Old Bridgewater Historical Society Lecture Announced
March 12th at 2p
OBHS Memorial Building, 3162 Howard Street
Looking for a Sunday afternoon focused on the historical roots of the Bridgewater area? Join the Old Bridgewater Historical Society for a lecture on Sunday, March 12th at 2p at the OBHS Memorial Building located at 162 Howard Street. The lecture, “General and Mrs. Tom Thumb: The World’s First Superstars” will be presented by Daniel Thompson, board member and current President of the Middleborough Historical Association. Admission is $5 at the door.

Charles Sherwood Stratton and Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump were employed as entertainers by Phineas Taylor Barnum. “Tom” from Bridgeport, CT, and “Lavinia” from Middleborough, MA, were married in February of 1863 and eventually traveled around the world on a three-year World Tour. Located in the historic downtown area of Middleborough, the Middleborough Historical Museum contains the largest collection of their artifacts along with many other exhibits of Middleborough history in its seven building village.

The Old Bridgewater Historical Society, a private organization, started in 1894, is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and publication of history relating to the original Bridgewater area, which includes the towns of Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, and the city of Brockton. For more information, visit the OBHS website at www.oldbridgewater.org.
Historical Tidbit:
A Look at Life in the 1890's
Every family would have a garden for fresh produce and possibly a few chickens, a cow and pigs. Any other items a family needed would be ordered from the general store.  At the top of the list would have been barrels of flour and sugar; each would weigh about 200 pounds and come in a barrel that was roughly 3½ feet tall.

In the fall the pigs that were slaughtered would be packed in barrels as well. Others would be taken to a smokehouse (there was one in every neighborhood) and cured by smoke. The hams, forward shoulders and hindquarters would be brought home and hung up down cellar where it would last all winter.  All smoked meat would hang by those cellar beams. Herring from the local rivers either smoked or salted to preserve; deer, beef all kept very well down there.

As a treat, in the attic one would hang dried slices of apples that had been pared and sliced and put on string. Hanging from the rafters was a way to keep them from creatures that might get in, including the cat.

Prices in  1898
3 ½ pounds of sugar     $0.18
1 ½ pounds of oatmeal    0.05
13    pounds of bread      0.78
1      pound of butter       0.26
7      quarts of milk         0.56
9      eggs               0.15
½     pound coffee           0.09
2      pounds potatoes    0.06

Quite a different trip to the grocery store!

(Antique cash register photo courtesy of Wikipedia)
~ Respectfully submitted, Sue Basile
Town Hall

WB Public Library
Council on Aging

Proof of residency is the only requirement.
1st & 3rd Wednesday each month
1:45 - 3p & 5:30 - 6p
457 rear, South Main St., Suite #1
Michelle Frazier
You won a $15 gift certificate to Pinches & Pounds
Candy Store Rt 18, Whitman!

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Ousamequin Club Scholarship

The OUSAMEQUIN CLUB is offering three $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who reside in any of the three Bridgewaters (East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater & Bridgewater), regardless of the school they attend.
Their criteria are community involvement, volunteerism, and academic achievement.
Contact Sharon Graves at 508-378-4261 for an application or seek one out at any of the three school's guidance departments.

The deadline for submission is March 31st.
For more information, visit the Ousamequin Club Facebook page
Inclusion Matters SEPAC Meeting
Tuesday, March 14 from 6 - 7p
Inclusion Matters' next webinar will be hosted by Tiffany Goffer-Fitz of As I Am Learning

The presentation is titled, Sexuality 101: How to Talk to Kids and Teens with Disabilities about Their Bodies, Healthy Relationships, and Safe Sex.

Tiffany will talk with parents, guardians, and caregivers about what they need to know to get the conversations started. Come learn how to start--and continue--conversations we need to have with our kids and teens about privacy, healthy bodies, healthy relationships, and sex. For more information visit the event page at FB Inclusion Matters Event .
West Bridgewater Open Space Committee and Old Bridgewater Historical Society present Walks in the Woods - Who is that Fungi?
Thursday, March 2
Old Bridgewater Historical Society Memorial Building, 162 Howard St

In this presentation, Dr. Jenna Mendell of Bridgewater State University will discuss the different types of fungi, including mushrooms, that you may encounter when you walk in the woods of Southeastern Massachusetts. She will explain the evolution of this incredibly diverse group of organisms and their interesting and often complex lifecycles as well as the importance of fungi in the food web on our planet. She will then go on to show us some of the incredibly diverse and beautiful fungi that you can see as you stroll along paths in the woods in our area.
WEB Girls Ice Hockey (2023 Season) vs Nantucket Feb 19, 2023

WEB Girls Ice Hockey:

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United Way of Greater Plymouth County Offers Free Online Tax Filing Tool

MyFreeTaxes.com: For the 12th year, United Way is providing online tax filing software, to help taxpayers easily and accurately file their taxes from their computer or smartphone, FREE.
Key features of the online tool include:
  • Screens for credit and deduction eligibility such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit to ensure filers receive their maximum tax refund, and lets filers check for any missed stimulus payments
  • Shows filers how and why their refund amount is changing in real-time
  • Allows individuals to use their mobile phone, tablet or computer to file taxes
  • Help from a real person trained by the IRS via the MyFreeTaxes’ Helpline.
  • Access to additional financial products and resources, including free access to a student debt management tool that will help employees easily lower payments or find loan forgiveness.
MyFreeTaxes is FREE for all returns and includes schedule C options. A list of the tax forms included in this free offering is available by visiting MyFreeTaxes.com.
West Bridgewater Council on Aging Community Caring Corner

West Bridgewater Council of Aging Marilyn Mather, Director of Elder Services, thanks members of the community for their donations and continued support.

  • Lynn Zopatti for corsages
  • Andrea Falvey for Meals On Wheels gift bags
  • Christina McPhee for homemade chocolates
  • Nancy Bresciani for Pennies from Heaven
  • Robin Dragonetti for cards from Girl Scouts
  • Brenda Peluso for fresh-cut fruit
  • Angel Gardens for Christmas wreaths
  • Bob and Marylou Marks for fresh garden squash
  • Raymond Mouradian for cash donation
  • Anonymous for Zumba Gold sponsorship
  • WB Food Pantry for food contributions
  • Joe Patchel for phones
  • Rhonda Roberts for birthday cards
  • George Roberts, Cheryl Bentley for cards, medical supplies and tea
  • Deborah Cauley for gloves
  • Ellie Lamb for whoopee pies, Barbara Asacker for chocolate cake
  • Paul Marino for coins and calendars
  • Virginia Nolan & the WB COA Bridge Club for cash donation.
  • Ellie Flaherty for Ginger Snaps
  • J.O.Y. for twice-a-month SINGO, Fresh Fish Lunches, and continued support

“Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and
change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ~ William Arthur Ward

For activities, check out the COA Newsletter
1000 Plymouth St (Rt 104) • Bridgewater •
(508) 697-0357
Save your floors from the ravages of winter! 
Durable black 4 ft x 6 ft x 3/4-inch rubber mat. Grooved underside, slight honeycomb pattern on top. Good for covering any concrete floor. We use this rubber mat to cover concrete floors in several areas and even in one heavy traffic office area. Popular as a rubber mat to put under gym machines.
Climate Can-Do:
Electric Vehicles
Electric vehicles are a more sustainable way for people to get to where they are going. These vehicles offer less maintenance and repairs, less expensive when it comes to fueling, and most importantly cause less pollution. 

In Massachusetts the Zero Emissions Vehicle commission, or ZEV, was established in 2015 and is working to help support the zero emission vehicle adoption in Massachusetts. Their overall goal is to promote zero emission vehicles, also known as ZEV’s. These vehicles include fuel cell, plug in, or battery electric cars, buses, and vans. 
When it comes to making more charging stations for electric vehicles, companies like Chargepoint are offering funding in order to install more of them. This would help make it more accessible for those who want this sustainable transportation. It would make it easier to charge their cars with more available charging stations in Massachusetts. 

If you want to find out more about ZEV commission or would like to see more about the funding going into electric vehicle charging stations, read the links provided. 


This Climate Can-Do Article was written by intern Maeve Stowe of Bridgewater State University. We focus on actions which will help mitigate the environmental changes of our climate emergency. Our goal is to keep our climate's temperature from rising 1.5˚ C to lessen the impact on our environment. We can do!
WB Board of Selectmen - February 15th, 2023

WB Board of Selectmen Mtg:

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02/06/23 WB School Committee - WB School Committee Mtg

WB School Committee Mtg:

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Find YOUR Bliss with
New!! Intro to Svaroopa® Yoga Workshop on March 6!

Have you wondered about Svaroopa yoga? Do you dislike being the only new person in class? Come to this introductory class where everyone is brand new! You'll learn about Svaroopa® and what this therapeutic style of yoga can do for you. Workshop includes a full spinal sequence, guided awareness and a basic understanding of Svaroopa® yoga.

516 N. Bedford St, East Bridgewater
(508) 331-3564

Fusion Dolls
Doll & Toy Store in WestGate Mall 
Looking for that Special Gift?
Stop by Fusion Dolls in Westgate Mall.
Locally owned & created!

Located inside WestGate Mall
across from Kay jewelers

Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles

Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide everything a mom may need under one roof. Started by Donna Baker and Pam Pace who both gave birth to triplets, their organization speaks to the pace we have to keep with our young ones once we become mothers, especially those who give birth to multiples. Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles offers a variety of classes and activities tailored to both children and parents such as playgroups, ballet/jazz classes, Dance for littles, post-partum support groups, dad groups, infant massage, childbirth classes, breastfeeding support, and more.
What makes visiting Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles so impactful is that a person can come to a support group, shop for great things, and get breastfeeding support all under one roof. They understand the challenges families face with multiples, evident in their Visiting Mothers’ of Multiples Program. Expecting or new mothers of multiples can request a visit from one of their seasoned MOMs. They also have a Tiny Table Food Pantry consisting of formula, baby food, rice cereals, fruits, and vegetables. FREE to the community, guidelines are listed on their website.

With the motto of “Come and meet the best friends you never knew you needed” they invite the public to come and visit, register for a class or workshop, or volunteer.

You can find out more about this organization by visiting the Keeping Pace with Multiples website: keepingpace.org and the Keeping Pace with Multiples Facebook page

By Primrose Morrison, Writing intern from Southern New Hampshire University

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A worthy quest for our lives:
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Work and family; Meeting physical and spiritual needs. To find work that provide for necessities, and be challenged intellectually.
Have companions who understand and encourage us, as well as those that make us think differently. To exercise, and rest. To eat nourishing food, and enjoy eating. To laugh and be hugged and to cry and be hugged! (And to not be touched if you don't want it!)
Meeting our needs allows us to function better in all of our relationships, our families and in community.
"Moral Education is the source of that spiritual equilibrium on which everything else depends and which may be compared to that physical equilibrium or sense of balance, without which it is impossible to stand upright or to move into any other position." ~ Maria Montessori
"The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner." ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
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