*** 2016 Campaign Theme:  #NeverTrump ***

Fellow Aloha State Republicans:

Campaign season is here.  Like any political party, everything the Hawaii GOP does for the two years between elections is supposed to pay off on election night when all the votes are counted.
Democrats have been screwing Hawaii residents for 60 years. ALL the issues are on our side . . . that is if GOP leaders  Hellreich, Rohlfing, Saiki, Marumoto, Smart and the rest have been leading the essential campaign  to motivate the voters and create the necessary excitement using winning themes, highlighted issues, promoted solutions, terrible statistics, and reform-minded candidates who offer Hawaii residents a clear choice.
In the first of a series of exclusive breaking news reports from HIRA, we can reveal that party leaders have chosen "We're not Donald Trump supporters" as the Hawaii GOP's 2016 political message for voters from now until November 8th.  With Trump becoming the presumptive nominee and with Trump having won the Hawaii GOP Presidential Caucus, party leaders appear to believe that distancing themselves and the party from Trump will be a superior message to convince Hawaii voters to abandon 60 years of support for Democrats rather than actually building and presenting a political case against the party of Kirk Caldwell, David Ige, Billy Kenoi, Joe Souki and the rest.
Combined with the Hawaii GOP's official state party platform which remains completely neutral on the issues facing Hawaii, the nation, and all four counties, Hellreich and Rohlfing have decided to double-down on the failed strategy of past party chairs Pat Saiki, David Chang (who Hellreich dumped to install Saiki after Chang kept racking up debt while losing elections), and Jonah Kaauwai (who Hellreich also dumped to install Chang's wife Beth Fukumoto after Kaauwai kept racking up debt while losing elections).

Yes, instead of learning from their past mistakes, the 2016 Hawaii GOP will pursue more of the same RINO nonsense which has led to the steady and unmistakable decline of the Republican Party in Hawaii since Miriam Hellreich took over and began calling all the shots.
Of course, the issue at hand isn't really even Donald Trump.  The real issue is that our party has been hijacked by liberals who are worried about preserving their power now that a bunch of conservatives activated by Trump and Cruz might take control of their precious organization.  They don't want the conservative base of the party to exercise control of the message and policy solutions which the Hawaii GOP should be communicating to voters 24/7/365 about the need to overthrow Democrats.  The last thing RINO's, closet Democrats and progressive/liberal Republicans want is to have their agreement with Democrats on issue after issue be thrust into the spotlightSo it's much easier to attack Donald Trump than to defend their inability (or unwillingness) to generate voter excitement for change in Hawaii.
Every single one of these party leaders who have spoken out with great hostility against Trump has also worked for years to fight island conservatives and has regularly manipulated our state party's rigged processes to keep our party silent and neutral on the issues.

As a result of our party's neutrality and silence, Charles Djou had no problem creating the overspending HART rail authority, Kymberly Pine has no problem supporting the wasteful rail project, Beth Fukumoto has no problem supporting higher taxes, Barbara Marumoto has no problem helping to create the wasteful Hawaii Obamacare Connector, Gene Ward has no problem voting to give 40,000 illegal aliens on Oahu driver's licenses so they can steal American jobs, Cynthia Thielen has no problem supporting the radical left-wing social agenda, Duke Aiona has no problem embracing the Democrat agenda by trying to create a giant, new expensive and discriminatory OHA government for part-Hawaiians only.  And that's just for starters.
The decision has been made by party leaders to give Hawaii voters an echo of what Democrats offer instead of the clear choice that Republicans must offer.  After six years of suffering humiliating election defeats, Hawaii's GOP party leaders are sticking in 2016 with the official platform of being disinterested and neutral on each and every issue facing Hawaii today.
Hypocritically, after all the years of the GOP's conservative base being told to support moderates, RINO party leaders tell us they refuse to support a non-moderate who has tapped into the frustrations of Americans across the nation and across our state.  [Isn't that exactly what they have been supposed to be doing all of these years?!?]
So, at the behest of closet Democrats such as Beth Fukumoto (the leader of all elected Republicans in the State House, believe it or not), HRP is throwing itself under the 'Trump train' rather than trying to leverage the anti-establishment, populist excitement.  That's the 2016 Strategy for the Hawaii GOP.
In fact, HRP's deliberate strategy of being irrelevant to voters has now been made even worse.  Party leaders are distancing themselves from the huge numbers of Hawaii voters who have been mobilized in support of presumptive party nominee Donald Trump.  Instead of embracing a theme and issues which educate and persuade voters to select Republican candidates, the RINO's have made #NeverTrump the 2016 slogan.
There are less than six months until Election Day.  That means 18 months have been wasted by the Hawaii GOP's party leaders.  The Democrats who control Hawaii's politics at the state and county levels don't give a hoot about Donald Trump.  They'll still be here whether or not Trump wins or loses.   The only thing Democrats worry about is if the Hawaii GOP suddenly decides to build a massive case against them for two years before election day.  Thanks to Hellreich, Rohlfing, Saiki and the rest, Democrats are sleeping very soundly.  And so is Donald Trump.

Electing the wrong party leaders
has extremely serious consequences.

Thanks to Hellreich and her RINO zombies at party headquarters, Hawaii Republicans are losing the best opportunity in a generation to make our case to a base of voters which, right now, is actually paying attention.


Conservatives looking for a activist Republican 'home' in Hawaii need look no further than the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA).  We understand how elections have consequences.  And we won't let 2018 get wasted by our party the way they have flushed 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 down the drain.  Join HIRA today and change Hawaii (and our party) tomorrow!

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