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We're starting our journey off with one of our favorite subjects: Creative Services.

At Sonic Promos, our Creative Services team goes beyond the basics to bring your brand vision to life. Our team includes three full-time graphic artists ready to leverage their expertise and know-how to provide you with creative support from concept to final product.  
What can they do for you? 

  • Proofing: Our team meticulously reviews every order and collaborates with your brand manager to ensure that your artwork complements every item.  
  • Consulting: Before selecting products, our artists provide expert guidance. We create a curated list of options in accordance with your brand guide to actualize your goals. For unique projects involving custom overseas productions, their insight can mean the difference between just ok and what you thought it would like. 
  • Brand Identity: Starting a brand? We can guide you from square one. Our consultation uncovers your vision and voice. Then we design your logo, brand guide, and social media assets - everything you need to establish your unique identity. 
  • Unlimited Creativity: Our team designs illustrations, custom products, signage, packaging and more. If you can dream it, we can create it! 

At Sonic Promos, our Creative Services take merchandising further. Our artistic flair combined with experience and industry knowledge will make your brand stand out! 
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