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Co Create Healing in the World
Many people ask me what I am supposed to do with all this chaos that is going on around me and on the planet? We are all builders of Divine Consciousness. This love-based consciousness takes us to new realms of understanding this chaos as it being released into the world for healing instead of hidden below the surface causing even more turbulence in the collective psyche.
Our role as Lightworkers is to center within, so that we can spread our Divine Consciousness through our every intention, focus, and breath. When we turn our attention away from the chaotic activity to the Divine within that is ready to be expressed, we create a forcefield that supports all life on our planet. Healing is accelerated. Our minds are expanded and we are able to tune into the love and heavenly help that is working with us from the Angelic and Ascended Master Realms. Your Divine Alignment creates that all around you. It also awakens humanity and makes you a co-creator in manifesting the Divine on earth.

Take a few deep breaths and move into a place of emptiness. A place that is quiet. Stay here for a while. Feel your body let go of the heaviness. Feel yourself sink into a beautiful place of stillness. Practice this every day and see how your prospective changes from one of fear to one of love. Feel the stress leave you and feel yourself filled with energy to support your Light work. Gather with your Light worker friends and have conversations that help you to move into a sustained place of being a Light and owning your Power to be a co-creator. Every time you share your Love and Light and respond with these qualities, you contribute to individual and world healing. Let’s all accelerate the healing on the planet!
In Love and Service to all,
Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, Sound Healer and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams.

Announcements and Upcoming Events
Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers check out This website is a resource for meeting all your Reiki needs and more. It will has links to amazing online classes that complement our Reiki training from many online schools for Reiki practitioners of all lineages and all levels. It also has a lot of free information, links to free online summits and workshops along with links to all our favorite online stores that sell energy related tools, crystals, protection devices, books, cds, massage tables, crystal bowls, etc. at discounts for our viewers. If you are a Reiki teacher or sell products that Reiki practitioners are interested in, there are opportunities here to spread the word.

Announcing a new online class: Dowsing for Energy Healers. This class will teach energy healers of all modalities how to use a variety of dowsing tools to work with your clients. The class will address selecting your dowsing tool, how to work with the dowsing tools, integrating dowsing into your energy session, dowsing your client’s body, working with charts, dowsing your supplements and food, and how to use dowsing in a distance healing session. There are 19 videos and 22 handouts. Sign up here. Use discount code DOWSENOW to get a $30 discount.

August 2019 I will teach a Reiki for Fertility class in Scottsdale, AZ. More details to follow.

CLASSES - prices, details, and sign ups are linked here  All classes below are approved for CEs for massage therapists.

Hara Repair Workshop - Monday, April 15th, Scottsdale, AZ Learn more or sign up here . 7 CEs for massage therapists
Advanced Reiki Training - Sunday, May 5th, Dewey, AZ. Sign up here . 7 CEs for massage therapists
Reiki II,  - Friday March 29th, Dewey, AZ. Sign up here . 7 CEs for massage therapists
Karuna Reiki I and II classes coming soon.
If there is a class that you would like to take and you have three people or more, we can schedule one at your location or mine. You can contact me at
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Check out these amazing free online workshops and summits
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"We take comfort in the belly of the Mother, who brings us the magic of creation." - Rabbit

Rabbit is found throughout the world, living in forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, and meadows. It inhabits any environment that is conducive to digging burrows. Rabbit digs an intricate system of tunnels with many entrances and exits; and before entering one, Rabbit uses its whiskers to gauge the width of the hole so that it does not get stuck. Rabbit is small and furry with large ears and a tail that looks like a tuft of cotton. It hops instead of walking and therefore has strong hind legs, which it can kick with to defend itself. Rabbit comes in a variety of colors, which are mostly an evolutionary adaptation to its environment, perfect camouflage to hide it from predators. Mostly timid, Rabbit will either freeze to avoid drawing attention to itself or run from approaching predators.
Rabbit is a powerhouse of optimum senses ready to take on survival and defense, and because of this it represents immortality. It has the ability to see in a range of 360 degrees and excellent distance vision. It is farsighted, enabling it to see over a large swath of terrain and perceive anyone approaching. If it fails to see a predator, Rabbit will probably smell it first. Rabbit can hear high frequencies and is able to detect sounds from far away. Its long ears function like antennae so it can discern where a sound is coming from. Rabbit does not have a detectable personal scent, which also helps it stay safe.
In many cultures, Rabbit is a symbol of fertility, as it is a prolific producer of offspring. This connection to the circle of life is a lesson for all of us as to our ability to create on many levels. It is also a reminder of the inevitability of eternal life. Rabbit is a Chinese zodiac sign and represents a long life, tenderness, and love. The Chinese Moon goddess, Chang'e, had Rabbit as her pet. The Hopi and the Shawnee have Rabbit clans and perform many ceremonial dances that revolve around Rabbit.
Many shamans have used a Rabbit foot as a talisman of luck and special powers of protection, especially when visiting the Lower World. Rabbit is revered in Irish culture, where legends tell of women who can shapeshift into Rabbit. In Mexican and Central American tribes, Rabbit was an image reflected on the Moon. The Mayan god Quetzalcoatl was so grateful to Rabbit that he illuminated its image on the Moon so we would all remember its goodness. Like the Mayans, Asians refer to the "Rabbit in the Moon," as opposed to the "Man in the Moon." The Moon symbolizes death and rebirth as it dies when it sets and is reborn again when it rises.
The Moon and Rabbit have much in common in regard to shadow and light, which is Rabbit's story of going into the darkness of its burrow and reemerging into the light. The Moon is a symbol of conception and pregnancy, and tied to parallel agricultural moments, like the planting of seeds. Parables featuring the Moon and Rabbit describe the ebb and flow of life, as well as principles like not clinging to outcomes and instead supporting inspiration. Mark Twain once wisely stated, "Everyone is a Moon." He meant that we all have a dark side. As a Power Animal, Rabbit is a steady companion to take us into the dark when we must search our souls for truth and light. By harnessing the energy of the Moon, we can see Rabbit there, the mother of the heavens ready to fill us with the invigorating power of her feminine energy.
White Rabbit is an important symbol for the shaman, it often means that a healer is to be born, serving as a white light that will transform the hearts and minds of those that live in darkness. It is also a sign that a major transformation is coming quickly. From the famous book  Alice in Wonderland,  the meaning of the journey is that down the Rabbit hole is a place to go for the true quest of knowledge. White Rabbit encourages Alice to take a chance to go to another world. When things seem confusing or desperate, White Rabbit shows up to encourage us to move forward into the unknown.
Rabbit is about embodying quickness. Having a quick mind and being capable of quick reactions or responses means that your intuition is in charge of you. Choose the first answer that comes. Avoid getting bogged down in analytical thinking as it is rare to be wrong on your first response. Sometimes we regret not heeding our initial brilliance. Overanalyzing decisions feels like whisking the egg of thoughts into a scrambled mind.
Powers of Rabbit
Call in Rabbit for: Planting seeds for a new project. To develop appreciation for your sensory powers. Trusting the friends that you meet on your journey; they are all teachers, no matter what their messages.
Awareness from Rabbit
If Rabbit comes into your life: You may be very fertile—ready to conceive an idea or a family. Do not always feel you have to be on alert, some days you just need to trust that all is well. Release any fears that are keeping you frozen in place.
Energy Center:  Crown
Mineral:  Tanzanite  resonates with Rabbit because it is a stone of great protection, something the often vulnerable Rabbit would appreciate. It is a stone that reduces fear in crisis and helps to rebuild trusting yourself and others. It stimulates resourcefulness. It is extremely high vibrational like the Rabbit who is a guide to the underworld, a place of nature spirits. It supports the ease of moving into altered states. The color  blue  is linked to Rabbit as it is representative of the beginning of life and fertile thinking and emotions. 
Element:  Earth
Magic & Mystery:
It is estimated that the Rabbit species has more than 40 million members. "Follow the white rabbit" is a reference to Lewis Carroll's book  Alice in Wonderland.  It means be willing to respond to an unexpected invitation or calling and make a deeper search for the meaning of life. For the ancient Aztecs, Rabbit was a symbol of drunkenness because of its wild sexual promiscuity.
Shaman's Intention
Take me down the rabbit hole. I promise to trust what I find there
Lori Morrison (Resonance Healer, Best Selling Author, Inspirationalist)
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