Alert: Equine Herpesvirus - Ontario
Alert: Equine Herpesvirus - Niagara, ON
Alert: Equine Herpesvirus - Kawartha Lakes & Wellington County
Advisory: How to protect Canada's Herd from EHV-1 - Equestrian Canada
Prevention is paramount when dealing with the irreversible disease, equine asthma, commonly referred to as heaves. Every equine cough should be investigated and diagnosed without delay.
On April 14th Equine Guelph will present a free webinar - The Healthy Horse: Understanding the Role of Equine Digestion, thanks to sponsor Trouw Nutrition Canada.

See what the entire tract looks like and learn how it works! Feeding strategies to prevent digestive issues. Bring your questions!
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The first 3 webinars launched this year sold out quickly. 4th date announced for April 28!
Introduction to basic animal behaviour, animal handling techniques, animal restraint and confinement techniques; providing the foundation for future hands-on training.
Do you know what core and optional vaccines you will give your horse this spring?
This free tool looks at the options for a starting point to discuss with your vet.
During the March 10 Equestrian Canada National Disease Surveillance and Welfare call, University of Guelph researcher, Dr. Amy Greer presented research on contact patterns and Dr. Alison Moore discussed infection control.
Updated: March, 2021. Paper by a working group consisting of Canadian public health and animal health experts, with representation from federal and provincial/territorial governments, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and academia. Read on...
May 3 - May 10
When minutes count, you need to know how to make the most of every second!
New 12-Week Courses Start May 10th
Early bird deadline April 9!

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Mental Health Program for ON Farmers Developed by U of G researchers

From World Horse Welfare webinars

Infographic by University of Minnesota

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Shannon Burwash Awards available Scholarships in Equine, Agri-Business & Agricultural Studies

From World Horse Welfare webinars

Understanding starch, spring grass, forage and balanced PH

Systems to stop slipping and sliding

lf this interests you; also check out Equine Guelph's Stewardship of the Equine Environment online course
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April 28 | Online

Body condition scoring

Feature Video: Ron & Liz Waples share tips for starting a career in the horse racing industry.
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Have you seen the 'big list of jobs' on Equine Jobtrack?

Job seekers - there have been over 60 job listings posted on Equine Jobtrack since it's recent relaunch.
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