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We are astounded and amazed at our graduates' professionalism and skill level. Your pursuits to explore the boundaries of what is metaphysically known have resulted in 215 outstanding students earning their Master's and/or Doctoral Degrees in 2023. We convey our extreme pride in your accomplishments, as your tremendous dedication and effort have revealed the desires in your hearts to shed new light and wisdom applicable to improving the lives of others—both those in your vicinity and those around the world. We thank you all so much for your tremendous efforts!

In other news, several new events and updates in the thesis and dissertation department have occurred. First, we say a very heartfelt goodbye to our beloved Dr. Lynda Exley, as she has chosen to follow other pursuits—one of which is to write an exciting new book. We thank her for her years of dedicated service to the IMM and our student body. She will be dearly missed, and we wish her every success in her future endeavors.

To help assist our students, Dr. Jordan Walker, another of our beloved advisors, recently moved from working for the IMM from home in Utah to the great state of Arizona. He now works in person at the Sedona office and welcomes students to make an appointment to stop by and say hello.

Another item of importance: The IMM Board of Directors discontinued the statement of purpose requirement and approval process. For your thesis, your chosen topic must align with one of

Dr. Masters' curriculum teachings. In contrast, your dissertation topic must align with your desired doctoral degree. No topic approval is needed, but should you question the validity of your topic being in alignment, feel free to contact the Thesis/Dissertation Department for feedback or support. Additionally, please contact our department once you are ready to begin your thesis or dissertation, as we can ensure you have everything needed to start the next phase of your educational journey.

With the above changes being implemented, we are updating our Handbooks and Websites with these new processes, and we will notify you once they are available.

Tip: Did you know that if you enrolled with the University before 2019, your thesis and dissertation papers are reviewed by the standards in place at the time of your enrollment? Yes, that is right! Each student is grandfathered into the program! So, you can take comfort in knowing that you can take as long as is necessary to work on your degrees without worrying if you are up to date on the latest guidelines.

More importantly, we invite students sitting on the sidelines who need clarification or are nervous about writing their thesis or dissertation to remember that we are here for you 100% of the way. Not only can your thesis/dissertation advisor assist you, but we have many available tools and resources in the Online Student Center, including Webinars, Study Guides, and more! 

New! Another key announcement is the release of exciting new doctoral degree specialties in 2023.

New doctoral degree specialty offerings include:

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Bible Interpretation

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Metaphysical Science


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Spiritual Healing

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Transpersonal Ecology


You are invited to download the updated description of these specialties here.

Even more exciting is the news that all degree offerings are now available at both Universities, the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona.

For general questions about your thesis or dissertation, please email us at the following address:

One of our helpful and friendly advisors will reach out to assist you.

The Thesis And Dissertation Department—

We Are Here To Help You

Jordan R. Walker, D.Phil., Thesis/Dissertation Advisor,

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Arizona MST) 801-891-2394

Please contact Dr. Walker via email to make an appointment to meet with him in person at the Sedona office.

Angie Ringel Thesis/Dissertation Advisor,

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Pacific Time (PST) 360-832-4154

Appointments available outside of the above hours; please email to set up an appointment time.

Fun Fact about Jordan and Angie:


From the moment Jordan started working for the IMM in the fall of 2022, he knew that he wanted to start a special tradition and keep track of how many students he worked with as their advisor—and as they pass their master’s degree thesis or doctoral degree dissertation. To that end, he obtained a large, clear, cylindrical glass vase along with an ample supply of clear marble-sized polished quartz crystals. Then, every time a student receives their degree, and he is their advisor, he places a crystal in the vase for that student. After smudging each and every crystal individually, he holds the crystal in his hand. Then, calling the student who passed by name, he verbally says, “This one is for you,” as he places the crystal in the vase.


Jordan says, “To me, this vase represents not only my hard work but also the hard work of each and every one of you! I am so proud of the difference you are making in the world, and it will be very rewarding to see this vase continue to fill up as it sits here on my desk at the IMM office headquarters in Sedona. How many thousands of crystals it will hold, I do not know. However, I do know there is a place in this jar for all of you! I can’t wait to call out your name and say, ‘This one is for you!”’


Angie found out about Jordan’s tradition and decided to follow a similar tradition from her home in Washington—though her jar has a variety of colorful reflections inside it. Angie indicates the refracting light from each glass orb in the jar represents the light and love that each student she’s advised contributes to our world.


Jordan's Graduate Vase

Angie's Graduate Vase

Information You May Need

When Will My Paper Be Reviewed And How Long Will It Take?

Your tuition must be paid in full for your Doctoral Dissertation to officially be reviewed, and for your Master's Thesis, your tuition must be two-thirds paid.

We will begin the review as soon as we receive payment, and your dissertation/thesis. From that point, your paper will take 8-12 weeks to evaluate.

About Your Affiliation—

Paying your affiliation is necessary for good standing and is a requirement to validate your ministerial credentials, and the use of your degree titles.


The annual IMM affiliation fee is $80 or for two years the discounted rate is $140. Additionally, you have the option to receive a picture ID card for additional $25, so the total coast would be $105 for one year, or $165 for two years.


You may use our convenient, secure payment link, to make the payment, or you can call University Accounting 928-593-9024 during business hours. 9am to 3pm (MST) Monday thru Friday.

Earn An Additional Degree

Continuing Education Degrees—Master's and Doctoral

Many of our students are unaware of the wealth of rich content contained in our Continuing Education Degrees, and we would like to remind students of the tremendous opportunities to continue learning and growing in your field. Considering Enrolling in one of these Continuing Education Degrees: 


  • Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, PsyThD.

“Theocentric,” meaning God-Centered, this program is an advanced degree designed to assist individuals to more deeply focus on and utilize the spirituality of God’s presence in creating and improving life in any area; the Theocentric Way of Life can assist individuals in transforming one’s mind into a Christ Mind like awareness—the incredible latent potential within the Center, or nucleus, of consciousness within you, which can be brought forth to better one’s life. This program is time-tested and originates from the research performed by Dr. Masters with thousands of research participants over decades. The in-depth Theocentric Psychology program coursework contains nearly 700 pages of wisdom spread out over 121 study modules, as well as hours of instructional video. Current students may enroll for this advanced program as an additional doctorate for the discounted rate of $640 USD as a one-time payment. Or, on a payment plan, the full tuition cost is $690 USD with $90 down and $25 for 24 months. For more information and to see a complete list of topics found in this program’s curriculum, please visit:


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Relationship Dynamics

When it comes to relationships, there are countless opinions—mostly traditional or secular—on how to understand or improve relationships. However, the Relationship Dynamics program offers the missing link that only spirituality can provide. This program educates students on the psychic and mystical dynamics that are fundamental factors in the energy interplay between people in relationships. From the curriculum of 50 instructional lectures, you’ll find Dr. Masters enjoyable to listen to, as his professorial style blends practical information with spiritual inspiration as well as humor. Current students can add the Ph.D. in Relationship Dynamics to their existing doctoral program for $530 USD if paid in full or $590 USD on a payment plan with $90 USD down and monthly payments of $25 USD. For more information, please visit:


  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA.M.) Specializing in Metaphysics Degree Program through the University of Sedona

This program contains 96 in-depth study modules designed to help you with the administrative, promotional, and marketing aspects of your metaphysical field or practice. You may enroll in this program at any time, but must first earn your Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc., before the MBA.M can be awarded. Tuition for this program is very affordable, and tuition for electronic copies of this program worldwide is $250 USD in total. You may also order hard copies for an additional cost. For more information and to see a complete list of topics found in this program’s curriculum, please visit:

Earn An Additional Doctorate in Any Chosen Specialty

Don’t forget that you have the option to earn additional doctorate degrees for any of our standard doctoral degree offerings as well. For enrolled students interested in earning an additional doctorate in any of the standard listings, the fee is $490 on a payment plan or $430 if paid in full upfront. The requirement is a submission of a dissertation with a minimum count of at least ten thousand words. Click the link below for an additional doctorate.

Enroll For An Additional Doctorate Degree

Having Trouble Coming Up With

A Thesis or Dissertation Topic?

Try using the following affirmation written by Dr. Masters:

“Through the power of the Universal God-Mind within me,

I affirm that I have already found a topic that excites me and has already brought me great riches as a result of the

good that my ideas and research findings are doing for humankind. Knowing this topic and how perfectly it aligns with my unique God-given purpose, it is very easy

for me to write my thesis/dissertation. 

For this realization, I give thanks,


A beautiful reminder from Thesis and Dissertation Advisor Angie Ringel

Inhale peace, exhale any stress

Inhale faith, exhale any worries

Inhale courage, exhale any fear

Inhale love, and exhale gratitude!

Noteworthy News

Earning a degree is a stupendous achievement, and another way Jordan enjoys symbolically acknowledging your work is to have the opportunity to sign newly graduated Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree Diplomas alongside University President Michelle Behr. For him, signing your diplomas symbolizes the culmination of countless hours of hard work and dedication on your part. He feels genuinely privileged to have been given this opportunity to acknowledge the fruition of your efforts, and he expresses his pride in each of you by signing your diploma. He is grateful for each one of you and works to serve the best in you so that you, in turn, can serve the best in others.

First enrolling with Dr. Paul Leon Masters in 1994, we send an extra special congratulations to one of our recent doctoral graduates. His graduation marks the extraordinary milestone of being his 30th anniversary with us as a loyal IMM graduate and affiliate. We applaud his determination to achieve his doctorate and thank him for his commitment to excellence and for his exemplary example to others. After all, it is never too late to continue one’s education and seek to help others through the pursuit of metaphysical knowledge! Again, Congratulations!

Thesis and Dissertation Tools

Please be sure to set up a personal account for our Online Center. There you will find the resources you will need to write your thesis and dissertation, including downloadable templates, handbooks, access to videos and webinars, and much more.

A Trustpilot review by Patrice Elliott, United Kingdom

I found the process very confusing. I had a lot of mistakes in my referencing and citation. If it weren't for the patience and guidance of Angie Ringel the Thesis Advisor, I would likely have struggled so much more. I am not a person who quits but I am fairly certain that if it wasn't for her diligence and loving support, this paper would not have been completed. I am so grateful for her.

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