Hello DEB colleagues! If you ever wonder if our research has an impact, consider that in the last few months, we've had one faculty member, Suzanna Martinez, attend an invitation-only White House conference and another, Yulin Hswen, have her work cited by the Vice President (don't miss the tweet at the bottom of this newsletter!). There are other ways we can make a difference, such as teaching research methods aimed at shining light on health disparities, as Ali Mirzazadeh and Paul Wesson are doing. Gina Gaiser is helping deliver better online education across the campus. And congrats to Katie Pollard for being elected to the National Academy of Science!
I'd love to hear about all the ways you are finding to make a difference through the work you do and about anything I can do to support you.
One more thing: Get ready to celebrate in person as we return to our Mission Hall fiesta on December 16.
- Mark