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Your Tax Refund Could
Be Smaller than Last Year - Here's Why
Published in The Seattle Times, April 12, 2023
Photo: AP/Matt Slocum

Expecting a tax refund? It could be smaller than last year. And with inflation still high, that money won’t go as far as it did a year ago.

The 90 million taxpayers who have filed as of March 31 got refunds that were an average of nearly 10% less than last year, in part due to pandemic relief programs expiring. The filing deadline for most taxpayers is Tuesday.

5 Ways to Improve Team Culture in Your Small Biz
Many small businesses overlook the importance of team culture. They might do so because they feel they have a transient workforce and people won’t stick around. It’s possible they believe they’re simply too small and team culture is for larger companies like Nike. But that’s not the case. A team or company culture is as important as your brand. You’re not too small for one of those, are you?

Skills You Need to Develop to Advance Your Career
Published on, April 4, 2023
Photo: nadia_bormotova/Getty Images; Abbe Sublett/Unsplash

One of the top skills proven to advance your career is having a “growth mindset.” The term was coined by Dr. Carol Dweck based on her research on how students react to failures or challenges. Students who focused on effort and learning rather than failure were able to perform better the next time around.

Dweck suggests that what distinguishes successful people is how they approach life’s challenges rather than their talents, education, or innate skills. Those who possess a growth mindset know that something will go wrong at some point, so you must be prepared and resilient in order to turn challenges into opportunities for you, your team, and your company.

In today’s work climate—particularly in the wake of layoffs—many people find themselves in tough spots or situations where things are going wrong at times. So, while a growth mindset sounds exciting in theory, how does one actually nurture and grow this skill on-the-job today? Here are five tangible examples of how to nurture your growth mindset at work.
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