February 15, 2024

Dear FRSUU members and friends,

As you heard in my video above, these are exciting times for the FRSUU! We are thrilled at the opportunities that lay ahead as we begin our yearlong 300th anniversary celebration in 2025, including welcoming and getting to know our new staff and working with all of you to help implement the great ideas shared in the Congregational Insight Workshops.

It will take everyone pitching in and working together to realize our dreams. There will be significant opportunities for you to help with current and new teams and groups; for example, an AV team, new teams for membership (Connections Team) and adult programming, supporting the reinvigoration of our teen programming, and the History Committee. Please reach out to me or any staff to let us know of your interest in any of these teams and with other ideas.

Here is a link to the job description for the Assistant Minister of Congregational Life as well as a link to the organizational chart for the church. We’ve also included below some additional Q&A about the new ministerial position.

Please join me in thanking the members of the Search Committee!

Amy Cameron

Vern Ellis

Tom Himmel

Leslie Lawrence

August Mead

Rev. Jane Tuohy

Rev. Rebecca Bryan

Thank you for believing in me and in our shared values, and for supporting the staff and the work we do together with all of you. Thank you for caring for each other and making this a loving, inclusive place—a shelter in the storm of life.

With love and faith,

Rev. Rebecca

What is the background of this decision? 

  • As many churches in our country are shrinking, our church is growing.


  • As of 2024, as measured by membership, FRSUU is the 23rd largest UUA congregation in the United States and the second largest in New England.

  • Our membership is growing and changing in its spiritual needs.

  • These changes reflect the changes in our community and the country at large.

  • The retirement and departure of two veteran staff members provides us with the opportunity to look at our needs with an eye toward the future.

  • The Parish Board has voted unanimously to support Rev. Rebecca in realigning our current staff in a manner that allows us to hire a .75 time Assistant Minister of Congregational Life.

What will Reverend Rebecca do and what will the Assistant Minister do? 

Reverend Rebecca’s area of focus will include: 

CEO responsibilities including leadership and vision, working with the Board and other key leadership teams, and supervising key staff.

Creating meaningful worship and preaching in conjunction with Director of Church Music, other staff, Worship Associates, and guest preachers. 

Providing pastoral care through one-on-one visits, small group spiritual direction, Exploring Elderhood and other special programming, worship services, and ritual. Working with the care ministry teams including Pastoral Care Associates, Parish Friends, Memorial Services Team, and Addictions Ministry Team. 

Supporting and engaging with our social justice commitments in partnership with all staff and FRSUU members and friends. 

Public Representation of FRSUU through engagement with the wider community.

The Assistant Minister of Congregational Life's areas of focus will include:

Leading membership programming including ensuring a clear pathway for membership and member engagement, meeting with individuals to learn about their interests, and supporting the new Membership (Connections) Team. The minister will be supported by Cynthia Walsh as Special Events and Facilities Manager in creating beautiful and meaningful gatherings and events for members. 

Supporting Young Church by supervising Mara Flynn, Director of Youth and Children’s Programming, and her commitment to strengthen the children’s, youth, and young adult programming. 

Creating and implementing adult programming including working with an Adult Programming Team to create a variety of programs which are desired by our members and friends and appealing to the community.