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OCTOBER 2022 "Connecting quality people to quality homes"

HCVP office now offers extended hours

The JPHSDD main offices are now open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. to accommodate landlords and clients of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Staff members will begin seeing customers at 8:30 a.m. every morning.

“Previously, this office was open only three days a week with limited hours," said Executive Director Dorian Rawles. "This put a tremendous amount of stress on landlords and families that needed to see someone right away. For landlords, wasted time is wasted money. And for tenants, another day without a housing voucher is another day of despair."


The office is staffed with 30 employees to help fortify and standardize the voucher program and provide support for landlords and clients. Employees are trained in the agency mantra CPR (Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect) that centers around customer service. 

The policy states that phone calls will be returned within two business days and all interactions will be handled with great respect and professionalism.

"We welcome all of our landlords and clients to come in and visit us in person," said Rawles.

Please be mindful that the office is closed for staff development every fourth Friday of the month.

"For landlords, wasted time is wasted money. And for tenants, another day without a housing voucher is another day of despair."

-JPHSDD Executive Director Dorian Rawles

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Family Self-Sufficiency program turn voucher holders into homeowners

Are you tired of renting a home with your housing choice voucher?

If you are, you can join the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program and purchase your own home.

More than 70,000 households across the country currently participate in the FSS program. 

"I know you can feel stuck in your present circumstances," said Dorian Rawles. "But if you join the FSS program, you may be eligible to convert your housing voucher into a mortgage payment and become part of the American Dream."

Participation in FSS is voluntary. Families can drop out of the program at any time without risking their continued receipt of rental assistance. Families are also not at risk of losing their homes or rental subsidies if they do not comply with or succeed in the FSS program. 

Families that successfully complete the FSS program can continue to receive rental assistance if they are financially eligible. One-third of those who successfully completed FSS exited rental assistance within one year of completion, and a third of these families became homeowners.

If you would like to join the FSS program please contact us at and we will respond to you.


Please note that the JPHSDD offices will be closed November 8th for Election Day, November 11th for Veterans Day, November 24th for Thanksgiving and

November 25th for Acadian Day.

Vision Statement

The Housing Services Development District aims to be a vanguard for affordable housing and self sufficiency programs which meets the various housing needs of the community while providing viable economic opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Housing Services Development District ardently works to create, maintain, and expand a wide variety of affordable housing opportunities across Jefferson Parish.

Core Values

The Housing Services Development District is devoted to our CPR core values which are Commitment, Professionalism, and Respect for all of our stakeholders.