Epiphany Star
Newsletter, Church of the Epiphany
November 2021
Clergy Clatter

I’m writing this within a few hours of returning from our annual Fall Clergy Conference, now called a Clergy Gathering. Retired clergy rarely attend these meetings, but I enjoy being with long time friends, meeting the new clergy, and keeping up on what is happening, especially since I’m still in active ministry.
The first one I attended was in 1968, which means 53 years of Clergy Gatherings. I was the only representative from “the old crowd” at this gathering. And I find it so interesting how they reflect the times and history of the church. Of course, the old gatherings were all male. We met in Ascension, Norfolk’s Parish Hall. The cigarette smoke was thick enough to cut with a knife. And all of us who were local were expected to house out of town clergy in our guest rooms. The bishop’s office assigned who would stay where.
Just prior to the ordination of women, we started meeting at Camp Chanco. Its facilities were very inadequate for about 200 clergy. Younger clergy were encouraged to sleep in sleeping bags in the large tent chalets used for summer camp. I had an RV, so my dog and I had nice comfy accommodations with heat. Our days were spent crammed into a room that could not begin to hold us. It was not unusual to end up sitting out in the hall because we couldn’t squeeze one more person into the room. The bishops took attendance, Bishop Vest would phone absent clergy and ask what hospital they were in so he could bring them communion. Sneaking away became a fine tuned art.
Well, this gathering was different than all of the others. Last year had to be cancelled due to Covid 19, so this was Bishop Haynes first gathering with her clergy, and it was a hybrid meeting. There were about 60 of us present, and about 25 participating by Zoom. They may have also been streaming it. But it required a lot of equipment, personnel, and running around with microphones. Anyone who had anything to say, had to wait for a mike to be brought to them. And of course, we were in masks, spaced out, and very aware that we were making the best of a still difficult situation.
Our speaker was Melissa Perrin, Psy,D., who was very impressive. She talked about “burn out”, depression, anxiety, and all of those things with which clergy, like other professionals, are dealing. I found her to be very insightful, and she made a lot of sense to me.
Even so, it was great to see clergy friends from years past that I’ve missed being with. It was good to spend time with our bishop, with whom I am more impressed every time I am with her. It was great meeting some of our new clergy, some of whom seem so very, very young. It was very different than past gatherings, but that’s the way things are these days - different.
Sheila Brinck Funeral

On Saturday, November 6th, at 11:11 am a funeral for Sheila Brinck will be held, a reception will follow.
Vestry Meeting

There will be a vestry meeting on Thursday November 11th at 7:00. Dinner will be at 6:30.
Vision Clinic

On Friday, November 12th, the Civic League Vision Clinic will be held at Epiphany. Please call Matthew Hinson for a time and to register at 757-560-2236.
Congregational Meeting

On Sunday, November 14th, in lieu of a homily, there will be a congregational meeting. The budget will be presented, vestry elections held, and a brief state of the parish address will be given by Richard.
Clergy meeting

On Tuesday, November 16th, the Norfolk Episcopal clergy meeting will be held at Epiphany at 1:30 pm.
Thanksgiving Service

On Thursday, November 25th, there will be a Thanksgiving Service at 10:00 am. It will be followed by wine, cheese, and nibbles. There will not be the annual buffet dinner this year, as a Covid 19 precaution.
Wednesday Services

At 8 am on Wednesday mornings a short Eucharist service will be held for all who would like to attend.
The bake sale would like to express our appreciation to everyone who participated whether by contributing baked goods, purchasing baked goods or providing a donation. Thank you- we are truly grateful for your generosity.
November Service Schedule

November 7, 2021 - Twenty-fourth Sunday After Pentecost

  • Officiant- Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Celebrant - Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Lector - Brian Pritchard
  • Altar - Len & Tina Wright
  • Flowers - Marcia Cronin
  • Usher - Kathy Moore

November 14, 2021 - Twenty-fifth Sunday After Pentecost

  • Lector - Mike Scott
  • Altar - Kevin LaPointe
  • Flowers - Jim Fisher
  • Usher - Kevin LaPointe

November 21, 2021 - Christ the King

  • Homily - Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Celebrant - Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Lector - Marcie Kidd
  • Altar - Ariel Fernandez
  • Flowers - Joyce Williams
  • Usher - Tom Gileland

November 25, 2021 - Thanksgiving Service

  • Participants to be determined

November 28, 2021 - First Sunday of Advent

  • Homily - Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Celebrant - Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Lectors - Mary Shaffer
  • Altar - Kevin LaPointe
  • Flowers - Jim Fisher
  • Usher - Jackie Rochelle

A video will be on YouTube, Facebook, and our Web Page a few hours after the Sunday service.
Vestry Highlights
October, 2021

  • Reviewed draft budget for 2022 to be approved in November and presented to the congregation on November 14th.
  • Reviewed nominees for vestry election on November 14th. Two additional nominees are still needed.
  • Reviewed plans for 8 am service on Wednesdays during November - to be evaluated.
  • Approved hiring a 2nd voice as we try to reassemble the choir.
  • Approved not holding our annual Thanksgiving dinner due to Covid guidelines, but we will be sharing wine, cheese, and nibbles following a 10:00 Thanksgiving service.
Ushers Needed

If you are interested in being an Usher, please contact Kathy Moore at kmoore1234@cox.net or phone 757-647-6606
November Birthdays

  • Angela Stein, 2nd
  • Robert Kidd, 6th
  • Richard O. Bridgford, 12th
  • Valerie Smith, 14th
  • Lynne Pipis, 15th
  • Caroline Spring, 16th
  • Mary Shaffer, 18th
  • Emmett "Buddy" Pate, 20th
  • Kelly Harvey, 25th
  • Mary Turner, 27th
  • Aaron Stein, 29th

 November Anniversaries

  • Vaughn & Laurie Coffman, 2nd
  • Otto & Sherry Pebworth, 8th
  • Steve & Lisa Kopacz, 27th