Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or imagine,

according to the power that works within us, Now to Him be the glory in the church and in

Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen

Ephesians 3:20-21

In 2022, this scripture was my personal mantra; and as I sat down to write I struggled with words that could express all that has transpired over the past 12 months. I can honestly say that 2022 was the kind of year in ministry when we experienced the joy and goodness of God simultaneously with the deep sorrow and ugliness of spiritual darkness and corruption. And that's how life and ministry work together. We live in moments that bring the sweetness of being a witness to God's majesty, glory, and grace; and the very next day wondering where He is because He seems absent. The long haul of faith is lived in all of these moments knowing that life is messy and that God is in the middle of the mess. Wooing us to a life lived in peaceful faith and trust in Him. He is never failing. He is always present. He is God. He sees beyond the present moments and fashions His divine purpose in a way that we cannot fathom. That's why it's called faith. If we could see ahead of us as clearly as He sees we could begin relying on our own skills, education, and perspective.

A sweet friend shared this quote with me:

I could be sitting on the sidelines, in blissful ignorance of the brokenness that surrounds me, enjoying the wholeness of a sweet and sheltered life. Missing out on the beauty of breaking off pieces of my heart and my life to make another whole. ~Fostering the Family

I felt many times this last year that it would indeed be easier to live on the sidelines desperately wanting to make an impact and at the same time desiring to live a life where the ugliness of life doesn't pierce me to my very core. But I have seen Him work this year and He has gently reminded me that He has overcome the world and He is at work!

And with that said, He inspires us and moves us on into a new year with His refreshed purpose and we can celebrate all that He has done and all that is working within in us in 2023!

Praying all the best for you in 2023 & blessings too,

Brenda Kaker


We are grateful for your generosity and faithfulness in 2022!

There are so many stories and photos to share it was hard to choose.

Enjoy these tidings of joy and celebrate the impact you made!

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These 2 beautiful ladies were part of a discipleship group in 2022 and this photo captures the heart of so many believers in Malindi who received their very own Bible this year. Every Life distributed 800 Bibles through our on the ground discipleship team and there are thousands of people waiting. We would love to get 2,000 Bibles into the hands of believers in 2023.


Discipleship on the ground is as unique as these 3 guys doing their best "paparazzi pose". Moses, Kalama and Amos travel by motorcycle to rural villages presenting The Jesus Film and then follow up with individuals who were present and then form discipleship groups.

In 2022, they showed the Jesus Film to 3,000 people and on average these 3 men each discipled 15-30 people per month and delivered messages of faith to large gatherings of people.

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These past 2 years have thrown thousands of people who were in survival mode into the depths of sheer desperation and at the mercy of the full force of poverty. Every Life has been delivering food bundles since the beginning of the pandemic to help sustain desperate families. But, as the pandemic eased, the devastation that remained partnered with an unwelcome ally, water scarcity.

As drought plagues Malindi, we are working to reach the most vulnerable people; those who are going days without food and water. The connection between food insecurity and water scarcity in Malindi is a reality that for most of us is intangible since a majority of our food comes pre-packaged in a grocery store and water is readily available in our home taps. One of the challenges we face is looking for solutions that empower the families who are currently surviving with food relief while also providing for overwhelming and urgent hunger.


Rarely do many days pass when Francis Katana is not approached by a man, woman or child in search of food for themselves or their family. Meet Mr Chanzera. A delightful man living with a permanent disability in a small village near Kakuyuni. The monthly food bundle donated by Every Life is what keeps him and his family sustained since his son who was the main provider passed away. Monthly Impact Partner donations help sustain widows, orphans, the elderly, and the disabled just like Mr. Chanzera.

Food Bundles have impacted hundreds of families in 2022 and thousands within the past 2 years. Food is one of the most urgent needs. We have families and communities waiting for their next meal. Food bundles which usually consist of maize flour(a main staple), beans, cooking oil, tea, sugar, and milk are delivered to hungry families within days and sometimes hours of receiving funds. Community food bundles to drought ridden communities are distributed once $500 has been raised.


While distributing food bundles in a village near Margarini, this sweet lady asked Francis if he had any water she could drink. He gave her his bottle of water and watched as she gratefully drank from a thirst that was several days old. The reality of people who go days without water is heartbreaking. Especially when there are water taps nearby which are simply turned off due to the water company's lack of cooperation with the power company. Unreliable water taps are only part of the reason for the lack of water. Drought, the lack of water taps available, and inadequate fresh water wells are also primary contributors. When water taps are turned off for weeks at a time it leaves families stranded without fresh drinking water. If there are no wells that produce even a brackish water then families may walk up to 10 miles or more to find 20 litres of water for survival.

Providing access to consistent water through water storage systems, additional water taps where available, and digging wells can change outcomes for families and entire communities. Combined with grass roots education on simple irrigation the communities can begin small gardens to feed their families even when drought and lack of consistent water may be wreaking havoc around them. Solutions for water scarcity impacts food insecurity and can move families from surviving to thriving.

This 5000 liter water storage system was constructed in March of 2019 at the main center of operations in Malindi. It is filled directly from the tap and operates with an automatic shut off float so that it remains ready to serve when the need arrives. Water is continually circulating through the tank and it has been serving our indigenous staff and their families as well as the needy families in the surrounding community. Every Life has built 2 other water containment systems in the last 2 years. The next 2 systems will be built in early 2023 and be a welcome addition for communities who live with water scarcity. We hope to add 4 more systems this year and also bring water taps and wells as funding allows.

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We love our check-in each year with our 3 sponsored Pre-Primary schools. In October, it warmed our hearts to see these sweet faces, hear their songs, poems and of course their laughter as they played games. We leave cookies, juice, and a new soccer ball for them to enjoy. Throughout the year Impact Partner donations subsidize these 250 students by paying teachers and offering reduced school fees to impoverished families.


Our sponsorship of kids underwent a major restructuring in 2022 after mismanagement of funds and abuse was discovered. We spent a major portion of the past 8 months rescuing kids and reuniting them with families who had been isolated from their own children for years. Since the kids have been living together as siblings it has been a process of caring for their needs, helping them stay together by enrolling them in vetted boarding schools, helping to care for them during breaks, and empowering their families to gain their parental rights back. We now have 24 kids & youth under our sponsorship. Sponsorship includes education, meals, a safe place to sleep at night, caring for their medical needs, and empowering families to connect with their children. The sponsorship exists to help kids under our umbrella of care to grow into responsible citizens and self-sustaining adults.


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