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Video: Learn About How Intelligent Building Design Benefits You
Even though our technology showcase was virtual, it was still extremely impactful. Click below to learn how technology can benefit your building, school, or corporate campus.

Video: Keeping Employees Safe Through Card Access Control
We show you how you can empower security operators with a forward-looking approach that unifies access control with video, communications management, intrusion, and more.

Top Three Infrastructure Trends in 2021
COVID-19 sent us home and kept us there in 2020. Businesses closed their office doors, schools closed theirs as well. Read here about our predictions of intelligent building design trends in 2021, and beyond.

Parallel Is Now Supporting Salto Access Control Solutions
We are expanding our physical security line to include Salto access control products. Interested in hearing more about the line?

5 Ways To Work From Home Better In 2021
Remember last spring when some were hopeful that quarantine would only last a few weeks? It doesn’t seem like nearly a year ago when it all started...read the story here.

New Employee Spotlight: Deb Andersen
We are expanding our physical security practice in Nebraska. Part of that growth is welcoming a new physical security specialist to our team, in Deb

Unified Physical Security: What It Means To Your Organization
Organizations are facing a multitude of threats in the environments they manage. Read here on how to prepare to act responsibly when a threat strikes.

New Website & Blog!
We officially launched our new site in December and it's chock-full of innovative, new content designed to empower your people through intelligent buildings. Check our our site, and revamped blog, by clicking below!