... and all matter is derived from Energy!!! 

We know that we are energy and that our thoughts, feelings, words and actions put energy into motion. We also know that we are affected by any and all changes in the energies around us because the world is a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns-- we live in a sea of multiple energy fields.  For example, w ithin us we have our own organic electromagnetics that are all too often adversely affected by man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF's from computers, phones, etc.)  But, our energy system can also be stressed by the simple act of carrying a shoulder bag. Energy is neither good nor is it bad; it's just energy doing what it does. And, it wants to move.  It can't be destroyed, but it can be transformed. 
Our bodies produce the most profound medicine there is-- It's a constellation of energy that's the oldest, safest, organic and best medicine. that we can easily access to heal us, restore us, revive us and revitalize us.  With the right tools we can transform aspects of our energy field to bring balance and harmony to our entire energy system and our physical existence.  In an instant we can move ourselves from  low vibrational energy to high vibrational energies that renew us.   We are all healers, it's our birth right and "we carry this gift forth in our DNA".  Below,  are some of the exercises that  I use to assist me in maintaining high energy and balance, as well as restoring my energies when they get scrambled. I've been practicing every one of these, and I'm happy to say they are very effective. 

Donna Eden's Daily Routine is a series of simple energy exercises that will ground you, energize you, improve your brain function and strengthen your immune system. The first is  4 Thumps that are great for charging your batteries, and it includes the thymus thump which strengthens the immune system. The Cross Crawl is wonderful to recover your energy after the stress of 'simply carrying a shoulder bag'.  Wayne Cook Posture can recover energy when you discover that you're not retaining information (e.g. you turn the page of a book your reading only to realize that you don't remember what you read on the previous page), or you've got brain fog from sitting too long at a boring workshop.  I usually do 7 - 10 repetitions of each exercise every day, and  I've found my overall well being significantly improved. 

Dr. George Love
was one of the first holistic doctors I sought, more than 30 years ago, who successfully helped me address a number of health issues. He's excellent!!! Among other wonderful healing modalities that he offers his clients, he also teaches ear reflexology for facial rejuvenation that also has some great side benefits.  I also practice his anti aging exercises that includes the ear reflexology. Perhaps the fountain of youth is, after all, the very energy that flows through us, in us and around us. We simply need to understand that the power to transform energy for our health and well being is actually within us. 

Gopita Katharine Manning demonstrates Temporal Tap. This is very effective in transforming old thought forms, behavior patterns , and even physical imbalances.  At the same time that you're tapping, you make a statement to program the changes that you desire. And, we know that words have a living vibration.  I used this for a long standing emotional situation that I was experiencing, and the results went beyond my expectation. I found peace in my being, and I was able to finally talk about the painful experience without feeling it.  Temporal Tap was also effective in clearing an imbalance in my digestive system.

Brian Calvi
explains the benefits of walking barefoot (a.k.a. Grounding). Besides being natural to our existence, walking barefoot allows us to be conscious of our oneness with earth energies. We're more than connected to nature- we ARE nature. Being in oneness is healing. It facilitates the realignment of our natural rhythms.   We weren't meant to be disconnected from our divine essence-- grounding is like being home.  Like many modern inventions, concrete is not healthy for us.  Grounding helps us restore our natural  state of being.  

Superbrain Yoga, introduced to the world by Master Choa Kok Sui, is an exercise that moves energies from the lower part of the body to the upper parts of the body, particularly the brain.  Superbrain Yoga primarily improves brain function, but also de-stresses, and energizes.  It's been scientifically proven to help children with their academic achievements, with special needs children (it calms them), people with Alzheimer's and people with learning disabilities. 
When  beginning this exercise, how you do the squats and the number of squats that you do should be done in a way that is comfortable for you.  You can begin with 5 squats, then work your way to approximately 14 - 20 squats which is the number Master Choa Kok Sui recommends (more squats is optional). To avoid too much energy to the brain it's suggested to do Superbrain Yoga no more than twice a day.                                                                                                                              
And, finally the "...Benefits of Swimming in Sea Water"  Yes, water is energy too, it's liquid light-- and it's healing. 

As self care is a divine and sacred responsibility, why not invite yourself to try some of these natural tools and transform your life to high energy.  I think you'll find them fun to practice. Most of all they're effective!
Give the body what it needs, and it will heal itself.
                              ~ Jethro Kloss, "Back to Eden"

 We are the infinite Light of  OneLOVE! 

 Rev. Barbara


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Self-worth bestows a sense of confidence, expectation of success and ability to love. Decide on clear boundaries and limits and firmly decline to let others step over them or manipulate you. You will earn respect.  When you value yourself, you become open and friendly, slow to take offence and quick to forgive. Remind yourself that you are likeable and loveable. Do not let others press your buttons. Stand tall and confident. With true self-worth, you radiate a golden aura which enfolds others and makes them feel good too. Ask your angel to step into your aura and guide you.

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