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Dear Psychology,

As the seasons change and the days become warmer, we want to ensure that our children and youth are well-supported. With the ongoing challenges that many face, it is crucial that we focus on fostering resilience and providing them with the necessary tools to navigate through life's ups and downs.

It is our hope that by equipping children with effective stress management strategies, we can contribute to improving their overall mental health and well-being. Please take a moment to read what we have been doing to ensure that every child in Canada has the opportunity to thrive and how you can support.

19th Annual Breakfast for Champions

Tuesday October 24th, 2023

We are thrilled to reveal that this year's Breakfast for Champions will take place at the stunning and historic venue The Carlu! Located in the heart of the city at Yonge and College.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday October 24th at 8:00am ET, for a morning of connection, celebration, and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children and youth.

Keep an eye out for more information and updates in our upcoming newsletters.

Check out our new program

Make the Connection (MTC) is an online program for parents and caregiver with infants from birth to 3-year-olds. Developed using psychological science, this program promotes secure attachment and brain development, giving parents and caregivers the tools to support emotional growth and healthy parent-child relationships.

MTC was recently featured in Today’s Parent social media platforms. Parents can sign up for FREE ($50 value) by using code MTCHFF when they add the program to their cart at wwww.makingtheconnectionmatters.com. Please forward this great opportunity to parents and caregivers in your network. (*FREE Program access generously provided by Hodgson Family Foundation

Welcome back TD Bank!

We are delighted to receive support from TD Bank Group through the TD Ready Commitment to help us develop a Chatbot for teens. Stress Coach 24/7 is based on our Stress Lessons Grades 9-12: Tools for Resilience program, a resource full of psychologically-sound strategies and tools to help teens develop resilience and positive coping skills. With the development of this Chatbot, teens will be able to ask questions about how to deal with day-to-day stressors and receive real-time answers with stress management tools they can use.

What's New

In March 2023, we delivered our Stress Busters program to a Grade 6 class at the Jackman Institute for Child Studies. Children learned Kids Have Stress Too! stress management strategies which includes interactive learning activities, group discussions, and individual reflection exercises to help them grasp the concepts and apply to their daily lives.

Upon completion of the Stress Busters program, students had a comprehensive understanding of stress management and gained a newfound confidence in their ability to cope with stress in a healthy and productive way.

Here is some feedback from students and teachers:

  • “Stress Busters is an informative, engaging, and meaningful workshop for students. My class gained many useful strategies on how to cope with stress and the effects it has on our bodies and the people around us”. - Nadia
  • “They are very good and knowledgeable about stress. It helps you manage stress a lot better.”- Student
  • “I learned lots of exercises for stress”.- Student

If you are interested in your child or school participating in Stress Busters, please contact Pamela Sariyannis.

When you invest in Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada you invest in a brighter future for our children and youth ensuring they have every opportunity to thrive.


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