communication- please email us with your thoughts!


Thank you for all you do and happy reading,


Sarah and Jennifer 

News and Updates

EMSC/FAN news & updates


Upcoming events

  • FAN Steering Committee Meeting - March 2, 2023, 3-4 pm ET on Zoom
  • FAN Steering Committee Meeting - April 6, 2023, 3-4 pm ET on Zoom
  • Quarter 2 All FAN Meeting - May 4, 2023, 3-4 pm ET on Zoom
  • EMS Week and EMSC Day - week of May 21. More details coming soon!


New resources

  • Have you heard about Family Voices' Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT)? Sarah and Jennifer will be using this tool over the next few months to gather feedback from the FAN about ways we can support you in your engagement in EMSC system level initiatives. Check out their website to learn more about how this tool is used. 
  • Do you have a project idea for your state, but you're not sure where to start? Our Project Planning Tool is for you! This tool will help you break your project down into manageable steps, set goals, and create SMARTIE aims.
  • Have you put your story in our story database? This database helps us connect you to other FANs with similar experiences, match you with projects that align with your interests and experiences, and share your stories in support of EMSC outputs.
  • Slides from Julie Johnston's (Louisiana) presentation from our August 2022 FAN Meeting titled "Building your Team" are on our FAN Resource Page

Save the Date - All Grantee Meeting 2023

The 2023 All Grantee Meeting will be September 12 - 14, 2023 in Austin, Texas at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center. The registration website, along with a preliminary agenda, will be available soon!

Action Items

1. Meet with Jennifer


Have you meet with Jennifer to chat about your needs and experiences as a FAN? She's working on creating a FAN Database as well as helping FANs enter their stories into the story database. If you haven't had a one on one meeting with Jennifer yet, please email her. 

2. Call for Resources


Do you know of any important family engagement resources? Sarah and Jennifer are working on a guide for State Partnership Managers to help them recruit, engage, and retain FANs, and they are looking for resources. Send them anything you think might be helpful. 

3. Help New Hampshire Update EMS Protocols


Laurie Warnock our FAN from New Hampshire is looking for feedback from FANs who have experience using ventilators to help ensure updates to New Hampshire's EMS protocols are inclusive of family experiences. Please reach out to her with your thoughts. 

We want to hear from you!

Which action/activity makes you feel most engaged at the State level? (Select only one)
Regular Communication
Recognition and Awards
Clear Role Expectations
Training and Development Opportunities
All of the Above

Questions? Comments? News to share? Want to join the FAN Newsletter mailing list?  Email us!

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