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Volume 6, Issue 10 | October 2017

Well, my work contract at a bank in Tempe, AZ as a Technical Writer/Instructional Designer/Trainer ended yesterday after six months (got extended once), and with it I've expanded my resume, knowledge base, and portfolio. In that time period, I also was enrolled in courses related to project management and attained two certifications (Scrum Master Certified TM and Agile Master Certified TM). Now it's off for a well-deserved week's vacay in Puerto Penasco (AKA Rocky Point), Mexico on the Sea of Cortez with two of my best buds, booked when we were there back in December - what perfect timing!
And, with the job ending, I also feel that the summer is over too since we are heading into the fall Thanksgiving holiday.
I feel much excitement about these endings and beginnings to come. I'm eager to dive full-time into the job search, and am in a much different space than when I was last at it. Perhaps the biggest difference is in my thinking and attitude - I feel very much empowered as I make my way down this path again. I look forward with enthusiasm ("with God") to see what Spirit has in mind for me - not just regarding my career but the rest of my life too.
Daniel Nahmod is one of my most favorite songwriters and singers. This past week I was re-listening (and re-listening and re-listening...) to his song "Everything New." The chorus expresses how I feel:
Bring it on, everything new, everything different, everything true.
I am ready, for my next thing to do
All I know it's gonna be everything new.
- "Everything New" by Daniel Nahmod
You can listen to the full song here. Enjoy!
For now I will say, Adios, bendiciones, y mantenerse bien!
Good-bye, blessings, and stay well!

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Inspiration and Contemplation
How Spiritual Are You Really?

We have been inundated with messages that to be poor is to be more spiritual than those that have wealth.

During her talk " Dare to Prosper" earlier this month at Unity of Mesa, Rev. Kathy Kellogg shared this story about a conversation Charles Fillmore , co-founder of Unity, had with a young staff person and Unity student.

One day a young worker at Silent Unity went up to Charles Fillmore and said "Oh, Mr. Fillmore, I feel so spiritual I can fly!"  
He replied, "Are you so spiritual that you can pay the rent?"   

Abundance is part of our spiritual heritage - let's all claim it!

People Helping People
Helping Others' Side Benefits 
A story that is so needed at this time - a story about people helping people they don't know, with open hearts and minds - in so doing they have bettered their own lives.
Click the image below to read the story... 
Day of the Dead ( Dia de Muertos) is celebrated in Mexico between October 31st and November 2nd, just when my friends and I will be in Puerto Penasco.

On this holiday, Mexicans remember and honor their deceased loved ones. It's not a gloomy or morbid occasion, rather it is a festive and colorful holiday celebrating the lives of those who have passed on. It is believed that the spirits return on this one day of the year to be together with their families.

Festivities take place in cities and villages throughout Mexico, though each location may have different customs and ways of honoring their dead.

We'll be joining in the festivities, and it should be a very interesting first-time experience for me. I'll let you know how it goes...

In the meanwhile, Happy Halloween!

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