Issue 1, January 04, 2023
Happy New Year Everyone!
May 2023 be a year of good health, happiness, and great gemstone news!

Last Year
The Best of 2022!
Below we list the top five of the most read feature articles in the Roskin Gem News Report. If you haven't read them yet, now is the time!
This Week
Time to get ready for 2023 as we head back to Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Trade Shows.

Our Trade Shows Calendar has been completely updated with links to all of the major shows, even highlighting seven (7) Reed Exhibition shows and seven (7) InformaMarkets shows.

We will be focused on 6 of the most important shows in Tucson [in our humble opinion]. For those who may not be familiar with Tucson, Tucson, Arizona usually plays host to over 40 gem & mineral shows scattered throughout the Tucson area. So we will just keep our report to 6.
Gem-A Conference Review

We found an insightful review of Gem-A's 2022 Conference by Ya'akov Almor, written for Rough & Polished Magazine. Ya'akov gives us an analysis of the speakers' presentations along with a good dose of historical perspective.
About Tucson, with Eric Braunwart

Here's a very good interview with one of the industry's leaders in responsible sourcing of gems. Published in JCK today (January 4, 2023), and edited by Victoria Gomelsky, Editor-in-Chief, even if you are not going to Tucson, this is certainly worth the read.
A Major Luxury Watch Brand

Yes - it has something to do with gemstones.
Here is a feature that reports on a major luxury watch brand investing in one of its suppliers, a gemstone setting firm. They are simply protecting their assets, and their industry.
The FACETS Show in Sri Lanka is this weekend!
A link to the show is our last post here in the newsletter. For all other shows, make sure you link to the Shows Calendar in the online magazine.

Next Week
We will be busy working on two presentations for Tucson: 1. "New Directions for the International Gem Trade Show Business," for the Accredited Gemologists Association, and 2. "Colored Gemstones That Make News. Famous, not-so-famous, beautiful, not-so-beautiful – and how they affect you and your gem business," for American Gem Trade Association.

Of course, we will be finding more gem news to share right here and in the magazine. Stay tuned!

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Gary Roskin
TUCSON - The List of Recommended Shows
The AGTA GemFair
Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 4, 2023

With so many shows to see in Tucson, one needs to plan their days wisely.

First on the list for fine gems is the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) GemFair at the Tucson Convention Center (TCC). Loose & mounted goods, as well as designer jewels, this show has the greater percentage of the best in Tucson. #1 on the list.
The GJX Tent
That said, there are at least two other shows you need to have on your list for fine quality gems. First, and most convenient to the AGTA show, is the Gem & Jewelry Exchange, otherwise affectionately known as the GJX tent. Located directly across the street from the TCC, it's an easy walk over and a worthy show in its own right. Whereas the AGTA sponsors North American companies, the GJX is international. Here you will find gem cutters and suppliers from all over the globe, including, but not limited to, Germany, Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Thailand, Mexico, and yes, the US and Canada.
The Pueblo Show
Third on the list, and a must if you can, is the Pueblo Show, located at the old Pueblo motel on the other side of Interstate Highway 10 (now the Ramada by Wyndham). This show has the most eclectic mix, ranging from exceptional loose gems and minerals, to random talismans. It's a little bit longer walk, or a very short streetcar ride from the TCC and GJX.

The Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery
This is a new and much smaller venue than the shows mentioned already, but the quality of the minerals that will be on display for sale will be well worth the short drive.

The Westward Look Fine Minerals Show
The Westward Look show is almost as if you have mistakenly come to a gem & minerals museum. The mineral specimens on display are outstanding. And the venue is an oasis away from downtown Tucson. But you're going to need a car. You cannot walk there from here.

Whether you are a minerals collector, merchant, or enthusiast, this is the show for you! But you have to make time, as it is a bit of a drive from the TCC. Trust me... it will be well worth it!
And the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show - TGMS
The Show that started it all!
The Tucson Gem and Mineral Society
proudly presents the 68th
Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, February 9–12, 2023.
“SILICA - Agates and Opals and Quartz, Oh My!”

The TGMS is the largest, oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral show in the world (according to the TGMS).

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show has enjoyed international stature since the 1970s, and was the first gem and mineral show to bring the hobby enthusiast, the public, and the curator/professionals together for discovery and discussion.

The only problem with this show is that it is several days after most of the other gem shows we've recommended have closed. Did you plan on two weeks in Tucson?

Tucson Educational Events that should be
on Your List
Educational events are one of the added benefits of being in Tucson for the Gems & Minerals Shows.

Whether you participate because you want to know more, or that you simply need a break from walking the shows, you cannot go wrong with so much happening in such a limited amount of time.

AGTA sponsors four full days of educational events while the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery spreads their educational events over two weeks. And the Accredited Gemologists Association sponsors presentations only during their day-long conference, Wednesday February 1.

For AGTA seminars under the AGTA banner, tap here

For AGTA seminars under the MJSA banner, tap here

For AGTA seminars under the "other" banner, tap here

For AGA seminars during the one day conference, tap here

For the Tucson Fine Minerals Gallery seminars, tap here

If you wish to catch up with me in Tucson, I will be giving a presentation on Wednesday, February 1st, at the AGA Conference, "New Directions for the International Gem Trade Show Business," and on Friday, February 3rd, for the AGTA seminars, I'll be presenting, "Colored Gemstones That Make News. Famous, not-so-famous, beautiful, not-so-beautiful – and how they affect you and your gem business."
Michael Dyber - “Dyber Illusion Lines”
Tucson 2023

Michael Dyber, gem artist known for his creative optical effects, such as the “Dyber Optic Dishes,” “Luminaires,” & “Photon Phacets,” will be unveiling his new gem cutting technique, the “Dyber Illusion Lines.”

Shown here, a close up of a 33.54 cts. Bolivian Ametrine, with Dyber Illusion Lines.

Yogo Gulch – Digging Again
What You Should Know About the Company Mining in Yogo Again

National Jeweler Magazine –
January 3, 2023 –

Yogo Montana Sapphires have history. Long history. From the mid to late 1800’s, Yogo Gulch sapphires were being found, cut and polished. Tiffany & Co. purchased many of them in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. In fact, antique and estate dealers are always looking for sapphire-set Tiffany jewels, knowing that the sapphires will most likely be from the old Yogo Gulch mines.
Over the years, it’s been a tough go at mining this area, known for its hard rock mining as opposed to the nearby alluvial deposits.

And now it seems that yet another venture has begun.

Here is Brecken Branstrator’s feature on a new mining of an old deposit.

An Interview with Eric Braunwart
Columbia Gem House, JCK
Eric Braunwart on the Outlook for the 2023 Tucson Gem Shows

JCK Magazine –
Victoria Gomelsky – JCK Editor-in-Chief –
January 4, 2022 –

The Roskin Gem News Report has been following Eric Braunwart for, well, even before there was an RGNR. Braunwart, of Columbia Gem House in Vancouver, Washington, has been talking, promoting, pushing (dragging) the industry forward on responsible fair trade practice in the colored gemstone trade for decades.

This is a good read!

The Best from Last Year
Here they are! The top most read features here in the Roskin Gem News report were:

Small Stone, Small World, a story about a young woman who purchased an important gemstone, important because it was named for someone important to her.

Fluorescence that proves Natural, a lab feature provided by Stone Group Labs, showing that the fluorescence of a diamond could prove that the gem is natural. An easy test for every desk gemologist.
Is it a Padparadscha, or not? This was a press release from GIA, which told us about some rare pink-orange sapphires that not only change color when exposed to ultraviolet light (from pink to orangey-pink, possibly even straight orange), but that may actually gain more orange color when, under the stability test, exposed to high intensity incandescent light. (The stability test, placing a pink-orange sapphire under strong incandescent light, is supposed to show the sapphire reverting back to its resting state color of pink, not gaining in color or remaining pink-orange.)
10.67 carat Fancy Grey
Extremely rare Art Deco diamond ring. Circa 1925.
The Rise of the House of Asscher & that 10.67-carat Fancy Grey Diamond. I am glad you enjoyed this feature. For those of you who have not yet read this feature, I saw a 10 carat fancy grey diamond in 2013. Then it shows up for auction in December 2022, and it sold for a lot of money!

Now I understand if you are thinking, "I'm not at all interested in a grey diamond." But take our word for it, this diamond will surprise you. Read the story - you will not be disappointed!
and ...

What is a “Circular Brilliant”? Here is something you do not see every day. There is a GIA diamond grading report that identifies this stone's shape as "Circular Brilliant." We know what a "Round Brilliant" is. And we know what an "Old European Cut" diamond is. But what is a "Circular Brilliant"?

Not surprising, all of these feature articles have a great gemological twist. If you have not had a chance to read these yet, you really should! - GR
A Conference Review – Gem-A

Gem-A November Conference Wins High Appreciation Among International Gemologists

Rough & Polished Magazine
Ya’akov Almor, Contributing Editor
December 15, 2022

Attending the 2022 Gem-A Conference, Ya'akov Almor's first-hand critical account of the one day's presentations, mixed with attendee testimonials, offers us a well-written professional perspective.

Speakers for the event included:
Richard Hughes
Joanna Hardy
Federico Pezzotta
H. Albert Gilg
Robert Weldon
David Fisher
Lisa Levinson
& Richard Drucker

Major Luxury Watch Brand Invests
in a Gem-Setting Company –
Roberta Naas – Senior Contributor –
Jan 2, 2023 –

Why Patek Philippe Bought Salanitro SA, Swiss Jewelry And Gem-Setting Company

Here is a feature story that points out how one major brand supports a supply chain company that services over 80 brands.

Patek Philippe bought a share in Salanitro SA.

ReedExpo - Besides JCK Las Vegas
Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 4, 2023

Reed Exhibitions (RX) is a trade show company, owned by Reed Elsevier, a "global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers." RX has more than 400 events in the RX portfolio. 

RX Sectors include Jewellery & Watches of course, but also Automotive, Transportt & Aerospace, Building & Construction, Cosmetics, Data, IT & Tech, Energy, Engineering & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Medical & Pharma, Homes, Gardens & Gifts, Media & Content, Pop Culture & Gaming, Printing & Packaging, Real Estate & Urban Management, Safety & Security, Sport & Wellbeing, Travel & Tourism, Agriculture, Art, Business Services, Rducation & Training, Fashion, Finance, Food & Hospitality, Franchise, Mining, and Plastics.

Comic Con? Yep - Reed Exhibitions.

In the Jewellery & Watches sector, Reed events include:
International Jewellery Tokyo (IJT)
Girls Jewellery Expo Tokyo
JIS Spring
International Jewellery Kobe (IJK)
Luxury & JCK
JIS Fall
and Jewellery & Watch Show Abu Dhabi

InformaMarkets - Dubai and more
Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 4, 2023

Informamarkets is another trade show company, "connecting buyers and sellers, supporting the flow of business and trade in over a dozen specialist markets. Our platforms help businesses meet, discover products, trade and grow through major exhibitions, virtual events, online marketplaces, specialist content and data services.
Informamarkets has more than 400 events in their portfolio, too. 

Just like RX, Informamarkets' Sectors include Jewellery & Watches of course, but also Agriculture, Aviation & Aerospace, Art, Design & Furniture, Beauty & Aesthetics, Energy, Utilities & Resources, Engineering & Manufacturing, Fashion & Apparel, Health & Nutrition, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure & Construction, Maritime & Logistics, and Media & Entertainment.

World of Concrete? Yep - Informamarkets.

In the Jewellery & Watches sector, Informamarkets events include:
Jewellery, Gem & Technology Dubai
Istanbul Jewelry Show Spring
Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok
Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong
Japan Jewellery Fair
Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong
Istanbul Jewelry Show Fall

Thank you

And we are off to a great start in the new year! So much to write about and post up here in the Roskin Gem News Report.

As always, stay informed and keep in touch. I'd like to know where you've been and what gems you've seen.
I will continue to post features on the website, so feel free to log on to the Roskin Gem News Magazine any time at

If you would like to contribute, or you have read something somewhere that you feel would be perfect to share with the community, then please feel free to contact me directly at

I will see you again SOON!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Gary Roskin
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