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The structure for the taller roof is in and the excitement is building (both literally and figuratively) !! Over the next 6 weeks (though mid-May) the work will include adding the exterior elements to the new roof structure while also working on HVAC, water pipes, electrical, and drywall, as well as some initial construction of the new front desk. Each day of construction adds more stoke as we're getting a better sense of how the new space will come together.

February 1 – April 30, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to our "in-a-day" challenge winners for February (Jason Legener: 228 pts!) and March (Monica Hauss: 178 points!). Plus big shout-outs to the 2nd place winners Kate Terpstra (176, February) , Brandon Hauss (175, March) and Chris Dudenhoeffer (175, March).

April is the last month of the Edgeworks Member Challenge! Don't let those remaining points go to waste; route of the month, staff favorite, the chance jar, and the April "in a day" challenge are all up for grabs, plus more. GET IT!!

with Andrew Powell

Spring has arrived! Or at least it has hinted at its arrival which makes this the perfect season for climbing at Vantage. On March 26th, Andrew lead our first outdoor rock climbing trip of the season with some awesome Edgeworks' members. Here's a fun write-up from the day!

GEAR REVIEW: Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes
by Abbie Madlem

Black Diamond’s Momentum climbing shoes have arrived at Edgeworks! This comfortable, entry-level model is perfect for the gym or the crag, finding that sweet spot where all-day comfort meets performance climbing. 

April 28 & 29 | May 19 & 20

Trad climbing is rewarding, multi-pitch is even more so. This 2-day course will teach you both the art of gear placement as well as how to turn your single pitch climb into many. Sign up online!

Additional dates available; check our website for details.

Member since 2017

"It was early 2017 and I wanted to find an alternative to LA Fitness because I’ve always preferred functional fitness vs the classic weightlifting/cardio routine. After I climbed my first route at Edgeworks, I was hooked!" #sorrylafitness #notsorry

Tuesday, May 1 | 7pm

Pretty much as awesome as it sounds because climbing games aren’t just for kids!!! We’ll be taking over the lead cave for an energetic game with nerf guns and balls. In addition to helping to strengthen your core (laughing) , the game is designed to also help improve your movement and technique on the wall as you work to avoid getting hit by your opponent.

TUESDAY NIGHT CLINIC: Training for Endurance
Tuesday, April 17 | 7pm

Love to get pumped? Endurance fatigue is something all climbers look to overcome. We’ll offer training tips to help you climb longer routes and increase the length of your sessions. Instructor: Josh Bennett

Early registration deadline: April 15th

Rock climbing is a great way for kids to build confidence , while promoting creative thinking , problem solving , team building and trust . Whether your climber is a beginner or advanced, our professional staff will keep campers engaged in fun climbing related activities and games.

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