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Newsletter, Church of the Epiphany
July 2020
Clergy Clatter

I think any kid growing up is subjected to listening to tales from the past to which he or she feels no connection. For me, it was my mother’s reminder of the “Starving Armenians” any time there was a complaint about her cooking, and tales of the 1918 “Spanish Flue.” Out of nowhere, conversations would shift to the horrors of the 1918 epidemic. When she described churches being closed, and businesses closing, and not being able to find basics, like food, I just knew she was exaggerating. Nothing like that could ever really happen. The truth is that our kids and grand kids will be telling future generations about this pandemic. We are living our own lore – right now. History books will show pictures of US sitting in church in masks, and “Closed Due to Virus” signs on restaurant doors.
Recently I watched a very well done documentary on the history of epidemics and pandemics. The fact is that these things are just part of life on earth. And some of them are really nasty. I well remember the polio epidemic. It left children horribly disfigured, maimed, or dead. But the worst seemed to be “The Black Death". It wiped out a huge portion of the world population with a gruesome death. And of course there was the Yellow Fever Epidemic that left Norfolk with a surviving population of only about 6,000.
Our present pandemic seems relatively gentle compared to some of those in the past. We’re not bleeding from our ears and turning black as we mysteriously die. We have the media and internet to help keep us informed, offer ways to stay connected, and allow us some hint of a normal life. In addition, we’re told that there are things we can do to help protect ourselves from infection, like masks and social distancing and staying home. History will have to tell us how effective our efforts are, but we’re not the victims of a hopeless and mysterious illness and death like our ancestors. So, although we fuss and grumble over inconveniences and things not being the way we want them, we’ve got it pretty good compared to generations before.
As I write this, we have a task force working on an application to the bishop to allow us to regather for public worship. The bishop has published her guidelines for approval, and now it’s our turn to determine what worship will be like at Epiphany, and submit it to the bishop for approval. Hopefully, some of our restrictions will be temporary. Our purpose is to try to begin regathering for worship in some form that is safe to our people and clergy. We do not want anyone getting sick because they came to worship at Epiphany. My prayer is that we care enough about each other to make our individual and corporate sacrifices and contributions to our life together as the worshiping community at Epiphany. We are writing our own history. Let’s make it one on which our future generations can look back with pride.

Richard +

Vestry Highlights
June 11, 2020

  • Reported that Zoom Coffee Ktatch and Adult class going well.

  • Reported that the Pledges are being kept up, but we have lost a number of them due to death.

  • Reported that Mike Scott will complete the Safe Church audit for Diocese.

  • Reported Centennial Committee is working hard and including contingency plans in the event the virus restricts their plans.

  • Marcia Cronin was elected to the Vestry, and has accepted the role of Registrar to fill the position vacated by Monique Matuskowitz.

  • Elected Tina Wright and Joyce Williams as delegates to Diocesan Council, and Brian Pritchard and Vaughn Coffman as alternates.

  • Approved compensation for Buddy Pate for recording and editing Sunday Services.

  • Approved Tina Wright preparing a "Business Manual" for the operation of the church.

Sunday Morning Service You Tube Schedule

July 5 - Fifth Sunday after Pentecost - Spiritual Communion:
  • Homily by Richard Bridgford.
  • Officiant - Julia Ashby and Richard Bridgford.
  • Lector - Brian Prichard and Joyce Williams.
  • Organist - Joe Ritchie.
  • Vocals - James Coaxum.
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate.

July 12 - Sixth Sunday after Pentecost - Morning Prayer:

  • Homily by Julia Ashby.
  • Officiant - Richard Bridgford.
  • Lector - Brian Prichard and Joyce Williams.
  • Organist - Joe Ritchie.
  • Vocals - James Coaxum.
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate.

July 19 - Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - Morning Prayer:

  • Homily by Richard Bridgford.
  • Officiant - Julia Ashby.
  • Lector - TBA.
  • Organist - Joe Ritchie.
  • Vocals - James Coaxum.
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate.

July 26 - Eighth Sunday after Pentecost - Morning Prayer:

  • Homily by Julia Ashby.
  • Officiant - Richard Bridgford.
  • Lector - TBA.
  • Organist - Joe Ritchie.
  • Vocals - James Coaxum.
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate.

B e on the lookout for emails giving the details and links for the services on YouTube featuring our favorite priests, Richard Bridgford and Julia Ashby.
Status on Regathering for Worship

Our Regathering Committee is hard at work, meeting via Zoom. They have reviewed the Bishop's guidelines in detail. They are now brainstorming ways to address those guidelines. They are exploring options for sanitizing the building after use, possibly meeting outside, possibly combining the services on a temporary basis, etc.

The Committee will be preparing a recommendation for the Vestry. It will be presented and discussed at a Called Vestry meeting. Then it will go to the Bishop for approval.

Know that our efforts right now are to find a simple and acceptable way to regather as a worshiping community to praise God, receive the Sacraments, and share our love for each other.

Richard +
In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Linda Armstrong
Sheila Brinck
Jerry Cronin
Kevin LaPointe
Mike Scott
Nell Steckman
July Birthdays

5 - Carlos (Joe) Fernandez III
5 - Blake Pipis
10 - Ron Braswell
17 - Ariel Fernandez
21 - Jennifer O’Connell
22 - Randy Eason
28 - Lem Apperson
July Anniversaries

22 - Chris & Anita Colburn
30 - Sharri Keller & Barbara Lester
Stewardship Report
Thank you for your continued financial support of Epiphany by setting up auto pay or mailing your check. If you have fallen behind and your financial situation allows, please consider catching up before June 30 so your contributions will be reflected on your second quarter giving statement. Even when we don’t hold Sunday services, we continue to pay utilities, copier lease, lawn care, salaries and insurance. 
Thank you,

Tina Wright, Stewardship
We are compiling a gallery of pictures of Epiphany members to document life during the Pandemic. Please email your photos to our webmaster Buddy Pate at:


We are also collecting historical pictures of Epiphany and members, for the 100th anniversary of our church. Please also email those pictures to Buddy. If you have old photos, but need them scanned, we can do this at the church (call John Moscoe for an appointment).

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