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United Way of Coastal and Western CT provides thoughtful insights into equity by raising awareness,

fostering discussions, and championing change around equity-related topics.

Why Equity...Why NOT Equity?

Equity is the intentional inclusion of everyone in society by providing different levels of support based on an individual or group’s needs in order to achieve fairness in outcomes. Equity is achieved when systemic, institutional, and historical barriers based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and other identities are dismantled and no longer predict socioeconomic, educational, and health outcomes. Working to achieve equity acknowledges unequal starting places and the need to correct the imbalance. 

Everyone should have EQUAL access to:

  • Quality, affordable healthcare
  • Quality, affordable education
  • Quality, affordable housing
  • Quality, affordable food
  • Clean air and water
  • Safe and dignified employment that pays livable wages
  • Reliable public transportation
  • A fair and just criminal justice system

Addressing these inequities requires collaborative and multifaceted efforts, including policy changes, educational initiatives, and societal shifts to promote fairness, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Join us in the conversation in our Equity Journey, starting Monday, February 5th on all of our social media platforms. #UnitedForEquity

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Equity Journey

February 5-9

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Equity Training Log

All UWCWC staff members are responsible for attending at least 7 hours of equity training and board members are responsible for attending at least 3 hours of equity training during FY24. Use this tool to keep track of your trainings.

  • Click here for the Equity Training Log.
  • There is also a tab at the top of the Equity channel in Teams.
  • Location: Teams > All UWWC > Equity
  • Please feel free to post to this channel with additional resources and training opportunities.

Equity Training SPOTLIGHT

Virtual Conversation with Matthew Desmond

Date: February 27

Time: 12pm

Register here

Matthew Desmond, Poverty Abolitionist, Pulitzer Prize winner, and Best-Selling Author of Evicted and Poverty, By America, will discuss his work which exposes American history, research, and original reporting on systemic poverty in America.

Following the web event, Connecticut United Ways unite to bring you continued learning with a five-day Abolishing Poverty Equity Challenge! You can sign up to receive daily emails when you register for the web event.

February 1, 2024