It's the final week of PA Produce Month! Use this week's theme, Veggies Are for Everyone, as well as the corresponding tools, to keep up the excitement for consumers as we round out #paveggies promotions.

Remember to follow the  Marketing Calendar  for guidance and check the Toolkit at for additional resources.
Did you eat your #paveggies today? You should eat between 2 and 2.5 cups of vegetables each day.

Eating more vegetables makes a difference to your health. It can reduce your risk for stroke, heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Need to up your iron? Add more dark green vegetables to your diet, which serve as a great source for this and other essential vitamins.

Vegetables are great when you’re eating on a budget, ringing in with a price tag lower than many other whole foods.

Always on the run? Almost all vegetables can be consumed raw or with little preparation. Making them the perfect meal or snack for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Your veggies need an international experience. Make the most of the versatility that vegetables have to offer by experimenting with spices and international recipes.

Get a jumpstart on your daily #paveggies intake by eating a frittata for breakfast. Mix in your favorite meat with loads of complementary vegetables and enjoy! These can be made on Sunday and eaten all week or even frozen for a quick and healthy, reheat breakfast.

Choose a product that isn’t your biggest seller and incentivize buying by offering a free highly popular item that you have a surplus of. “Buy three bunches of edamame and we’ll throw in a free bulb of garlic!”

Rent cookbooks from the local library or buy a few from a local thrift store. Leave them on display at market or your farm stand all week long and let the recipes inside inspire customer purchases.

Prepare mixed veggie combos relating to certain meals, “Stir fry fresco” or “roots for soups” pre-packaged and ready for the grab-and-go shopper.