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Collaborative Excellence and Accountability
April 2020
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

These are challenging times for all of us . . . thinking of our families, friends, and neighbors, while trying to retain some sense of normalcy as we keep the flow of healthy and fair food and beverages going. Our empathy and thoughts are with all of you and those who suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic. We certainly hope that all of us come through this in the best way possible. 

This is an important time to rearrange priorities on a personal and global level, and many of you have shown that you’re committed to doing so even without such a stark reminder. We hope this experience will serve as a cause for more environmentally sound and just societies. We are reminded every day that it matters what we do in life and how we treat our fellow human beings. May this crisis bring forth the best in all of us!

For the FairTSA Team
Winfried Fuchshofen
Emergency Remote Audit Policy

On a practical note we are committed to keeping products flowing like many other organizations in our field. This requires that inspection and certification activities continue. For that reason, we are implementing an emergency Remote Audit policy (click below to view). We have also published Remote Audit Implementation Requirements (click below to view), which specify in detail the procedure for the remote audit. Both documents are also posted on our web page for certification agencies at https://www.fairtsa.org/certifiers . We will use upcoming trainings to inform our collaborating certification bodies and authorized inspectors of this option and how to implement it. We do this in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. It will require flexibility from our partners as well as the inspectors. Our goal is to keep our standard intact as much as possible, while dealing with challenging circumstances. If you have questions, please contact us and we will support you to the best of our ability. 

Introducing . . .
New FairTSA Licensees

From Clackamas, Oregon, Bridgewell is a global leader in food and agricultural products, serving retailers, manufacturers, and niche markets worldwide. With their wide selection of goods, including non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, and conventional options, Bridgewell offers products from all over the world, partnering with trusted suppliers who share their commitment to safety, integrity, and transparency.

Located in Neuenhof, Switzerland, Varistor is a recognized global supply chain partner for organic and Fair Trade products. The company has cultivated an exclusive network of long-standing partners, a high level of transparency, and trust among customers, suppliers and staff. Varistor imports and distributes spices, tea, mushrooms, dried fruits, nuts, and other ingredients.

New FairTSA Producers

Finca Terrerito  - (Honduras) - Coffee

Grassco - (Egypt) - Herbs

Nutriagaves - (Mexico) - Agave

Sensient - (Philippines) - Coconut Products

Trapiche Lucerna - (Columbia) - Sugar
Cooperating Certifiers
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