Get the latest news from our Unstoppable Leadership event!
We are all about fun surprises and exciting announcements and our Leadership Insight event had plenty of those!

Read on to find out what news was shared with your L'BRI leaders over the weekend. You'll learn how 2021 is the best time to have an active L'BRI business and pursue your Unstoppable goals!
More beautiful updates for the Spring/Summer 2021 catalog!
Get ready to share our latest catalog with lots of fun updates for Spring/Summer 2021.

The new catalog is now available for ordering and will be available on your L'BRI website beginning Feb. 1.

Read on for details about what's new in this catalog and which items are no longer available.
What's new? Brushes and makeup and MORE!
You'll find some familiar friends from our 2020 holiday collection as well as beautiful new makeup additions and two gorgeous new Color Collections.

For a quick update of the latest products, share the "What's New" flyer with your customers. You can find it in the Business Center along with a printable 2-up version that can be inserted in the previous catalog.

Don't forget - our new brush set is available for ordering, but it can also be earned for FREE as part of our Host Rewards with just 8 individual guest orders from a qualified Show.

Discontinued items or "while supplies last" for Feb. 1
The following items from our Fall/Winter 2020 catalog will be moved or removed from your shopping cart on Feb. 1.

"While supplies last"
  • 65-VA FF Foundation Vanilla
  • Lipstick Amethyst #50-AME

  • 8401 Fresh & Flawless Color Collection
  • 8403 Soft Glam Color Collection
  • 8405 Bella Donna Color Collection
  • 65-CI FF Foundation Cinnamon
  • 65-HB FF Foundation Honey Bronze
  • L9730 Makeup Collection Card Set
  • Natural Lash Mascara BLK #55-BL & BLK/BRN #55-BLB
L'BRI Connect app - a simple, powerful tool for your business
This is the news you've been waiting for!

Have you heard the buzz about this incredible new tool that will be available soon for your smartphone?

Your business in the palm of your hand - with fun resources for sharing L'BRI and powerful tools for tracking actions and results.

On Feb. 3, L'BRI Connect will be available and you'll be able to see for yourself how this easy and effective tool will help you build your business like never before. Watch this video to see the highlights of the L'BRI Connect app!

Stay tuned for more!
You will be hearing a LOT more about this new and exciting addition to your L'BRI business with many updates and training coming your way soon. Join us tomorrow at 8 p.m. CST in the Consultant Forum for a special Learn to Earn!

PLUS, this is just the beginning. You'll be seeing more resources and tools in future updates that will make L'BRI Connect your favorite app!
Join for $1 - Virtual Consultant is coming back!
Discover what so many L'BRI Leaders already know. Building a team is a fun and rewarding part of your business. And, for just 15 days, it's only $1 to join as a L'BRI Consultant. This is a GREAT opportunity to set and meet a goal of building your team in 2021!

Tell your hosts and favorite customers to watch for a special email announcing this limited-time offer. If they love L'BRI and would enjoy joining the L'BRI family, this is their chance!

For just $1 they can get started with a L'BRI business, set up their website and we will send 5 free samples to their friends. Plus they can access all the fabulous training about L'BRI products and enjoy shopping with their L'BRI discount!

This promotion begins Feb. 1 and runs through Feb. 15.

Please note: New Virtual Consultants have the option to purchase a Starter Kit during their first 50 days. Simply direct them to contact Their $9.95 Monthly Technology Fee is waived for the month they join and then is charged to the credit card used for their $1 joining fee.
Roll Up a Rank!
Of course when more people join your team you can look forward to promotions, right? That makes this next announcement even more exciting.

When you promote to Supervisor, Manager or Executive Manager, with a promotion date of March 1, April 1 or May 1 (qualify in February, March or April) you'll earn a new Ultimate Rolling Organizer.

And, if you've already reached Executive Manager or above, you can still earn the Rolling Organizer when two or more of your team members promote to Supervisor or above.

You'll enjoy being able to take your products and supplies anywhere your L'BRI business takes you!
Mark your calendars!
Make sure you join us for some of the exciting events happening in the next two weeks:

January 25-29 (Sr. Cons. and above only)
Leadership Week - Leaders can find this schedule in their emails or in the On the Move Facebook group.
If you have reached the rank of Senior Consultant or above, you will definitely want to join us!

Tuesday, January 26
Get ready to share the L'BRI Love in February! Do you wish you had a simple plan to generate more sales, bookings, and sponsoring leads for February? We’ve got one! First, Laurie Langill has some super cool announcements to springboard your February business!  Plus: Social Selling expert, Lynn Bardowski, is back with everything you need to know to launch February!

Join us in the Consultant Forum at 8 p.m. tomorrow night!

Wednesday, January 27
Let your customers know to watch their email and social media for February specials they will love!

Monday, February 1
New catalog available on your website
Join for $1 Virtual Consultant offer begins
Sets orders placed will receive new sets bag

Tuesday, February 2
Special Facebook Live event on the L'BRI Facebook page.
Details coming soon!

Wednesday, Feb. 3
L'BRI Connect available!
Additional updates, information and important dates
Updated Host Rewards
Please note these important dates for updates to the Host Rewards program:

Feb. 1 - $75 Booking Reward returns to 45 days for booked Show to be held
March 1 - Only Shows with $300 or more qualify for Host Rewards. Non-qualified Show will no longer be eligible.
Updated policy for transferring orders
With the simplification of our Host Rewards, we have also updated our policy on the transfer of orders to Shows. This information can also be found in the Business Center.
Skin Care Advisor update scheduled for Jan. 26
Watch for the improvements to our online Skin Care Advisor happening this week!

We've improved the experience to be more visually appealing . Desktop/laptop users can now load or take a picture from their device!

You'll also notice that an overall skin score is provided to guide your customers to the right products. And, best of all, selecting and purchasing the recommended products is easier than ever! The Skin Care Recommendations can be viewed by category with separate tabs for less scrolling.
New Monthly Technology Services Fee begins March 1
L’BRI has always been committed to improving, enhancing or providing additional tools and technology to help Consultants be successful. We will be implementing a small increase to $9.95/month to cover the many technology improvements we have made over the past year and additional updates which will continue into 2021. (just $.33/day to maintain your business) 

As a reminder, this fee for new Consultants is waived in the month they join, and charged the following month using the payment method used for registration.

Please remind new Consultants to watch for the monthly fee and to pay their joining fee with their preferred payment method.
Any questions?
If you have any questions about these announcements or promotions, please contact your L'BRI leaders or check in with the home office team at

We will send additional emails and post updates in the Business Center and Facebook groups so you can always find the latest info.

We hope you're as excited as we are for an Unstoppable year with L'BRI!