January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day

At Voluntad we work every day, week, and month to prevent human trafficking and increase awareness. Here's how:

Many human trafficking survivors do not identify themselves as trafficking victims, due to shame and fear. They need time and a safe space to understand and name their experiences.

From the first day we meet a program participant we assist them to identify their individual vulnerabilities to exploitation and create a new vocabulary of self-awareness and resilience. We do this while building trust and supporting their ability to make healthy choices that enhance safety and well-being.

As they become more comfortable with us and gain security in their lives through safe housing, education, and employment opportunities, they find support from others with similar experiences in our program.

This empowers survivors to participate safely in their communities.

Empowering human trafficking survivors to build healthy communities is a critical component of individual recovery as well as community anti-trafficking prevention efforts. 

We are proud to partner with these amazing organizations who work to build awareness in our communities:

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