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We introduced you to In-Person Engagement last time. Let's talk about how to collect leads now today: 

The key at any event is tracking your leads! When giving out promo items, ask for something in return - business cards, signing a notebook, etc. But the work doesn't stop with getting that information, you need a follow up plan!
A more natural way to gather leads is with a virtual game: attendees answer trivia or spin a prize wheel, maybe they even go around gathering stamps in a virtual passport. Before they participate, they must first provide their name, email, and information about themselves. The software stores everything to export later. Does this sound familiar?
Games organically collect lead info while you're tied up doing what you best: selling your business! Bonus - attendees enjoy engaging with your brand. It's a win-win! 

There are three crucial steps to following up with your leads:

  1. Sort and qualify leads quickly following your event. Time is of the essence to start reaching out to them--while the memory of your interaction is still fresh.
  2. Create a follow-up schedule. Each interaction should give you more information about whether your lead is engaged and interested in what you have to offer.
  3. Follow up with personalized information. Send messages with pertinent information to their industry and needs. As you continue interacting, you'll gain more insights into what they need. This is a great time to send qualified leads another branded item to remind them of you!

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