Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance communications plans for 2019 include monthly e-newsletters featuring the foundational pillars of the Headwaters Food Charter . The Charter was developed in 2016 in partnership with WDG Public Health and has been endorsed by most municipalities in Dufferin County and Caledon, plus hundreds of citizens and organizations.
This series is intended to keep you informed about issues and events related to the Headwaters Food Charter's 6 Pillars, 15 Goals and 27 Actions to improve our food system.
Environmental Responsibility
We value a food system that reduces its environmental
footprint through the responsible management
of soil, water, air, energy, and waste.
A local-global connection in youth action on climate change
Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has inspired a worldwide movement of youth and others speaking out, taking action and pressuring governments to act on climate change. Watch her inspiring TED Talk.

Her Friday school strikes have even reached Headwaters. You'll find a group marching on Broadway in Orangeville every Friday at noon.
Know your HFFA Hub members
This HFFA news was brought to you by Shirley Boxem. Shirley is the Executive Director for Headwaters Communities in Action, which oversees several dynamic portfolios managed by a fabulous team of people. DC Moves: Elaine Capes
Farm to School: Adelle Barr-Klouman, and Volunteer Dufferin and communications: Vicki Sword.
Shirley is passionate about sustainability, community, and citizen engagement. Let’s do what we can to build community!
Better Together
A big thank you to all the Willing Hearts who supported our Winter Harvest Dining Series. It was truly heartwarming to see familiar faces and new friends coming together to enjoy wonderful local meals for a good cause. We ended with a bang with our final dinner at Mrs. Mitchell's on April 26th. Thank you to Heidi and staff for a spectacular feast, a generous deal and amazing service.

Thank you especially to Bob Megens for spearheading this series, and to Karen Kamphuis of Joy'n'Us Events for organizing.

Watch your inbox for information about our upcoming summer dining series. Exciting plans are underway!
The next meeting of the Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance hub is on May 10th at 9:30am in Orangeville.

Please email info@hffa.ca if you would like to attend. Come see what we're up to, and what we're all about. Everyone is welcome.
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