Fall 2023 Edition
FALL into this SEASON with Rigor

Welcome to Our Fall Newsletter!

We have amazing breakthroughs we are excited to share:

  • Leadership Rigor Academy - 6 months into Launch!
  • Clients are Setting RECORD Engagement Levels!
  • Re-Imagine your Return to Office with our Learning Videos
  • First Rigor Change-Partner Pilot Program Survey Results---WOW!
  • Introducing: The Executive Assessment Center on our Partnership Site
  • Leadership Rigor Academy Social Media BLITZ Campaign Highlights
  • New social media “Short SERIES” approach is Getting Attention!
  • National Media Coverage on Academy Launch Press Release!

The Best Part?

Our Client Partners are telling us that they are starting to have FUN again at work as they SKILLFULLY engage in BOTH Hybrid and Office social connections!

Building their relationships, collaborating on meaningful opportunities and coaching each other through their challenges—they are energizing their cultures and talent bench!

Is It Your Turn Now?

The Leadership Rigor Movement is just getting started! Our focus is on accelerating performance and productivity through Leadership Learning Journeys, customized for:

  • Family Businesses
  • Private Companies
  • High Potential Talent Initiatives

We have CRACKED the CODE on designing and delivering Enterprise Level Leadership Learning Programs!

Using a proven methodology designed with CEOs and their Executive Leadership teams over the last 15 years, we can assist you in evolving your culture, building your talent bench and energizing COMMUNITY engagement across your enterprise with a customized solution you can smartly scale!


Are you ready to take action + invite your organization on a Leadership Learning Journey?


Let’s connect and start to Rigor It together!


Blast OFF

P.S—If you are not currently leading an organization, please consider connecting us to those who you think can benefit from learning more about our Leadership Rigor Movement! We appreciate you as an influencer and advocate!


The Leadership Rigor Academy

6 Month Launch Update!

Launch Update

In April 2023 we officially launched the Academy with the mission of developing Change-Ready leaders who can successfully navigate our VUCA business world by engaging them in an Enterprise Level Leadership Learning Journey!

The Academy is uniquely designed for Private + Family Businesses who want to:

•   Accelerate the READINESS of their Next Generation Talent Bench

•   Enhance the Cohesiveness of their CULTURE in the Hybrid World

•   Build Leadership Skills to drive Collaboration + Innovation Initiatives

Co-Created with CEO Partnerships the Academy offers:

•   A Structured Program to Advance Business + Leadership Skills

•   A Safe-Space Forum to Develop Inspiring Leaders who are Change-Ready

•   A System-Based Approach with Critical Links for On the Ground Success

Time to Enroll Your Organization in the Academy?

•   Experience Cutting Edge Learning + Design Techniques

•   Go Beyond Team Building---Build an Empowered Enterprise Community

•   Generate an ROI with an ROR (return on Rigor) you can See, Hear + Feel

Our Social Media Blitz is Generating Excitement

Click to watch
Leadership Rigo Virtual Academy

CLIENTS Are Achieving RECORD Setting Engagement Levels!

We will share our results with you ---though you might not believe them!

While most companies struggle with ENGAGEMENT, our clients are "CRUSHING IT". The Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy has provided our Client Partners a forum to enhance Cultural Cohesion and accelerate their Talent Bench development as they learn and discuss leadership skills, tools and models to apply in their day-to-day work!

We already have 3 Companies, 14 Teams and nearly 200 participants in the Academy.

In just the last 4 months here’s what they are achieving:

  • Video Content ENGAGEMENT----2 Companies 100% and 1 Company 98.5%

  • Team Meeting ENGAGEMENT---96% attendance in 75 Meetings!!

  • Social Platform ENGAGEMENT---Nearly 500 Quality Comments and Insights!

  • Team SPIRIT Challenge ENGAGEMENT----Take a Look at our Halloween Pictures
Breakthru Engagement Levels
Halloween Team Spirit
Leadership Rigornaut

We are so Proud of our 28 Rigornauts and 21 Mentors who are facilitating meaningful conversations across their organizations that connect their unique company context to the Leadership Rigor content each month! You are AMAZING!

2024 Enterprise Enrollment in the Leadership Rigor Academy is now underway!

RE-IMAGINE vs. Simply Return to Office (RTO)

Leaders have a WONDERFUL opportunity to create a NEW WORKPLACE dynamic where Talent is engaged, collaborating, learning, and innovating together to create Future GROWTH!

Making it WONDERFUL requires including your Compassion + IMAGINATION!

Our Learning Videos below include practices to Turbo Charge your Engagement!

•   Your Colleagues want to be SEEN (acknowledged + recognized)

•   Your Colleagues want to be HEARD (invite all voices to weigh in)

•   Your Colleagues want to be CONNECTED (create a community)

Burnout is more than a personal challenge for leaders - it is a CULTURAL PROBLEM!

Your Organization’s Culture is your SYSTEM-Based approach to “how you do things around here.” The problem in most organizations is that they lack the leadership skills, processes, language, and tools to get work done at the speed of business! So even high performers who jump through hoops—ultimately experience exhaustion!

Addressing the ROOT CAUSES of Burnout at the Cultural Level requires leadership skill building as well as putting in place Performance + Productivity structures! And this is a big part of our Leadership Learning Journey Work!

We focus on Organizational Health and WELL-BEING at an individual, team and enterprise level providing SOCIAL frameworks for accelerating your talent bench readiness to take RISKS, Make CHANGES and GROW forward with energy and momentum!

As your Change-Partner we can DESIGN a Leadership Learning Journey to take your workplace experience to another level!

Your Organizational Leaders are living in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world! This can be exhausting! We have a VUCA-SOLUTION we provide in our Leadership Journey work as we help you build Change-Ready leaders who are INSPIRATIONAL role models creating the conditions for your future success!

We go BEYOND Coaching and Consulting

Click to watch
We go Beyond Coaching

Avoid Burnout

Well Being

Limit Workplace Burnout
Well Being

It's a New Day

VUCA Solution

Work has changed
VUCA World

FIRST RIGOR CHANGE PARTNER Pilot Program Survey Results

LR Change Partner

Our 4 Pilot Participants completed a comprehensive feedback survey to help us further shape the development of the program!

Here are few exciting highlights:

•   100% --Content Material EXCEEDED Expectations (75% Strongly Agreed)

•   100%--Content Material has UNIQUE Approach (50% Strongly Agreed)

•   100%--Platform Creative Design is Engaging (75% Strongly Agreed)

•   100%--Co-Pilots Provided Valuable Insights (75% Strongly Agreed)

•   100%--Valuable for Private + Family Businesses (75% Strongly Agreed)

Stay tuned for more news about our Next PILOT program in 2024!

What Our Pilot Participants Shared with Us!


"There are many paths an organization can choose to take with a leadership development program. Where the Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy succeeds is by creating a clear pathway for shared language and understanding, the use of tools that provide frameworks to solve problems and create clarity & insights, and, most importantly, a visible individual accountability to the organization that is often the single biggest aspect missing from leadership development programs.

Organizations have personalities and what works for one organization may not work for other organizations. For the right organization with a growth mindset and a readiness and commitment to doing the work, the Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy can propel that organization forward and truly create a competitive advantage. And it does so brilliantly."

Ned Stern, Board Chair


"Becoming competent in the content, language and applications of Leadership Rigor is a rewarding experience, rich with opportunity to grow your coaching practice into the leadership and organizational arena. 

The program is filled with clear, powerful models, tools and approaches to give coaches ways to transform how they serve organizations and their leaders in a world of uncertainty and change. 

Becoming a Change Partner goes beyond coaching or consulting for a credential that qualifies you to help organizations increase their performance and productivity in a unique way."

Amy Minkoff

Certified Professional Coach,

Amy Minkoff Coaching

Find out if You are a High Performing Executive Leader?

Take the Executive Assessment

Our Leadership Learning + Partnership Site provides CEOs and their Executive Leadership Teams with valuable insights and resources.

Introducing A New Resource

We have just launched our Executive Performance Center for C-Suite Executives to assess how well they are currently working “ON Their Business” vs. “IN Their Business” in their role. We have 8 Assessments including one for your Board of Directors.

Click on the image above to take an assessment and schedule a call with Erica to discuss the results!

New Social Media Gets "REEL" Attention!

NEWSFLASH: My Style is NOT for Everyone!

People do business with people they like and can authentically connect to!

Finding the Trusted Advisor and PARTNER to do challenging Enterprise Level work requires trust building on an intimate level especially for Private and Family Businesses—we understand this!

While we have the STREET Cred as transformational Change-Partners who have “been there and done that” in a variety of business settings---we understand that our style and approach is not for everyone!

The Question is: Is Our Style Right for YOU and YOUR Organization?

We are Street Smart and People Smart in our approach---take a look at our short videos below and get a feel for who we are, and how we roll!

Learn why Fortune 500 Executive Leaders and CEOs of Progressive Private and Family Businesses Engage Us!

If our style is a match with yours---reach out and let’s start a conversation!

Can We QUOTE You on That?

Exciting News!

CHIEF Membership!

Moonshot News!

Changing the Face of Leadership

I have become a member of **Chief**!

Chief is a private membership network for women executives who are passionate about increasing leadership influence through empowerment and community connection. Together we are changing the face of Leadership!

Erica Peitler launches a "Moonshot" with the Leadership Rigor Online Training Academy Focused on Organizational Culture Change.

Finally, private companies and family businesses have a customizable opportunity for creating change-ready leaders at the enterprise level to fuel their current and future business growth.

Read our recent Press Release for more news about our launch!

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Erica Peitler

Erica Peitler

CEO and Founder

Erica Peitler is a Change-Partner and Growth INFLUENCER with expertise in Designing and Facilitating Customized Leadership Learning Journeys. 

She works with Private Companies, Family Businesses and C-Suite Leaders to navigate life cycle dynamics as they take the transformational steps necessary to achieve their full potential. 

If you are ready to accelerate your ability to operate at a level of operational and organizational excellence, Erica and her team can engage with you on an individual, team or organizational level to achieve breakthroughs in Performance & Productivity!

Named Most Influential Business Person of the Year 2023 by Time Iconic Magazine.

Named Top 10 Most Influential Person in Leadership Consulting 2022 by CIO Views.

Building Relationships is a precursor to Building Partnerships together!

Through our social media efforts, including this newsletter, we hope to give you a sense of where we are passionately creating momentum in the Leadership + Learning World as well as “Why, How and Where” we may be able to assist you and your organization.

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