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March 2024 News

DDRC Services Survey - Your Ideas Matter

Are you, a loved one, or friend eligible to receive services with DDRC? If so, lease respond to our survey or help a friend or family member to do so. The updated survey link is here.

Services may include either Resource Coordination /Case Management services (e.g. service plans, annual check-in, etc), and/or any of DDRC's many direct services. We would like your thoughts, opinions and ideas both on the services you currently receive, as well as your unmet needs: those services, approaches and supports which are unavailable-- but which you want and need.

This survey has several questions throughout that are "open ended" where you can write-in your thoughts and ideas. Please take the time to share your thoughts and needs.

Please submit only one survey per person who is eligible to receive services.

Your time to respond is an investment in helping DDRC assess how we may adapt our approaches to help improve your life!

If you are receiving services please respond to our survey by March 7.

Take the DDRC Survey 

DDRC 2023 Annual Report

Did you know that DDRC trained a cadre of staff as trauma informed care champions in 2023? We were also deeply engaged with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals, and 1,000 infants and toddlers were served each month by DDRC Early Intervention. Those are just a few aspects of our work last year.

View our 2023 Annual Report to see the reach of our many services, our donors, financials, and a letter from our Executive Director and Board President reflecting on our past and future.  

True Caring Charts the Way to Smooth Sailing

Anyone who has done a home renovation knows it can be disruptive and riddled with delays, but with detailed and careful planning it can go smoothly.

That’s just what our DDRC Facilities team accomplished recently at several DDRC residences that are home for adults with disabilities who are provided 24-7 staff support.

The homes were more than 50- 60 years old, and hadn't had any real upgrades in years. Kitchen and bath cabinet drawers tended to stick, and were too small. Some rooms tended to be too hot or too cold depending on the weather and time of day. Lighting was not optimal. Appliances were old and not always operating well. New bathroom convenience features were now available. An investment in the homes to bring many more years of comfortable, safe and pleasant living was definitely in order!

The old kitchen of DDRC’s “Independence” house was upgraded to create a better flow with the installation of an island, along with a new, wider kitchen table that easily fits multiple wheelchairs of the residents. Similar upgrades were also done last year at DDRC’s “Forward” house.

Old appliances were replaced with energy efficient models, new overhead lighting makes the space brighter, and spacious cabinetry easily holds what’s needed. The appliances and cabinetry were pre-ordered and on-hand, to make the switch seamless. 

The improvements also included the installation of a small heating and cooling unit for the kitchen/living room area, where previously there was none. New automated window shades also help with temperature control. One of the residents loves to watch out the window as the morning unfolds, and now the shades are programmed to be up so she can easily enjoy her morning routine without fumbling with the shades.

Additionally, the bathroom now has bigger sturdy cabinets and an extra countertop, giving the residents more storage space.

Wilbur, one of the staff, paused to pose for a photo at the kitchen island, sharing that "the improvements make things much better for the residents, after all, it's their home."

The main bathroom at “Lamar” house, another DDRC home for several residents, was also recently renovated. It has new shower heads on slider bars that fit each resident’s unique needs, additional grab bars and lighting, fresh tile, and a new toilet and sink. 

Bobby, one of the residents who gave input to the renovations, was delighted with all of it, especially the sink, which now has extra space, as well as an adjacent side wall that serves as a shelf. “It’s good!” Bobby says, with a thumb’s up. Getting ready for the day is important to Bobby as he takes pride in looking good in his sports-oriented wardrobe.

Amber and Rick, both with DDRC’s Facilities Department (pictured at Independence house), were involved in the renovations.

Their supervisor, Steve Jimenez, Director of Facilities and Operations, made it a point to be onsite during the project.

They marveled at Steve’s detailed planning and the sense of teamwork he engendered among all the staff and contractors, saying that was the key to the smooth sailing of these projects. “It’s because Steve truly cares about people - the people we serve and who we work with,” Amber said, and Rick added, “I’m grateful to be a part of this.” 

March is IDD Awareness Month

IDD Awareness Month seeks to raise awareness about the imperative and joy of inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all areas of community life, as well as awareness of the barriers that people with disabilities still sometimes face in connecting to the communities in which they live. Legislative advocacy, educational sessions, outreach, and celebrations bring these issues into focus. Several of these opportunities are noted below.

IDD Awareness Day Award Finalists Announced March 4 (11 - noon) via zoom

Finalists will be announced via Zoom

Register in advance

DDRC is proud to have nominated Mamadou Ouattara from our Quality Living Options for Direct Support Professional of the Year and Michelle Loose, from Resource Coordination, for the Case Manager of the Year awards. 

Disability Rights Advocacy Day - March 7

8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

This is an in-person day at the State Capitol for people with various disabilities to engage with lawmakers to further disability rights. It will also be live streamed.

The event is organized by Disability Law Colorado, in partnership with The Arc of Colorado, Alliance Colorado, Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, PASCO and others. See more and Register.

Josh Blue Comedy Night - March 8

The Arc of Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties is hosting a comedy night on March 8 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lakewood Cultural Center with Josh Blue, a comedian with cerebral palsy. Josh uses his disability and life experience in his show, which is geared towards adults.

Get tickets. Limited discount tickets for self-advocates are available in advance through or call 303.232.1338

IDD Policy Overview & Advocacy Training

Monday March 11 (8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.)

Webinar via Zoom. Register

Hosted by Alliance Colorado, CU JFK Partners, The Arc of Colorado and others.

IDD Awareness Day - March 20.

An in-person morning session at the state capitol includes self-advocates leading legislators in the Pledge of Allegiance, legislators giving tributes to IDD awareness, and other activities. See more.

A lunch event featuring speakers and awards will be broadcast virtually to allow for more people to enjoy the occasion. To watch it, follow the links on Alliance Colorado's website: 2024 IDD Awareness Day Luncheon (

Spring into Awareness March 21

Make new connections and join us as we "Spring into Awareness" to celebrate anniversaries, impact, and inclusion of all people - including people with disabilities! This is a

free event with light bites, sips and sweets to add to the celebration.  

Join us Thursday March 21,

5:00- 7:00 pm

at Fairfield by Marriott, 140 S. Union Blvd, Lakewood 80228.

Register in advance

Funds Are available for Families - Apply Soon!

Families are eligible to request DDRC Family Support Services Program funds if they have a family member with a developmental delay or disability living in the family home. Funding is available for services provided between July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024, but it’s going quickly. APPLY NOW!

You must submit your Most In Need (MIN) Assessment and Service Request form on or before March 31st, 2024, to be considered for funds this fiscal year (which ends in June).  

For more information, the MIN and other forms, please visit or contact your Resource Coordinator by calling, call 303.233.3363.

Note! The administration of the Family Support Services Program (FSSP) is transferring from DDRC to Jefferson County Human Services, the new Case Management Agency effective 7/1/2024. Learn more:

Save the date for our DDRC/Developmental Disabilities Foundation annual golf tournament returning on Monday, August 12th, at the Hiwan Golf Club! This tournament is a cherished annual tradition where we unite to raise funds for resources that benefit individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. This Year's Theme: Sunrise Safari 🦒 

Save Aug 12 to golf or volunteer-- and learn more here

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