February 2014 - Issue 28
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JLS Automation provides robotic-based automation for the food industry, specifically in primary and secondary packaging operations.  They have a long heritage of providing advance motion control and robotic technology for packaging lines, including integration experience with flow wrappers, vacuum packaging and MAP systems, cartoners and pre-formed tray filling and entr�e lines.  They have developed their systems to the highest sanitation standards to ensure superior food safety and reliable performance in any plant environment.  To best meet your operational and financial requirements, JLS can provide full turnkey systems or design a system to utilize and integrate with your existing packaging machinery.  As the exclusive Canadian distributor for JLS, we want to highlight some of their solutions in this newsletter.

Target Industries

JLS approaches each project in a highly collaborative, customer-centric nature, with the belief that no one knows your business or your products as well as you do.  Based on their real world experience and technical expertise, they have the tools to ensure automated food packaging products and solutions for:

  • Meat, poultry and dairy products
  • Frozen & prepared foods
  • Candy & confectionary products
  • Bakery
  • Wrapped & pouched products

Osprey Case Packing System


The Osprey Case Packing System is an automatic case loader that fits into the limited floorspace at the discharge of your primary packaging machinery.  It also survives in a high sanitation environment and is agile enough to accommodate frequent changeovers.  The JLS Osprey Packaging System is a proven option for all of your case packing requirements.  When used with JLS's washdown case erector and former, it is an unparalleled combination for packing in a sanitary environmentClick here for more info on the JLS Osprey Case Packing System.

Talon Packaging System



The Talon Packaging System is used to load products into flow-wrapper or bagging system in-feeds; vac-pac/MAP machinery; cartoning systems (top load and end load); entr�e packaging lines and multi-cavity trays. The Talon has the agility to facilitate multiple products, packaging styles and fast, repeatable changeover.  The Talon is designed to integrate with existing packaging equipment and systems. Click here for more information on the JLS Talon Packaging System.


Heron Tray Loading System

JLS has developed the Heron Tray Loading System, a highly proficient meat packaging machine, aimed at handling delicate products that need to be loaded into trays. The Heron features include:   

  • JLS Vacuum On Board 2.0, which was developed to reduce air consumption while maintaining clog-free operation with gentle product handling characteristics.
  • Ability to shape or style products being placed onto trays.
  • Product inspection.
  • Increased throughput due to reduced rework.
  • JLS wash down rated Denester.
  • High Sanitary Construction meant for primary product handling in meat packaging, as well as poultry and produce. 

The Pelican Palletizing System

The Pelican Palletizing System was developed to bring maximum utilization of your facility by employing advance motion control technology with unique gantry robotic technology.  The Pelican is well suited for multiple lines with a minimal footprint.  It significantly reduces conveyor requirements by bringing the palletizing to the line, instead of the cases to the palletizer.  Its modular construction allows for reduced initial investment with the ability to easily allow additional bridges.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on any of the above systems.  We would be happy to review your specific application!

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