Myths Busted: How PCCP Performs
Under Pressure
Two Misconceptions
As a result of exterior damage,
  • pre-stressing wire unravels
  • the pipe explodes

How We Tested Them
Watch what happened when we:
  • cut the pre-stressing wire
  • hit the pipe with an excavator
Manufacture of 100 miles of 72" steel pipe begins in 2020
After a rigorous bidding and selection process, Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust selected Thompson Pipe Group to manufacture the new Atoka pipeline.
  • The line will run parallel to an existing 60" line built in 1962.

  • This is one of the largest water projects in the U.S.

  • Thompson Pipe Group will produce 10,000 pieces of pipe.
Pictured above: Long before today's safety regulations, onlookers got an inside-the-trench view of the Atoka pipeline completion. Photo courtesy of Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust.
Wait, You Missed The First ASCE Sponsored Webinar?
No worries, we got you.
Thompson Pipe Group supported ASCE's first-ever sponsored webinar, The Specification Playbook for Bar-Wrapped and PCCP.

Sylvia Hall, P.E., an independent engineer discussed cathodic protection and Thompson Pipe Group engineers shared details about the history of concrete pipe and how it is manufactured and repaired.
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