Mundi is Coming!
After living alone for nearly 35 years, Mundi, a 41-year-old African elephant, will retire to Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) next month! Soon she will experience autonomy and build a family!

Recently we were asked to rescue Mundi, who lives at the defunct Mayagüez Zoo in Puerto Rico in a small sterile yard with access to an enclosed shelter.

The zoo lost its USDA exhibitor license and has been closed to the public for years. Due to a lack of adequate funding, enclosures have fallen into disrepair. Some animals have died, and others are suffering. The US Department of Justice finally stepped in to order the permanent closure of the zoo and enforce the removal of all the remaining animals, clearing the way for Mundi to join the ERNA family.

Mundi will fly on a dedicated 747 flight. She will arrive at the Refuge mid-May if everything goes as scheduled.

Normally, a move of this magnitude would take months to plan and execute, but in this case, the order to move Mundi immediately means we must work fast!

As with all emergency rescues, we must quickly raise the funds necessary to provide for Mundi in her forever home. The cost of Mundi’s care for a year is $145,000, which covers food, supplements, veterinary care, caregivers, and of course, fuel for the 4-wheeler that makes multiple daily trips into the habitat to deliver food and care. Thanks to our supporters, we have raised $22,863,16% of our goal. Now you can change Mundi’s life. Will you help us provide for her? Every donation counts.

Mundi’s future will be spent living free at the Refuge, experiencing independence for the first time ever. She will immerse herself in nature and develop deep friendships that will help her discover her authentic elephant self.

A few days ago, we completed the construction of a huge pond and mud wallow, which Bo and Tarra have already given their seal of approval. Next, we will install a solar-powered well, expand our security and EleCam system for behavior observation, and stock up on hay, grain, and nutritional supplements in anticipation of Mundi’s arrival.

You can be a part of this exciting rescue and witness Mundi’s transition into a world of freedom and friendship.

By contributing to A Year of Care for Mundi, you will become a member of her family, ensuring her life, from this day forward, is all about Mundi.

We hope you’ll join us in giving this needy elephant the care she deserves. Every donation is greatly appreciated and helps us provide for the magnificent elephant residents under our care.
Pachyderm Paradise: Bo and Tarra Update
Bo and Tarra navigate the terrain leading to the new pond with sidekick Samie
Spring is officially here! Tarra and Bo divide their time between grazing, napping, exploring, and interacting with each other. The EleCam is a fabulous non-invasive way to monitor their activity, even during the early evening hours. We are encouraged to see their expanded habitat use and how they fawn over each other.

Tarra has taken the lead in physical affection and Bo is happy to reciprocate
Recently a new pond and mud wallow were completed. Tarra insisted on checking out the huge earth-moving equipment, kicking a tire and knocking on the window to see if anyone was home. Of course, the vehicles were empty of human life, but she insisted on checking anyway. Both Bo and Tarra hiked down to the new pond, which was in the process of filling, and tested the stability of the stout dam. Apparently, it received a stamp of approval since Bo decided it was a perfect location for a late afternoon nap.
Tarra the Inspector
Bo gives his nap stamp of approval to the mud wallow
Later, Bo was seen on the EleCam checking out the mud wallow and the intentional mountain of clay left to the side of the wallow for his pleasure. He spent nearly an hour clomping around inside the wallow, splashing, then finally lying down and smearing his massive body in rich red clay.
Be like Bo - play in the mud
From the looks of it, both the mud wallow and the pond passed the Tarra and Bo inspection with flying colors. We cannot wait for Mundi to discover them.
Our many thanks to Stephanie and Drake for their kind and most generous donation, which enabled us to build the pond and mud wallow.
2022 Volunteer Shout Outs
Whether working onsite at the Refuge or virtually, our volunteers give to the elephants through their dedication and commitment all year long. This year we offer our special gratitude to these amazing volunteers:
Community Outreach:
Rosanne Gervasi, Tallahassee, FL

"My favorite part about volunteering is sharing the good news about Bo and Tarra's deepening friendship with those who stop by our booth at local events to learn about EAI and the Refuge and discuss ways in which they too can help these beautiful elephants by volunteering to support EAI."
Graphic and Video Design:
Diane Mohundro, Huntersville, NC
"I have always loved elephants, reading about their incredible love for one another, compassion, intelligence, and gentleness. With many held in captivity under harsh conditions, I wanted to make a difference in helping EAI help elephants live out their lives in a free and loving environment. I love giving back, and to do so for elephants is an amazing gift."
Refuge Support:
Phil Kiracofe, Tallahassee, FL
"I believe strongly in what Carol is doing. She's totally devoted to the well-being of these amazing animals and has committed her life to giving them the kind of existence they were meant to have. I can just sense from Tarra and Bo's easy manner while strolling around the grounds that they are happy and content. Witnessing that is a huge reward for all of us involved and makes the work we do worthwhile."
Christopher Capeless, Tallahassee, FL
"I volunteer to help elephants in need and to give back to the community. I do vegetable pickups, sorting, hay loading, and occasional barn cleaning. My favorite part of being a volunteer is Bo and Tarra, and also the friendly staff!"
Linda Spike, Bainbridge, GA
"I always liked volunteering...I was a CASA volunteer, helping children who have been removed from abusive homes, and I also volunteered at a community that helped Down syndrome students learn to live on their own and learn a trade, but this was a whole new experience. I feel in a small way I'm helping and learning from Carol and Laura about the animals."
Debbie Ivie, Havana, FL
"I'm a lifelong animal lover. I make bi-weekly produce pickups and deliver them to the Refuge and then help Laura [caregiver] sort the vegetables. Getting a long-distance peek at Bo and/or Tarra while there is always a thrill. I'm proud to have the privilege of taking care of these magnificent animals and helping them live out their lives in a natural environment."
Research, Creative, Editing:
Debbie Emory-Utzig, Nashville, TN
"Carol's bond with Tarra drew me in as a volunteer 27 years ago. It has been a non-stop education since then with each of the 23 elephant rescues, her work in Asia teaching elephant foot care and how to build chain-free corrals, then creating her second Refuge combining all she's learned. Wow. It is a life-changing opportunity to work with such dedicated people—Carol, Suzanne, and all the staff."
Elephant Aid International Volunteer Opportunities
EAI has numerous volunteer opportunities, whether volunteering onsite at Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) or providing skilled services that help us with the myriad of activities necessary to run Elephant Aid International.
Elephant Refuge Volunteer Program
Smiling volunteers help staff unload a trailer load of hay
Our onsite volunteers experience this elephant paradise firsthand by assisting staff in daily food sorting, grounds maintenance, and other non-elephant area activities. Please note ERNA does not offer volunteer experiences that include interaction with elephants. We ask volunteers to commit to two scheduled 4-hour shifts per month for a 6-month period or more. Due to scheduling requirements, we need volunteers who live within a two-hour radius of the refuge located in Attapulgus, GA.

Special Skills Volunteer Program
Special Skills Volunteer Debbie E. working remotely from Tennessee.
If you’re bummed you don’t live within two hours of Attapulgus, GA, don’t worry! We still have lots of projects that need your skills! Volunteers can share their passions and knowledge to help with tasks requiring special skills, such as architectural design and drawings, graphic design, social media and marketing, legal support, and so much more. Many projects can be completed remotely — from anywhere in the world.

Ready for something more hands-on and can travel to the refuge? We frequently have projects at ERNA that require skilled trades and expertise in engineering, welding, plumbing, and electrical.

Find out more and sign up for our Special Skills Volunteer Program.
Celebrate Mother's Day with a Gift of Elephant Joy
Celebrate your mom on Mother's Day (May 14) by sending an honor card from EAI.
What better way to bring your matriarch joy than sharing the story of Mundi's upcoming retirement to Elephant Refuge North America, where she will finally experience a world of freedom and friendship.
You can email Mom her honor card, or we'll send you a printable PDF you can print and mail—or hopefully give your mom in person.
Give the gift of joy to elephants in need and express your love with a donation in Mom's honor to EAI.
A Special Thank You - Subscriber Premiere Video
In this month's sneak peek video, Bo does a little habitat redesign. Click the image above to watch!
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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