Esperanza Health Center July eNews
The Heart of Esperanza
B eing out on the front lines of healthcare can be an exhausting, fast-paced and worrisome experience at times. It is a position of high responsibility that requires great faith. With the invasion of COVID-19 in the lives of many, we have seen how healthcare workers around our city have carried the load on their shoulders, in order to improve the well-being of all.
Esperanza family nurse practitioner
Jenise Ropp, DNP, CRNP, FNP-C.
This process is true for two employees from our medical staff who are on the front lines conducting testing and providing patient care: family nurse practitioner Jenise Ropp, DNP, CRNP, FNP-C and clinical nurse Kevin Parks, RN.
Jenise recounts the story of one patient’s experience at our Hunting Park site respiratory evaluation area. This patient was referred for evaluation and testing by her primary care physician, who was concerned about possible COVID-19. As Jenise and Kevin explained the usual procedure and isolation precautions for testing, the patient felt overwhelmed and anxious. The only way she would receive the test was if the staff could hold her hand.
“We ended the encounter praying together for protection and peace for herself and her family. She was grateful and left in good spirits,” said Jenise.

During a follow-up call a few days later, the patient expressed how interested she would be to volunteer at EHC. “I was astonished, as I saw her new found joy and interest to become one of our volunteers. To me, this story demonstrated the heart of Esperanza, as we strive to be Spirit-led and demonstrate Jesus' love to each and every patient," stated Jenise. “I believe that many times we have no idea how Jesus is working while we perform our daily duties and cares, bundled in our own humanness.”
Seeking Spanish-speaking Volunteers for COVID-19 Testing

Spanish speakers, we need you to rise to action! We have a unique volunteer opportunity for anyone who has a heart to serve in this capacity. EHC is seeking people willing to translate for those providing services at our COVID-19 testing site, in partnership with Rock Ministries of Philadelphia at 2755 Kensington Avenue.  
With this role comes some flexibility as you can volunteer from Monday through Thursday, or simply offer one day a week. Our core hours of operation at the Kensington test site have changed to Monday - Thursday mornings, from 8:30am to 11:45am. Volunteers receive personal protective equipment appropriate to the station where they are placed, usually a mask, a shield and a gown.
Do you know someone who has these skills and would feel drawn to this work? Please let us know, or email for more info.
Please pray that God will help us communicate more clearly and effectively at “the tent"!
A Special Delivery

Recently, EHC received a grant to provide food and personal protective equipment (PPE) for our high risk patients. Several weeks ago, Esperanza outreach supervisor Lilliana Estrada was out on her routine Friday rotations, delivering food and safety equipment in an Esperanza van along with her colleague, Erwin Boche.

That day, Lilly had in mind to call one of our patients who wasn’t on the schedule. While speaking over the phone, the man suddenly broke into tears without any explanation. Lilly, listening to the patient’s emotional distress, began to cry as well as she waited for his response.
He replied, “I was just looking around my house today trying to figure out what to sell, so I could purchase food and household needs before you called.”
This testimony brings us all a beautiful reminder of what we may take for granted. We have our bad days and grow tired, but the moments that make life worth living are seeing a person marked by an act of love and kindness. As Lilly highlighted, we get into routines and work that sometimes cause us to overlook the true value behind it.
“Honestly, I believe it was a Spirit-led or divine intervention, and that is what impacted me the most about this patient delivery,” shared Lilly. “I enjoy preparing the food and supply bags for all the patients, but the way he began to pour out over the phone really spoke volumes to me. You could sense his gratitude.”
Everence Federal Credit Union Opens New Branch
at Esperanza's Kensington Site
Kevin Gil, f inancial wellness manager at Everence, stands in front of the entrance of the new
Everence credit union branch at Kensington and Allegheny Avenues.
Staff, patients, and community members of Esperanza Health Center now have a new option for banking and other financial services. Everence ® has opened a credit union branch located on the second floor of the new Esperanza Health Center site at Kensington and Allegheny Avenues – providing financial education, checking and savings accounts, loans, and other services. 

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the Esperanza community,” said Leonard Dow, stewardship and development specialist at Everence. “We’re excited to bring our services to this new location and to help our neighbors build brighter financial futures.”

The new credit union branch offers a convenient ATM, as well as in-person services by appointment. Summer hours are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, and 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday. More information is available at .

Everence offers credit union products that are federally insured by NCUA.
Community Outreach Takes on a New Look for SMI
Similar to the theme of this year, with many having to face sudden cancellations, and flat out lifestyle changes, our friends over at the Summer Medical Institute (SMI) made some adjustments to their outreach methods.
The program is held annually for three weeks, typically beginning the last week of June, and hosts medical students from multiple states and countries. SMI is organized and supervised by Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) and has had a strong partnership with EHC, making this year the 11 th consecutive summer that we have hosted the program.
The MCO leadership had to confront the challenge of whether to cancel SMI for this summer, or to continue under a unique set of protocols.   
Holly Favino, SMI director, described the constant revisions made for the program to remain active. After meeting with board members, they came to the decision that community door-to-door outreach, a primary focus of previous SMIs, would be eliminated as a means to avoid nonessential exposure to the virus.  

A new set of rules had to be implemented, a few being individual housing and transportation, a limited number of registrants, and the shortening of the program from three to two weeks (held from July 5 th through July 18 th ). The team explored alternative work for the students to do, including possible contact tracing as direct support during the pandemic, or clerical assistance as volunteers to EHC’s patient portal assistance.
Esperanza practice administrator Kathleen McGettigan, RN with SMI student Jake Cuevas
at our Hunting Park site.
Medical students participating in SMI's
summer program work as volunteers for
clerical assistance.
“I started making phone calls and that was really the turning point for me because hands down, every single student that had applied and had been accepted to the program, wanted to come,” said Holly. “One student put it this way. She said, ‘every one of my friends have had everything that they're doing this summer cancelled. Please don’t cancel this program.’”
As Holly explained, a huge component that students take away from their time investment with SMI is the spiritual connection to faith and health. Both the staff and students openly talk about their experiences witnessing God’s faithfulness during this tough time, and how he continually provides for their needs.
Thanks for your gifts that help us to provide excellent, compassionate care and health resources for our patients and community members. We are grateful for your partnership with us!
Join the Esperanza Team!
We are open for business and actively hiring for anyone seeking to join the healthcare field. Please visit our Career Center where you can view every open position up to date, and apply online!

Highlighted below are some of our top priority hiring opportunities:

Behavioral Health Consultant
The Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) works during normal clinic hours under direct supervision of a licensed practitioner. The BHC is a member of the primary care provider team providing brief, immediate behavioral health support and interventions as part of integrated primary care services. THe BHC makes referrals to outside agencies when appropriate for optimum patient care.

Dental Assistant
The Dental Assistant is responsible for assisting the Dentists and Dental Hygienists in the direct provision of dental services to patients. The Dental Assistant is also responsible for sterilization, preparation and inventory control of dental instruments and supplies. Other responsibilities include dental radiography, equipment maintenance, oral health education, monitoring patient flow, and assisting the Dental Administrator, as needed. Position includes some Saturday shifts.

Clerical Assistant
The Clerical Assistant is responsible for delivering excellent customer service that is friendly, accurate and efficient. The Clerical Assistant obtains and enters accurate and complete insurance verification, collects co-payments and past due balances, and other elements that make up the start of the Esperanza Revenue Cycle. The Clerical Assistant provides direct support services in the clinical care of patients and ensures efficient operations to maximize patient satisfaction.
Our Mission:
“Compelled by the love of God in Christ Jesus, in cooperation with the Church and others,  Esperanza Health Center  is a multi-cultural ministry providing holistic healthcare to the Latino and underserved communities
of Philadelphia.”