Flat Apple Fitness 2022 has ended for this Year!

Thank you to all our participants for making this Flat Apple Fitness Activity the best one ever!

Below are samples of this year's activities:

Mindfulness Mondays

Two of our long-time participants created

"Me-Trees" as part of their Mindfulness Monday activities. 

The tree reflects the unique things that make you – you, and the people and communities that surround and support you.

To make one for yourself, just visit:


It is a fun activity because Art allows us to express ourselves in ways that words cannot

Here's another idea:

Create a “Kindness List” or “Kindness Calendar.” List of kind things to do and say in various situations, such as helping someone in distress or cheering someone on. You can also create a calendar of kind acts, no matter how small, to do throughout the summer. ​​​​​

Here's another great example of Mindfulness. These two sisters provided a FREE bottle of water to folks who came by on a hot day. Kudos to them!!!

Wellness Wednesdays

Participants provided several samples of ways to stay active during Flat Apple Fitness 2022.

(Healthy) Foodie Friday

FYI ...

The drawing for prizes will be conducted by members of the Healthy Lombard Board of Directors the week of August 15th. 

Winners will be notified through the email submitted at the time of registration and listed on the Flat Apple Fitness 2022 Tab.

Thanks and have a great school year!

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