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March 2021 Edition

From The Psychology Foundation of Canada
"It takes a village to raise a child": welcome to our village
 Leanne and George Lewis: returning Platinum Sponsor
"I know first hand how valuable an ounce of prevention is...strong minds means children will enjoy a good quality of life." Leanne Lewis, returning Platinum Sponsor.

We are fortunate to have Leanne and George Lewis as returning Platinum Sponsors of our upcoming Breakfast for Champions. Leanne took the time to share with us the importance of continuing their support of our programs and resources during this critical time. Please click on her video to hear from Leanne.
SAVE THE DATE: November 30th, 2021 Breakfast for Champions .
 Employees of Royal Bank of Canada: choosing youth mental health
We are delighted to have the support of many RBC employees who, through their Annual Employee Giving campaign, provided donations to our organization. Thanks to their generous support close to 15,000 elementary school children will learn to identify and manage their stress helping them to manage the many adversities in life.

Dr. Marie-Josée Gendron: volunteering for our cause
"Early on as an adolescent, I knew I wanted to work in supporting others’ mental health and well-being.” Dr. Marie- Josée Gendron, Trustee and a seasoned trilingual psychologist. 

We are fortunate to have a number of leading psychologists provide their support and ongoing expertise and Dr. Marie- Josée Gendron is one of them. She currently works as the Chief of Mental Health & Staff Well-Being for the Toronto Catholic District School Board. She recently took the time to provide us with some lessons learned while giving us a peek into her rich background. Click here to read more.
Taking care of you: a gesture of thanks to our growing network of supporters
Join our FREE Taking Care Of You Workshop
As a token of our appreciation please join us on March 25h for a free one hour workshop that will help you to understand, identify and manage your own stress. Click here to find out more and to register. HURRY we have limited spots available.

Did you know? Stress transmitted from others can change the brain in the same way as real stress does.
More stretching, less stressing!

Stretching is a great way to help reduce stress. It calms our body to help calm our mind. Try this stretching exercise as demonstrated by Mandi Hickman, our Senior Manager of Programs and Community Partnerships and certified Yoga Instructor.
Children benefitting from our programs
Thanks to CIBC: Indigenous students have access to our stress management programs
Thanks to the generous funding of CIBC Children's Foundation and our new partnership with DASH-BC, Indigenous students will benefit from our stress management programs during this critical time. Dedicated Action for School Health (DASH-BC) is a not-for-profit society committed to promoting, supporting and facilitating the creation of healthy school communities in BC.
Over 10,000 youth will will be taught coping skills to last a lifetime!
Since the beginning of the year, close to 200 educators and school support staff have taken our Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons digital training. These child-caring professionals are now implementing our psychology and evidence-based programs with their students which nurture their resilience and promotes their mental well-being. Thank you to our many partners for your support.
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When you invest in Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada you invest in a brighter future for our children ensuring they have every opportunity to thrive.
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