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Traditional donor walls are a thing of the past. Say hello to dynamic, interactive, and visually captivating digital donor walls! With our innovative technology, you can showcase your donors' impact like never before. Signage ONE creates a flexible and dynamic platform for your University to highlight donors and alumni year round and in real time, all while maintaining and supporting it so that you don't have to.

Showcase compelling videos, photos, and testimonials, capturing the essence of their contributions. Ignite inspiration and create emotional connections that resonate long after the visit. Our digital displays can accommodate an unlimited number of contributors, ensuring that each and every donor receives the recognition they deserve, as well as create opportunities for others to give by QR codes.

Our digital donor walls seamlessly integrate with your existing donor management systems, maximizing efficiency and personalization. Signage ONE will strengthen your donor stewardship efforts with targeted communication, exclusive updates, and invitations to special events. Nurture those relationships that make a lasting impact while we do the rest.

For one low monthly fee, Signage ONE includes:

Digital donor walls provide long-term savings for your organization. No more costly permanent fixtures! Our digital platform is easy to update, with minimal effort and expense. Plus, it's backed by reliable technology, ensuring a seamless experience for years to come.

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Signage ONE offers valuable analytics, enabling you to track visitor engagement, preferences, and behaviors. Gain insights to optimize your fundraising strategies and create meaningful experiences for your donors.

Join the digital revolution in donor recognition! Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities of our state-of-the-art digital donor walls. Let's honor your donors in a way that captivates, inspires, and connects. Elevate your donor recognition and let Signage ONE do all of the work for you.

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Studies have proven that recognizing donors with a well-designed presentation on big screens can drive more donations than static plaques. Listen as Jill Perardi shares her design expertise and real-world client stories about the advantages of using digital donor walls to recognize donors and encourage giving.

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