Halifax Fire

Halifax L3159 members were honored to host Brother Dale Melanson's helmet from Plymouth Fire Local 1768 today.
Dale is recently retired from PFD and he and his family have been facing his diagnoses of not only frontal lobe dementia but also ALS. This helmet provided by the Plymouth Fire Relief Association has traveled far and wide and has been cared for by countless numbers of brothers and sisters of the PFFM serving communities across Massachusetts.
After dedicating his life to public service with an 18 year career with the PFD and 28 years to the Air National Guard, Dale and his family are faced with a devastating battle. A battle which we are told Dale is taking in stride. Please consider supporting Dale in this fight with the links provided below.
Halifax received his helmet from Hanson Firefighters and will be passing it to Plympton Fire Department to continue on its journey.

Historical Tidbit:
 Estes Garage

This picture of the garage above shows two doors but it originally had only one which was the one on the left. It had printed on it in large letters FREE AIR which was a very important item in as much as there was no other place for miles around where a person could inflate a tire.

On a deed dated the 7th day of May 1925 between the Atlantic Refining Company, a corporation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and George W. Estes of Halifax, an agreement was drawn up so that the Atlantic Refining Company could install equipment for the retailing of gasoline and motor oil to the general public. 

Mr. Estes owned the property to the west of where the garage sat so he had it moved to the new location and attached a gas station to the business. Halifax Glass now sits on this property.
Before coming to Halifax to start his new business Mr. Estes was associated with the bus service in Brockton. My grandfather, Guy Baker, once stated that George Estes was the best troubleshooter auto repairman he ever saw.

Respectfully Submitted, Sue Basile
Town Hall

Holmes Public Library

Council on Aging
506 Plymouth Street

Food Pantries
Halifax Congregational Church
503 Plymouth St. (Rt 106)
Tuesdays 2:30 - 4p
St Vincent De Paul
Our Lady of the Lake Church
580 Monponsett St, Halifax
(781) 293- 7971
2nd & 4th Saturday 9a
Jamie Johnson
You won a One hour of coaching (value $80)
with Glee Works Holistic Personal Coaching
781-223-8221 MarcyVenezia@gmail.com
Learn mindful techniques to reduce stress
and anxiety.

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$25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant, East Bridgewater & Halifax
Halifax Wage & Personnel By-Law Study - January 25, 2023
Video Provided by Area58_Halifax
Pajama Drive
Holmes Library 
Started February 1st, and going to March 15th, a pajama donation drive for kids and teens will take place. Please bring all donations to the Holmes Public Library. Donations from all seasons and sizes 0-3 months to adult medium will be accepted. Please consider donating!

Halifax Fire Open Burning
Burning permits are now available online. The open burning season takes place between January 15th and May 1st.
For more info on purchasing a permit and other important instructions use the link provided: www.halifax-ma.org/home/pages/online-payments
Halifax Board of Selectmen - January 30, 2023
Video Provided by Area58_Halifax
Children's Book Club 
February 8th 
2:45 - 4p
Join the Holmes Public Library for a fun afternoon of stories with the kids for their monthly children's book club!
For other fun events at the library check out their February Calendar: holmespubliclibrary.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/febCAL.pdf
Make Your Valentines Day Reservations Early!
For the Love of Books 
February 11
11 - 11:45a
This Virtual Story time event is for families with young kids up to the age of 6 to enjoy a fun story reading!
For more info on future events:
You can still register for this fun event today
1 Straw = 4+ Pieces of Roadside Litter
This litter was found along Oak St. Two pieces of the straw were on one side of the road. The other two pieces were found across the street. Where there is a littered straw there is usually a littered single use plastic cup as well.
Beyond Plastics Single Use Straw Statistics
*Americans use more than 500 million plastic straws each day-enough to circle the Earth 2.5 times.
*Plastic straws and stirrers were the 7th most commonly found item on beach worldwide during the International Coastal Cleanup in 2017.
*Plastic straws persist in the environment for at least 200 years.
*Straws are a necessity for some people with disabilities, which is why Beyond Plastics advocates for "straws on request" as well as paper or reusable straws.
These are just a few facts about what happens to straws when they are littered carelessly and how it can build up over time causing problems for the earth. This does not mean get rid of straws altogether, but that we think smarter and use and dispose of our straws more responsibly in the future so we can prevent these problems and live on a cleaner planet earth.

Halifax COA Crafts with Maddie:
Crafts with Maddie was a success on January 24th, and the Council on Aging will be offering another crafts activity with Maddie - Maddie is a student volunteer with the COA and they appreciate her talents. Picture from January 24th event
Climate Can-Do:
The Importance of Left-Overs

Leftovers Re-thought are Pre- Prepared Meals! 
Managing food waste helps your wallet and positively impacts the environment. In the US, upwards of 40% of leftovers and kitchen scraps are tossed out. Time to rethink our food!  Here are a few tips you can utilize to take control:
1)  Plan out meals. Meal preparation for your week is a great way of portioning out food servings you will eat without any excess waste. There are plenty of resources out there such as Yummly or Tough Cookies meal prep.
2) Compost, Compost, Compost
3) Ensure your food is properly stored. Make sure your fridge is arranged in a way that allows you to notice and eat what food is expiring soon. Throwing out expired food that was never eaten makes up a hefty chunk of a household’s overall food-waste. Proper storage, with enough care, will extend the life-span of your food!
4) And finally, this last tip is beneficial to both you and your community at large. Support and spread awareness of groups and charities that rescue food waste from restaurants, stores, and other businesses and gives it to those in need. A great local resource for this type of program is Rescuing Leftover Cuisine / Massachusetts Getting our community involved and asking these businesses about their food waste management can truly make an impact! Too much restaurant left-overs are thrown out. We can do our best to make sure it reaches hungry mouths.

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by intern Sean Fitzgerald from Lasell University. We focus on actions which will help mitigate the environmental changes of our climate emergency. Our goal is to keep the Earth's temperature from rising 1.5˚ C to lessen the impact. We can do!
Generations Meeting
Feb 6
Community Room Holmes Library  
Just a reminder that the next Generations meeting is Monday, Feb 6th, 10a in the Community Room of the Holmes Library.
They will be having a "Valentine's" cookie swap during the meeting. If you'd like to participate, please bring in a dozen or more cookies. You will be able to take home as many as you bring. Don't forget to bring an extra container to bring your cookies in.
Respectfully Submitted, Jeanne Kling Generations, Vice President
Find YOUR Bliss with
New Classes Forming.
Register Today!

Svaroopa yoga excels at releasing the deep tension in your body. While the benefits of this style of yoga are profound, it is very easy to do. We use the alignment of the body, rather than a lot of effort, along with blankets for propping to make the poses accessible, supportive and effective.

516 N. Bedford St, East Bridgewater
(508) 331-3564

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Furget Me Not Looking for Foster Homes for Local Animals in Need

Furget Me Not Inc. is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping pets out of shelters in all of Massachusetts. They are actively looking for short-term foster homes from local Massachusetts residents. Before being placed in a foster home, all animals are medically and behaviorally examined. Furget Me Not provides the foster home with all the supplies, guidance and support needed for these animals. For more information on the company and this mission, visit www.unfurget.org
Fire Dept. K9 Veterinarian Event
January 17th, Halifax Fire hosted veterinarian Ashlee Rockwood from Pembroke Animal Hospital, as well as members from Plympton Fire and Carver EMS for a joint drill on police K9 familiarity. Recently, a law called 'Nero's law' was passed allowing Fire/EMS to treat and transport injured police k9's. This drill allowed us up close hands on experience with the dogs and a deeper insight into k9 anatomy and physiology as well as appropriate treatment techniques. Special thank you to the Plymouth County Sheriff's department k9 division for bringing their dogs and expertise, and the Halifax PD for allowing us to use their training room.
Have fun with us and bee entered to win a:
$25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant, East Bridgewater & Halifax

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Choosing Engagement
I am a HUGE Brene Brown fan.
Here are some goodies about engagement... from Brené Brown, Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.

“The courage to be vulnerable is not about winning or losing, it’s about the courage to show up when you can’t predict or control the outcome.”

"Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.”

“People are opting out of vital conversations about diversity and inclusivity because they fear looking wrong, saying something wrong, or being wrong. Choosing our own comfort over hard conversations is the epitome of privilege, and it corrodes trust and moves us away from meaningful and lasting change.”

“If we want people to fully show up, to bring their whole selves including their unarmored, whole hearts—so that we can innovate, solve problems, and serve people—we have to be vigilant about creating a culture in which people feel safe, seen, heard, and respected.”
Here is a link to her Ted Talk on Vulnerability. It takes courage to be out there with our whole authentic selves, but that's how the most effective communication happens.
Have a great week. ~ Jacquie
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