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Let's discuss decoration. In branding, it's not just about the product - it's about how your brand looks ON the product. Decoration is key! 
There are many decoration methods, but not all of them work for every item, brand, or goal. Here are some of the most common methods:

Embroidery - Dimensional stitching that stands out on hats, polos, bags. Multiple color options. 
Screen printing - Bold, graphic prints ideal for t-shirts, sweats, totes. Multiple colors and effects. 
Laser engraving - Crisp, fine lines on wood, acrylic, metal. Permanent and upscale. 
Debossing - Subtle indentations pressed into leather, faux leather, vinyl. Luxurious branding. 

Foil stamping - Metallic foil transfers applied with heat/pressure. Timeless and elegant on paper, glass, metal. 

Digital printing - Photographic quality images on fabric, hard goods, and more. From life-like to graphical. 

The options are endless!
Your logo and desired item often dictate the best decoration method. This is where our brand managers shine - They learn your brand inside and out. 
For example, if you have a multi-color logo with gradients, it will not work on a one-color imprint. But our experts will guide you to products that can achieve the look you want. 

By getting to know your brand intimately, our team ensures you get on-brand, high-impact products every time. 

Want to get started with a high-impact idea? Send us an email now!

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