Epiphany Star
Newsletter, Church of the Epiphany
March 2022
Clergy Clatter

Good grief! It’s Lent. From where did that come? I usually have my Lenten planning well under way right after Christmas. But we were just closing down after Christmas – and now we’re opening up right at the start of Lent. That blasted pandemic!
               Well, if the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s adaptability. And that’s not all bad. Mary Shaffer is putting together a Pancake Supper for Tuesday, March 1st, with one week’s notice. Ash Wednesday is going to happen, including a “drive by”, which is a product of last year’s pandemic efforts. Buddy has recorded a version of “The Way of the Cross” which is online and available to anyone at any time. That’s new. We’ve gone into archives and found last year’s fireside chats. They are available.
               I know Epiphany well enough to know that your favorite Lenten activity is pot luck supper. Forget the programs! Let’s just eat! Well, that still isn’t within our pandemic guidelines, so we’ll hold off until Maundy Thursday (April 14th) and have a bang up Agape meal (meatless).
Hey, we’re flexible. Have a blessed Lent.
Vestry Meeting

The vestry will meet on March 10th, the dinner will be at 6:30pm and meeting will be at 7:00 pm.
Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper - March 1st, 5:00-7:00pm. Advance tickets on sale now. This will also be a fund raising event for the new furnace. A special collection will be taken, so save your pennies. Also, special Covid precautions will be taken, i.e. disposable plates, etc.
Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday services will be held on March 2nd, in house, at noon and 6:00pm. There will also be drive up Imposition of Ashes from 1-2pm.
Yard Sale

The yard sale has been scheduled for May 21st.
A Special Birthday

M0nday, March 7th is Kitty Sizemore's 100th Birthday, and she's in church almost every Sunday. On March 6th, we'll sing Happy Birthday to her during announcements. In the meantime, if we can flood her with Birthday cards, she will enjoy getting them. She lives at 527 25th Street, Virginia Beach 23451-4043.
Church Furnace

You may not know that under the church is a basement and in that basement are the furnaces that provid heat and a/c to the sanctuary. Research tells us that they are over 30 years old. One of them has died and cannot be repaired. To complicate things, the good furnace must be removed to get the bad furnace out and the duct work is in pretty shoddy shape, as well. Fourtunately, the one remaining furnace can keep the room comfortable, but its days are probably limited as well.

We are obviously going have to fund raise to solve this situation. We are just beginning to get bids and prices, but if you find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, remember our furnace.
February Service Schedule

March 6, 2022 - First Sunday in Lent

  • Officiant- Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Celebrant - Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Lector - John Childers
  • Altar - Len & Tina Wright
  • Usher - Tom Gilleland

March 13, 2022 - Second Sunday in Lent

  • Officiant- Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Celebrant - Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Lector - Jerry Cronin
  • Altar - Kevin LaPointe
  • Usher - Jackie Rochelle

March 20, 2022 - Third Sunday in Lent

  • Officiant - Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Celebrant - Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Lector - Gayle Greene
  • Altar - Ariel Fernandez
  • Usher - Kathy Moore

March 27, 2022 - Fourth Sunday in Lent

  • Officiant - Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Celebrant - Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Lectors - Tina Wright
  • Altar - Kevin LaPointe
  • Usher - Kevin LaPointe

A video will be on YouTube, Facebook, and our Web Page a few hours after the Sunday service.
Vestry Highlights
February, 2022

  • Received stewardship report from Tina Wright asking to be released of some of her duties. Nancy Reynolds agreed to assume a number of them.
  • Discussed moving to 2 services or staying at one (tabled from previous meeting). On call for question it was agreed to stay at one service (2 against, 6 in favor).
  • Heard report on early bids on replacing the furnace(s) in the church.
  • Discussed regathering on February 20th.
  • Approved "fund raiser" for furnace at pancake supper
  • Discussed Ash Wednesday schedule to include "drive up" from 1-2.

Ushers Needed

If you are interested in being an Usher, please contact Kathy Moore at kmoore1234@cox.net or phone 757-647-6606
March Birthdays

  • Lukah Fernandez, 5th
  • James Coaxum, 6th
  • Kitty Sizemore, 7th
  • Sharri Keller, 7th
  • Dawn Blair, 8th
  • Carol Fernandez, 10th
  • Marcie Kidd, 16th
  • Chris Colburn, 17th
  • Sherry Pebworth, 20th
  • Dottie Isaac, 24th