Energy Transformations March 2019 Newsletter
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Live Intentionally
I once heard, “If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting the same result.” A lot of my clients tell me that they would like to see things change in their lives for the better. Spring is a great time to start anew. In order to create healthy change, one approach is to begin to live intentionally. 
When we live intentionally, we make choices that are best for us instead of easy or repetitive. So we choose to make dinner instead of getting fast food. We clean up the clutter so we can focus on the things that inspire creativity and fun. There are many areas of our lives where we can live intentionally such as family, health, spirituality, work, and finances. Just take a moment and imagine how your life could be better in any of these areas. How does this image make you feel? Are you ready for your best life?

When you live intentionally, you determine how you want your life to be. Each day you focus your thoughts and actions on aligning with the outcomes you desire for your life. You move out of the stupor of doing the same thing over and over again and embrace the beauty of the opportunities right in front of you in the moment. Maybe you are working on restoring health and the opportunity in front of you is to sit and enjoy the view instead of cleaning and running errands. Maybe it is to take an art or meditation class or a long overdue vacation.

One author wrote that intentional living defines your life before circumstances destroy it . Could these circumstances be the situations that our bad habits or poor boundaries create? We are the author of our lives. What story do you want to tell? Tell that story by living it. In living intentionally, we protect our energy and our momentum by having healthy boundaries. We find our self-motivator to cheer us on. No one will create the life we want for us. We are the navigator. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results.

Are you ready to end the insanity? Where do you start? Pick an area in your life that does not bring you joy. Now ask yourself, how can I show up in this area of my life that will create more joy. What would that look like? To make that change, choose to live intentionally every day by not going back to the habits that brought you unhappiness or discontentment. Choose activities, words, and people that support your new pathway. By focusing your activities around what you want, you will begin to form new neuro pathways in your brain that will support making even more changes for the better. Your will power which is fired from within becomes stronger and helps you to navigate in the chaotic world without being a part of the chaos. One change at a time. One day at a time. Soon your life will be different for the better.

In living intentionally we choose to align in the best within us to embrace life without fear but with curiosity and wonder. We free energy, which was trapped in old habits, and allow it to move us in the direction that brings more of what we desire. When we give our best, life becomes an amazing unfolding of miracles. Life becomes meaningful and purposeful. We exude joy that is contagious. And we experience many moments of grace. 
Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, Sound Healer and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams.

Announcements and Upcoming Events
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Spring Tonics

I was asked once what would be a good herb for someone/everyone to take that would make them healthier. This is a trick question you see. Everyone has individual needs, body compositions and energetics. It’s like asking a group of people what the best temperature is to set the thermostat. You will get almost as many responses as there are people in the room. Very few things are good for everyone and many can aggravate at least half the people.

As an herbalist, I take into consideration the needs of each person I meet. Do they run hot or cold, dry or damp? Speaking as a generalist, I can make a few recommendations. After all, if someone wants to use herbs as part of their health regimine, who am I to dissuade them? Spring is traditionally the time when people make their way back into the sunlight and begin to be more active. For many of us growing up when the only fruits and veggies we had available in the winter was mostly what was seasonally available. Spring is when greens became more plentiful and we have more than citrus and bananas for fruit. Humans long for nutrients in the spring and once knew what to look for in the wild. We don’t have to forage for our food these days, unless we want to of course, and simple remedies are found in our health and grocery stores. So, I’ll present two herbs for your Spring pleasure for two energy types.

For those of you who are usually hot and dry and the thermostat rarely goes over 70 during the winter, I recommend Milky Oat tops. These sweet smelling pods are juicy and sweet. They cool down the body, calm nerves, help sleep and act as a demulcent (moisturizing the inside of the body). The pods themselves, when fresh, make a lovely cup of tea or boost nutrition when making soup. You can find tinctures and other Milky Oat supplements in the health food store if fresh is difficult to find. These precious jewels do not interact with any medications and are safe for everyone and work well when taken in quantity.

For those of you who run cool and damp, I recommend Stinging Nettles. While they are precocious in nature, they are tamed by heat and chopping. Again, I don’t know many people who have the opportunity to collect fresh nettles so, one of our local herb shops can provide you with the dried version and I recommend you buy enough to make teas and add to your soups. This plant will tone your veins, muscles and respiratory system, helping to drain excess fluids and be a benefit to your kidneys. Nettles is also loaded with nutritive value and important in blood building.

Can you use both? Absolutely, just be aware of how your body feels after using each of the herbs separately. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and frantic? Enjoy those oats. Feeling sluggish and cool? Have a cup of nettle tea. Also, spending time outside is a valuable health practice. Move your body, smile into the sun, say hi to your neighbors, take longer walks with your dog. Enjoy.
Sue Elbeck
 Energy Transformations /contact me at website