Exit 16 DDI news & updates
Winter 2023-2024
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Project Updates
The first phase of construction was completed this Fall. Construction began in the Winter of 2023 and consisted mainly of utility relocation, ledge removal, retaining wall construction, and drainage infrastructure installation.
Crews installing duct bank
The installation of the duct bank is pictured above. As part of contract 1, crews relocated the underground waterline and installed 1,570 linear feet of stormwater pipe, 20 stormwater drop inlets and catch basins, and 1,480 linear feet of telecommunication duct bank along U.S. 2/7 between Mountain View Drive and South Park Drive. 
Crews remove ledge to construct a retaining wall
Pictured above is the removal of a ledge to facilitate the construction of the east side retaining wall to allow future pedestrian and bicycle accommodations at Exit 16. As part of contract 1, crews removed the ledge from either side of the interstate bridge piers and constructed a retaining wall. As part of contract 2, crews will construct a shared-use path at Exit 16 under the overpasses. Throughout contract 1, crews removed the surface and subsurface ledge through a combination of hydraulic hammering, drilling, and blasting. Pictured below is the retaining wall constructed along the west side of U.S. 2/7. 
Retaining wall in construction
Crews install pavement markings and line striping on a roadway
At the end of the first construction season, crews restored all the disturbed areas within the project limits, including reconstructing the roadway and installing line striping and pavement markings. Pictured above is when crews installed pavement markings and line striping along U.S. 2/7.

Construction of the Exit 16 DDI project is being completed in two phases under two separate and sequential contracts. The second phase of construction is anticipated to begin in late 2024 and consists of the bulk of the roadway work, including the installation of the diverging diamond interchange, the addition of turning lanes, upgrades to the existing traffic signals, and the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle accommodations. The gap between projects allows the Vermont Agency of Transportation to fund other smaller projects simultaneously, better manage inflated contractor/labor costs, materials shortages, and long lead times, and provide private utility companies the time to relocate infrastructure ahead of Phase 2. The project is anticipated to be completed by Summer 2026. 
Project Interactive Map
Explore the Interactive Map feature on the project website to see the construction activities completed during Phase 1 and the planned improvements for the roadway in Phase 2. As Phase 2 moves into construction, the Interactive Map feature will be updated frequently to include active construction activities.
Project Frequently Asked Questions and Translated Answers
Are you curious about how the future DDI will work in the winter? Do you wonder how plow truck drivers will handle the snow on the new traffic patterns? Don’t worry, we have the answers for you on the Exit 16 DDI FAQ page, which we update regularly. You can also access the most Frequently Asked Questions in 11 different languages on the Translated Materials page. And if you want to change the language of the whole website, you can use the translation feature to do it in a snap of your fingers.
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