Holy Family Community Center Newsletter Volume 3, January 15, 2021
The floors were one of the first areas we needed to take care of when we took over the building in April. All the old carpet was removed, then the asbestos tile, then the mastic glue left behind. They are now in various stages of refinishing but the final results are beautiful. We think it has been worth it to save and restore the original wood.
Some of the other renovation work we have done has included painting, removal of a drop ceiling and new lighting in the basement, learning how to care for our ancient boiler and radiators, fixing plumbing issues, and general clean up that feels like it may never be done. Thank you to all the crews who have been working so hard on this. We are incredibly grateful to the amazing part time staff and volunteers who have helped us through it all!
Major Projects for the Future
These will happen if and when we are able. We need to be ADA compliant and have a safer egress from the upstairs in order to host the kinds of events we would like to. Air conditioning would certainly make it all more pleasant, as well as a sound system. In the meantime, we will make do and carry on.
Replace elevator
ADA compliant bathrooms
Replace stairway/new egress
Replace boiler/new HVAC
New security
Refinish exterior/restore historical look
Add outdoor lighting and a water fountain
Add sound, lighting, and projection system in Chapel
New tables and chairs to replace pews
Technology for meeting rooms
The St Vincent de Paul Parish is hosting a Trivia Night Saturday, February 6 from 6-9pm. The Society and Holy Family are among the outreach beneficiaries so form a team,
Ongoing Programs
Holy Family Ministries
Sack Lunch Program
Our Sack Lunch program still offers around 70 sack lunches per day to the homeless and those in need at the gold door. We are so grateful for all of our dedicated volunteers who keep this program running each weekday, no matter what we throw at them. Through renovating floors, changing plans, replacing sinks and toilets, even during the holidays they have carried on with a smile.
We can't thank you enough!
Closet Door
We continue to offer free clothing and basic personal care items to the homeless and those in need at our pink door, now five mornings per week. We have decided to streamline our offerings and will purchase socks, underwear, and basic toiletry kits when needed. Most other clothing is offered as available thanks to the generosity of the SVdP Thrift Stores and Warehouse. We are not accepting clothing donations at our door at this time. If you are looking to donate your clothing somewhere, please donate through our thrift stores. You may contact us for specific clothing item or toiletry kit drives. We appreciate all of the generous donations, clothing drives and Amazon purchases people have made for us. The best way to support this program for now is monetary donations. We are looking at good options for purchasing socks, underwear and toiletry kits and will share those on our website and here next month.
Street Outreach
We have three vans that continue to take 140 lunches on weekdays out to the streets of east Omaha, which includes lunches to the Jackson Tower and Park South housing high-rises each weekday to support the seniors living there. Once a month we add laundry detergent or other basic household needs. This work was begun by James Parsons many years ago and we are proud to continue his generous tradition. We will be adding more fresh produce to the lunches we offer and looking at other ways to expand.
Thanks to everyone who donated during Giving Tuesday! Your contributions will help continue to grow this program!
Churchyard Community Garden
The Churchyard is asleep for the winter, but we have many plans for the spring. There will be some new landscaping,
an ink and dye plant garden, and we will offer community and pantry garden tech support to any group looking to start one. Get your seed catalogs out and
Community Arts
  • We helped out local artists Bill Hoover and Courtney Cairncross create a music video for students at OPS schools and hope to offer more of this in the future.
  • We held an online screening of the Art21 episode Borderlands with a panel discussion including local curators. Watch here.
  • Our Listen & Learn Lunch video stories are available here.
  • We will be hosting an online screening and panel discussion of the upcoming PBS miniseries The Black Church in February. Stay tuned for details.
  • We will begin hosting our Sunday Sampler Concert Series to very tiny audiences and streaming online as soon as we are able.
How You Can Help
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The DONATE button goes into a general fund, but here you can support specific programs if you would prefer.
Who We Are
Lori Tatreau is the Director of Programs at the Holy Family Community Center, developing new programs, finding funding, and growing partnerships.
Bruce Noble is the Director of Holy Family Ministries, founder of the Churchyard Community Garden, and our editor, photographer and videographer.
Holy Family
Community Center
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