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Epiphany of the Lord

Jan 8, 2023

Gospel of Matthew

Mt. 2:1-12

A Reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Is 60:1-6

Returning from exile in Babylon, the Jews make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The poet envisages all nations joining this pilgrimage to the light. God manifesting himself in Jesus Christ is a light shining in the darkness of the human condition. The Gentiles (non-Jews) responding to this revelation of God in Christ are symbolized by the Magi. Pray that all may see the light!

The Responsorial Psalm is that that we put our trust in Jesus because of his love and kindness and that he has done great things for us, so we should be filled with joy and love for him and to be like him

in your self-giving. He raises up the lowly from the dust; from the dunghill he lifts up the poor. Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. The Lord hears the cry of the poor!

A Reading, From the Letter of Saint Paul to the Ephesians

Eph 3:2-3a,5-6

Paul stresses that God manifested himself in the Lord Jesus not only to the Jews but to all nations. The Gentiles (non-Jews) are now coheirs with the Jews, members of Christ's body and sharers of the divine promise.

" God has called you out of darkness, with his wonderful light: "May you be strong in faith, hope and love."

In the Gospel of Matthew

Mt. 2:1-12

Yearning for self-determination, the Jews were constantly expecting a Messiah (Anointed King), freedom fighter, and redeemer from oppression. There was even a horoscope circulating, telling about his star, and we can readily understand that a superstitious Herod might be upset by Magi.

But rather than searching for the background material of this story we ask: Inspired by God, what does Matthew try to bring out by adding this legend to his Gospel, because that is God's word to you and me? Quoting Scripture, Matthew teaches Jesus is the ruler who is to shepherd God's people. God's Epiphany in Jesus Christ is for all! All should join mankind's search for the Light of the World!

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Bring Your Children To Mass?

When Jesus reprimanded the apostles for wanting

to keep children away from Him (see Mt 19:14),

He did not give an age or behavior requirement.

At the baptism of a child, parents and sponsors

promise to teach their children the Catholic faith

and “to bring them up according to

the law of Christ and His Church.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us,

“The Sunday celebration of the Lord’s Day

and his Eucharist is at the

heart of the Church’s life” (No. 2177).

This importance is shown in attendance at Mass

and rest from labor, the first of the precepts of the Church.

Click the link below to read why you should bring your children to Mass:


Divine Lord, send your Holy Spirit anew into our hearts and cleanse us from all sin so we may adore and worship you in Spirit and in truth. Create in us a greater love for your Word and a keener desire to serve you and our fellow men. Remove all malice, bitterness, and resentment from our minds, and fill us with your abundant grace. In Christ Jesus our Savior and Friend. AMEN

“Lord, I too lack the necessary faith to see the blessings that accompany Your Cross, as well as the many crosses I am given in life. Help me to be purified in my faith so that I can see Your hand at work in all things, even suffering, injustice and persecution. May I see life from Your perspective alone. Jesus, I trust in You."