Winter 2021
December 2021
 “I bring you tidings of great joy which shall be to all people.”Luke 2:10

These words changed everything. Traditional text and yet so rich in meaning. Tidings that are unbiased, impartial and unprejudiced. Tidings that bring the joy and hope of reconciliation to a lost and broken world with a God who fiercely loves us. “A savior has been born”… for the broken, the weak, the suffering, the strong, the educated and uneducated alike, the vulnerable…. the list goes on and on. Tidings for ALL PEOPLE.  

The baby’s name? Jesus (literally “Savior”). The name that is above all names in heaven and on earth. God with us. Light of the world. Prince of Peace. The Way. The Resurrection and the Life.

Wow. The Christmas story never grows old to me even though I have heard it hundreds of times in my life. It is like a well that refreshes my soul each year as I draw from its depths.

And, just as the Advent season reminds me of God’s unprecedented arrival on earth as a baby in a manger, the New Year brings hope and anticipation of new beginnings. 

Perhaps you are closing out 2021 with frustration, loneliness, or seeking purpose and change. And I can say that Jesus can and will show up for you. 

Maybe in your loneliness you need Him as Immanuel (God with us)
Maybe you need him to show up as THE LIGHT in 2022 because you’re in the middle of a dark season.  
Maybe you find yourself struggling with addiction and you need Him as Mighty God.
Maybe anxiety and depression have taken over and you need Him as Prince of Peace.

However you may need Him, let me encourage you that He is there. He is there with you in the messiness of life at your worst moments and at your best moments. He sees you. He knows you. And He loves you.
Friends, whatever 2022 brings your way I pray that you will sense His presence and know His great love for you throughout the year.  
All the best & blessings too,
Brenda Kaker

That's a wrap for 2021... These are just a few of the stories and photos from the year!
As severe drought continues across Sub-Saharan Africa- it brings a devasting impact as crops fail, livestock die and families go days without food. In most areas where we serve in the Malindi area and Kilifi county there has been little to no rain in 2 years. Unfortunately, the greatest suffering falls on the most vulnerable. As children drop out of school to engage in labor or survival activities to help support their families, Every Life has been actively providing basic food relief throughout 2021. Distribution to 200 families(1500 people) and 30 families each month.
Francis Katana and his team distributed food bundles to families in the hard hit areas of
Kilongoni and Chakama
Food Bundles waiting for distribution
2 days before Christmas 450 widows, orphans, elderly, and those living with disabilities were gifted with food bundles. The distribution happened at a central location and the discipleship team provided transportation.
Chembe Joyous Children's Home is always a highlight when we are on the ground in Malindi. We began a tradition in 2019 of having an annual birthday party. Not all the kids know the date that they were born and trying to celebrate individually would be chaos so we hold a community party with cake, candles, small gifts for each child and sometimes a movie! In October we also took all the kids to the beach to celebrate the national holiday of Mashujaa Day (Heroes day to honor those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya's independence)
Ariana's Goodwill Academy (AGA) began with 4 classrooms in January 2019 with only the kids from Chembe Children's Home in attendance. It was named in honor of Ariana Grace Kaker whose family donated her memorial fund to begin construction. In 2021, AGA has become a community school that endeavors to provide quality education from nursery school age children through 8th grade. In fact, AGA produced 3 of the 4 top scoring students in the county on the national exam and is receiving national attention. Since January, it has grown to 60 students and was in need of expansion. Thanks to a grant from Children's World Impact, 4 additional classrooms were built (shown above), bathrooms were constructed and a small teacher's living quarters was built allowing female teachers to stay on the premises to reduce their risk of walking a dark road after school. 100 School desks were also funded by CWI and built by volunteers in October to accommodate the increased enrollment.
Volunteers Built 100 Desks
All hands were ready to help!
Even the smallest students give a helping hand!
On Campus Teacher's Housing
Thank You CWI
4 new classrooms ready for the New Year!
Feel Good Story of the year
We met Mr. Changawa about 2 years ago through a crisis relief distribution in the village of Kagomboni. Our on the ground team lead by Francis Katana found this 75 year old man living alone in a mud hut sleeping on a mat on a dirt floor.  He used crutches to walk because one of his legs didn't function correctly. He was not known as a kind deserving man - in fact he was a heavy drinker and hostile. Francis & his team brought him food, assisted him with a new roof on his house and a bed to sleep on. When he asked Francis why he would do something like that for him, Francis' response was that God has seen him and loves him. He was not seeking to "evangelize" Mr Changawa Francis simply wanted to care for him. Days and weeks went by and Francis would go to visit him periodically to see how he was doing knowing that he was lonely. Over time, Mr. Changawa began to change and one day he gave his life to Jesus and God began a good work in this elderly man. This past Spring, Mr. Changawa died and his burial service drew over 500 people who had been so impacted by the change in his life that they wanted to celebrate him! Because of their curiosity and his changed heart they all heard the gospel message. 
“Live in the Kingdom of God in such a way that it provokes questions for which the gospel is the answer” ~Lesslie Newbigin
We believe that discipleship happens outside of the church as much as inside of the church. Moses, Kalama, and Amos are part of Francis' discipleship team. They all have motorcycles that are used for crisis relief distribution, showing the Jesus film, and following up with discipleship groups in rural areas.
Francis with a former inmate who is rebuilding his life as a carpenter. Francis ministered to him as part of the prison ministry. They happened to run into each other on the road one morning!
600 Bibles were distributed to new believers
The Discipleship team, Moses, Kalama and Amos
Kalama delivering his message on the radio through his phone.
Helping to generate solutions, tools and resources to elevate families out of poverty

Every Life kicked off a goat farming initiative to create a source of income for families. The milk & meat can be marketed or used for the family and the offspring can be sold or used to increase their own herd. Two families share 3 goats (1 male & 2 female). As the program progresses (and their herd grows) a specified number of offspring will be given to other families to begin new herds and keep the program sustained.

We exist to empower artisans living in poverty to achieve financial freedom through fair wages, opportunities for economic growth and community programs. We value the lives, dreams and dignity of our artisans and love seeing the difference that a dignified job has in their lives. When you shop with us you are part of that change, you become part of their story.
Nursery School education is required in Kenya in order to advance to Primary School. Until 2019 the government did not subsidize Nursery Schools and communities were left on their own to provide Nursery School education. As a result, many children were unable to enter primary school. The number of Nursery Schools still is insufficient to accomodate the many children. Every Life supports Nursery Schools through sponsorships to help with this issue and to help impoverished families the opportunity to obtain an education for their children through supplementing the cost of school.
  • Cost to support a nursery school for 1 year $1800  
Stepping Stones: Next Step Education
About 47% of students who complete primary school make the transition to high school in Kenya. Even fewer finish high school. Systemic poverty prevents most families from meeting the increasing costs (school fees, books, supplies, uniforms) of educating their children. Consequently, many students eventually drop out or never begin and the cycle of poverty continues.
  • Average cost per year for a student in high school-$1200 (room, board, and school feess)
  • Average cost per year for a student in college- $1800 per year (room board, & school fees)
  • Average cost for a student in vocational school is $900 per program