The Morehouse College visit to Evans High School on April 5th was a motivational experience for all involved. One of the highlights of the visit was the sendoff in the gymnasium, where our Trojans came together with the young men of Morehouse to chant the Morehouse chant, creating a sense of unity and enthusiasm among all participants. 
Maynard Evans High School Community Brief
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Evans Community Member,

This week we honor the students who made the A/B Honor Roll during the third quarter. We are honored to be able to recognize these students for their diligent efforts and outstanding academic achievements with a sweet treat during lunch.

This week discussions will also be held with students who may need additional support to reach their full potential. It is essential that we assist and support all of our students in achieving their academic objectives; therefore, we will collaborate with these students to offer supplementary resources and support.

Parents, attendance notifications will start to be conducted if a student is not present in school by 1st period. You will be made aware of your child's absence by receiving a phone call. Maintaining awareness of your child’s attendance and ensuring that they attend class consistently are both crucial responsibilities.

I appreciate your continued participation and support of our school community. I am grateful for your collaboration in promoting the success of every single one of our students. 

Mrs. Nelson-Warren
Important Dates in this Issue
April 12: Cap & Gown Picture Day
April 12: Last day of the 2024 Parent Survey
April 12: Parent Circle Session #7, 5:30pm (Please see details below)
April 15: Manicure Monday
April 15: Senior Night - Spring Athletics
April 18,19, 20: Annie: The Musical
April 22: Administrative Professionals Day
April 24: Trojan Step Up for Incoming Freshmen
April 26: Grad Bash at Universal
April 27: OCPS Parent Academy - "Transitioning to Middle School, High School, and Adulting" at Edgewater HS (Final conference session for 2023-2024)
May 4: Prom at the Rosen Centre Hotel
May 8: Senior Awards
May 14: PTSA/SAC Meeting, 6:00pm in the Media Center
May 30: Class of 2024 Commencement at UCF Addition Arena
2024 Family Survey closes this Friday, April 12
Evans Families – Please invest a few moments to share your views on Evans High School.

Steps to completing a family survey:
1) Visit and select a school name
2) Select the language in which the family would like to take the survey in
3) Complete one survey for each school that the family has a child attending
4) Press submit once completed
Weekly Superintendent's Message
Morning Attendance Calls
Parents and guardians will now receive an additional attendance call in the morning when their child is absent at the beginning of the school day. Dr. Vazquez explains how it will work on this week's Mondays with Maria presented by Addition Financial
Get Connected with Us
Extended Tutoring
After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Manicure Mondays
The next opportunity is Monday, April 15:
Trojan Step Up
Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony
Prom: Miami Nights
Morehouse at Evans
The Morehouse College visit to Evans High School on April 5th was a truly inspiring and motivational experience for all involved. The young men from Morehouse College were warmly welcomed by the Evans High School Trojan Drumline, setting the tone for a day full of excitement and learning.

The drumline's performance for the visiting young men was met with awe and appreciation, showcasing the talent and spirit of the Evans High School students. Following the performance, the Morehouse College students engaged in sessions with the ninth and tenth-grade students, discussing their futures and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones.
The highlight of the visit was the sendoff in the gymnasium, where the entire group of young men came together to chant the Morehouse chant, creating a sense of unity and enthusiasm among all participants. This visit not only provided valuable insight and guidance for the Evans High School students but also fostered a sense of community and support between the two institutions. It was truly a memorable and impactful event for everyone involved. 
Thank you to our Assistant Principals
Evans High School would like to recognize the diligence and commitment of our assistant principals. We express profound gratitude for the support that they show our students, faculty, and staff. Their dedication to creating a constructive and enjoyable educational setting is duly recognized, and we sincerely appreciate all that they do in order to promote the prosperity of our school.
Social Worker Appreciation
Evans High School would like to bring attention to the underappreciated individuals that bring about a beneficial influence on our students. Their commitment to attending to the social, emotional, and mental health requirements of our students is genuinely praiseworthy, and we express our gratitude for their contributions towards the holistic welfare of our educational institution. Thank you to our extraordinary social workers for their steadfast dedication to our school! 
Trojans honored at the Crystal Awards
Orange County Public School District (OCPS) held the Crystal Awards ceremony on April 5th to honor youth and adult volunteers as well as partners who have made a big difference in the lives of the community and students. 

A morning of thanks, recognition, and respect for those who have gone above and beyond within our district and to help OCPS students was the highlight of the awards ceremony. People from all over the Orange County community who volunteered and worked with students to help them do well were praised for their hard work. These people and groups have really made a difference in the lives of OCPS students through programs like mentoring and scholarship opportunities.

Wilberson Labranche was one of the youth honorees that stood out because of his great work and effect within the Evans school community. This year, Wilberson has gone above and beyond in representing our school with pride, determination, and perseverance. Wilberson is a student representative for our SAC association and has made it a priority to be at every PTSA/SAC meeting to inform stakeholders of what students are working on around campus. He also is part of the superintendent council and has truly embodied what it means to be a Terrific Trojan. We couldn't be more proud of the positive impact he has made. Wilberson’s dedication to serving our community and showcasing the values of Evans High School is truly commendable. 

The United Foundation of Central Florida at Evans High School also received an award for their dedication to motivating and empowering our students through the Future Leaders United program. We are grateful for their partnership and the positive impact they have on our school community. Together, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow and creating a brighter future for all.

As the Crystal Awards were presented and we think about how hard volunteers and partners have worked together, we are reminded of how important it is for schools to have community support and work together. Many thanks to these kind people and groups for their hard work and generosity. They show us what is possible when we all work together to help our students. 
One More Year with Deputy Britton!
Deputy Britton’s retirement date was set for April 1st but we will have the honor of having him for one more year. We really appreciate having Deputy Britton here, and we will treasure the last year we have with him before he retires. For all the years he has worked hard and made a difference in the lives of Evans students and staff, we are very thankful. Everyone at Evans really appreciated how hard he worked to make sure everyone was safe, and he will be missed a lot. We hope that his well-earned retirement goes well. 
Terrific Trojans for the 3rd Quarter
The Terrific Trojans program recently celebrated its third quarter rewards on April 4th and 5th. As students waited for their prizes, they were happy and excited. Some of them were even surprised by how many Terrific Trojan points they had accrued. Their expressions of surprise were amazing. The program has been one of the highlights of the academic year, inspiring students to achieve academic excellence and positive behavior. It rewards individuals who have gone above and beyond in their efforts and serves as a reminder of the value of hard work and dedication.

As we consider the Terrific Trojans program's achievements, we hope that all students will continue to take pleasure in and gain from it. We look forward to carrying on this tradition in the future. Congratulations to all of the participants on your accomplishments. We hope that this program encourages even more success in the future.
Military Ball
The Evans High School’s NJROTC program recently held its annual military celebration at the Rosen Center hotel on March 30. The evening was filled with celebration and joy as students were honored and commended for their program-wide discipline and consistency. Moreover, certain students were elevated to positions of authority in preparation for the forthcoming academic year, thereby emphasizing their devotion and esteem for the NJROTC program.

Attendees enjoyed a night of dining, dancing, and unity while dressed in formal military attire, making the occasion a special one for all. The environment was exuberant and joyous, as faculty and staff gathered to commemorate their accomplishments and form connections based on their mutual enthusiasm for the NJROTC program.

All participants had a memorable and fruitful experience at the military gala. It was an opportunity to recognize the students' diligence and commitment, as well as to foster a stronger sense of community within the NJROTC program. The occasion perfectly embodied the program's instilled values of excellence, collaboration, and leadership; it was a night to remember for all in attendance. 
One Trojan Network
Evans High School is proud to announce that we have a YouTube channel that showcases all the amazing things going on at Evans High School. 

Link to Youtube
Fine Arts
Students from Evans High School Shine at the Winter Park Art Festival
Students from Evans High School participated in the Winter Park Art Festival to exhibit their extraordinary artistic abilities. Ms. Ferch and Ms. Gehres have demonstrated exceptional effort this academic year in order to ensure that their students' work is commended and acknowledged in the Orlando community.

An artistic experience that left a lasting impression was the "Workings of the Soul" exhibition held at McRae Art Studios on April 5th, from 6:00 to 9:00. The occasion was a resounding success, as the artwork produced by the students engrossed the attendees and created an enduring impact. The art exhibition was not only covered in the Orlando Sentinel, the forthcoming issue of the Trojan Express will also feature additional information regarding the art and the students' creative process.
Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Winter Park art festival, and Ms. Ferch and Ms. Gehres, for their consistent encouragement and support. We appreciate the diligence and commitment of our students and we eagerly anticipate viewing more of their extraordinary artwork in the near future.
College and Career
Next Step Series
The Next Step Series held on April 2nd was a resounding success! Five breakout sessions were held during the expo, covering important topics such as freshman financing, interviewing skills, elevator pitches, campus information, and final steps in the college application process. These sessions were led by knowledgeable professionals, including Dr. Mandela and Dr. McLaren from UCF, as well as Ms. Allen, Ms. Crawford, and Ms. Benefiel.
The College And Career Expo
The College and Career Expo was held on April 4th at Evans High School by Ms. Benefiel. With over 25 community partners coming together to offer resources and opportunities to all seniors, the event was a valuable opportunity for students to learn about various college and career options available to them as they prepare to graduate. Overall, the College and Career Expo provided students with valuable information and resources to help them make informed decisions about their future academic and career paths. The event was a great success and it shows the strong community support for the education and development of our Trojans. 
Spring Break in New Orleans
The students from Evans, Jones, and Dr. Phillips high schools within the Morehouse program had an experience of a lifetime on the College Spring Break Trip to New Orleans. Ms. Benefiel gave ten juniors the chance to visit LSU and Southern in Baton Rouge, where they took part in a psychology session and learned important lessons about life in college. The students traveled to Tulane, Xavier, and Loyola institutions in New Orleans to learn about various academic offerings and campus settings. In order to extend their perspectives and think about their alternatives for further education, they also had the opportunity to see FSU and FAMU in Tallahassee.
The students fully immersed themselves in the rich culinary culture of New Orleans by indulging in delectable gumbo and beignets from Cafe Du Monde. The students were able to broaden their ideas and think about new options for their futures through the educational and cultural experiences of the trip.

All things considered, the students' spring break trip to New Orleans from Orlando was a life-changing experience that opened their eyes to fresh perspectives on learning and personal development.
Senior Class of 2024
Cap & Gown Picture Day:
Academic Signing Day:
FAFSA help sessions for Seniors continue this week:
State of Florida FAFSA completion rate:
Note for our Seniors: Through March 29, 2024, only 22.6% of the Florida Class of 2024 has submitted a FAFSA. Not completing the FAFSA can leave more than $100 million on the table in federal Pell grants. Florida is currently ranked second to last among all the states in FAFSA completion.
Data source: National College Attainment NetworRead report/access data

The Wall Street Journal (Feb. 28, 2024) - "What is FAFSA??
Even if you don’t expect to qualify for financial aid, here’s why you should fill out this form. Read full article

Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal story for our Trojans:
College tuition has been increasing year after year, and many families aren’t able to foot the bill out of pocket. That’s where financial aid comes in.

Financial aid helps students pay for college through grants, scholarships, work-study and student loans. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid awards more than $114 billion in federal financial aid to students each year. 

To access this financial aid, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.
Grad Bash:
Friday, April 26, 2024 

Start Paying now! 


Pay any amount between $26.75 and $107.00:

● Price: $107.00 per person. 
● Event from 6:00pm-2:00am
● Depart from Evans High School at 6:00pm
● Return to Evans High School at 2:30am
● Deadline for all payments is April 1st 
● Transportation: Mears Transportation Services. 
Students with a Level 3 or Level 4 disciplinary infraction will have to go through an appeals process.  
  • If you pay and are not approved to attend you will get a full refund
Trojan Athletics
Girls Lacrosse
The Evans High School girls' lacrosse team is off to a good start this season, showcasing their skills and determination on the field. The team has been working hard in practice and it is evident in their performance during games. It is important for the community to come out and support the girls' lacrosse team as they continue to compete throughout the season. Cheering them on from the sidelines not only boosts their morale but also shows them that their hard work is appreciated. 

To find out when the next game is scheduled, you can scan the QR code below under athletic schedules or contact our school's athletic department. Make plans to attend the game and show your support for the talented players on the team. Let's rally together and cheer on the Evans High School girls' lacrosse team to victory! 
Athletic Schedules
Keep a copy of the Athletic Schedule on your electronic device by scanning the QR code below:
Athletic Clearance (Sports Physicals):
Evans Head Coaches:
Ticket Information:
Tickets to all athletic events can be purchased in advance through GoFan ( and searching for Maynard Evans High School or through the QR Code below:
Extended Tutoring for Athletes
Required Extended Tutoring is still occurring for those currently in season who received a D or F on their quarter 3 report card. Evans is committed to pushing our athletes to excel on and off the court. Those required to attend must do so from 2:40- 3:30 with the individual teacher or in the cafeteria Tuesdays and Thursdays until the next grade report is submitted. Tutoring time must be logged in. Once students complete tutoring at 3:30 they can attend practice/ games. If they do not, they risk being pulled off the field/court.
Student Services
SAC/PTSA Meeting
Come out on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, at 6:00 pm!!
According to a study conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), the academic performance of students whose parents attend PTSA meetings has improved significantly. Compared to pupils whose parents did not attend PTSA meetings, this group's average GPA increased by 0.5 points, according to the study. In addition, they had a higher rate of attendance and were more likely to graduate on schedule. These statistics emphasize the impact of parental participation in PTSA meetings on student achievement and educational success as a whole.
Family Engagement
At Evans High School, we want to make sure that parents and school staff are working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. Below is some information provided by our Parent Engagement liaison and all the services she assists with:
Community Resources
OCPS Virtual Parent Academies for High School Families (April):
Florida flag
Pride. Determination. Perseverance.
Mrs. Nelson Warren, Principal
Evans High School
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Evans High School Leadership Team
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