Experience A True Miracle Through This New Meditation & Energy Image*

Experience An Absolute Miracle Through This New Meditation & Energy Image .. Guaranteed!*

It Brings The Energies Of Heaven To You,
Releasing Your Earth Bound Worries While Making Enormous Positive Change Easy.

Receive your miracle below


Dear friends,

I want to give you a chance to experience a true miracle in self transformation. This isn’t just a “kind- of, sort-of, or maybe” miracle. It is something that you will recognize in the years to come as a major event in your life.  

Please mark today in your calendar as the day everything in your life really began to change.


We’re giving you a miracle mediation received in a vision by a famous theta healer, Jimmy Mack when he was in a coma. It allows you to easily make changes in your life through a process he calls “Change Made Simple®.” 

To help you do this life changing meditation, I’ve collaborated with Jimmy to place the fish symbol he received in his vision, within one of my most powerful energy paintings. So with it, you now can have some of the miraculous spiritual transformation process he facilitates for his clients.

All you have to do is trace this fish/infinity symbol mentally, or with your finger. Start at the bottom left of the the tail to take negative/weak and earth bound issues and release them to the heavens. Likewise, start at the top left of the tail and trace the image to bring heavenly/good attributes from heaven to you on earth. It is really easy!


The image is cosmically linked to energies and beings beyond what most of us can even comprehend, literally moving heaven and earth for your benefit through infinite hidden pathways. 

Each time you trace the image, you open the portal of positive change. Things begin to move for your advantage in ways you cannot see, and in a few days you will look back and realize how much better things are.

The more you do it, the better it works. You will feel immediate relief when you first do it. That feeling will grow exponentially with time and repetition.


Focusing on the image on the computer screen helps, but it is 100X energetically more powerful to have the channeled print hanging on your wall where you will see it every day, or wear the pendant to have these energies subconsciously working for you all the time.

At $58 for the high quality, museum grade print, or $59 (first 12 orders only) for the exquisite energy pendant, it really is a very small price to pay for benefits that will last a life time.

Learn more about Jimmy Mack below.

The Miracle Fish Energy Pendant - - Combined with the "Magic Chi" design, it helps you experience a miracle, opening hidden celestial pathways for profound spiritual transformation.

Very High Quality - Energy Enhanced. Made with fired resinated glass and prismatic effects on jewelry grade, non tarnish stainless. Each is energy channeled and blessed by the artist for maximum benefits. 

High Value At A Low Price - Limited Quantities .Normally $85. Yours today for $59 plus $8 shipping anywhere in the world when you click BUY NOW below . Similar pieces cost 4X more so actually you are receiving about a 70% discount from what other jewelers charge.

Only 12 Available. We've made 12 of these available to start. If we get A LOT of additional requests we will make more. Otherwise that is all that will be made. So order now while they are available.

Guaranteed. Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.


We guarantee that if you get a Miracle Fish Energy Pendant or Print, and do this mediation each day for a few weeks, you will experience a minor transformational miracle in the short term, and a major one with time. If not, return it within 30 days for a refund.*


Like all of us, you desire signs, insights, visions and even miracles.

You’ve been guaranteed one here.

It is risk free.

Don’t wait another day to experience your miracle!

Once you get a print or pendant, make it work even better for you by scheduling a session with the healer who received this amazing vision, Jimmy Mack. Together, you can further co-create the changes and reality you want while focusing on your Miracle Fish image. Here is a link to his website:  http://www.jimmymackhealing.com

  • Note: Jimmy Mack is the spiritual healer and counselor visited by me, my husband Spencer, our family and friends for many years. His results have always been nothing short of miraculous.
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The Miracle Fish Energy Pendant.

Combined with the "Magic Chi" design it brings you miracles in spiritual growth and transformation.

Normally $85. Yours today for just $59 plus $8 shipping anywhere in the world. 

There's still time for you to experience these amazing energies -- all the hopes they fulfill, the feelings they evoke, the spiritual growth and transformation they make possible. Get yours today risk free and see how much brighter your life becomes. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee a 120 day exchange guarantee.*
*These items are intended for healing of the spirit and spiritual transformation only. They are not a substitute for professional physical protection, medical advice, financial or any other type of advice or practice. Our obligation under this guarantee is for the price paid to us for the item only. No other representations or warranties are implied, and no liabilities are assumed. 

Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately. Made from fired resinated glass on solid, jewelry grade cast and polished stainless. Energy enhanced and blessed by the artist.

Note: Julia's "Miracle Fish" energy painting, in addition to her copyrighted artwork contains a derivative of the trademarked "My Liquid Fish ® " owned by Jimmy Mack and is incorporated with his permission.
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