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We're making great progress through our Explore program! Next up, our final topic: In-Person Engagement.
What exactly do we mean by In-Person Engagement? We are referring to events or opportunities to speak to people face-to-face. These are crucial to building engagement, goodwill or educating your target audience.

Here are some common types of in-person engagement events: 
  • Trade Shows-- Organized events where vendors can showcase offerings and connect with many prospects. Great for casting a wide net. 
  • Conferences/Seminars-- Brings together experts and enthusiasts around specific topics. More concentrated vendor-to-prospect ratio.  
  • Workshops/Training-- Hands-on learning experiences to develop skills and knowledge. Positions you as a subject matter expert. 
  • Networking Events--Allows connections and relationship building within an industry or field. 
  • Expos-- Businesses showcase products, services, and innovations through interactive exhibits. 
The key is choosing the right event(s) that align with your goals and audience. Trade shows offer broad exposure, while focused conferences/seminars target a niche. Workshops build thought leadership and training shows your commitment to customers' growth. Networking fosters relationships and expos feature experiential brand interactions. 

Where does promo fit into all this? Think of the engagement as a fun trip and the promo piece is the souvenir to remind your audience of your brand.
What type of in-person event makes the most sense for you? Let's connect and explore the personalized engagement strategies that will work best! 
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