Year 3, Issue 15 — March 26, 2024

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Media That Makes a Difference

Changemakers Alliance is a supporter-driven spinoff of Minnesota Women's Press, designed to connect engaged feminists who care about solutions and action, and to take stories off the page into conversations.

ECOLUTION: Evolution of Stronger Economies & Ecosystems

series underwritten by Seward Co-op

Deep Dive: The Hopes and Insights of a Long-Time Climate Change Policy Advocate

The U.S. Energy Department Monday announced new investments in reducing carbon emissions. This is among the reasons a long-time legislative policy advocate — son of former Rep. Jean Wagenius — is feeling optimistic.

“I’ve had conversations with legislators on the Iron Range," says Peter Wagenius of Sierra Club. "What if we had wind and solar connected to making steel in the Upper Midwest. There are huge opportunities for efficiency there that could be powered by green hydrogen.”


Environmental Warriors (2002)

The paths forged by Paula Maccabee, Elizabeth Dickinson, Kathleen Schuler, Carol Johnson and Jean Wagenius

Collective Health

stories underwritten by Badass members

Commentary by Nancy Uden:

Additional Work to Be Done in Bodily Autonomy

I’m thankful that I have hospice as an option at the end of my life, and I will use it for the maximum comfort I can attain. But in the end, I want the option to die gently in my sleep, surrounded by my loved ones.

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How Legislators and Law Enforcement Are Divided on Using Force on Students

LGBTQ+, ERA, and Congregations Working Together

Legislature Discusses Mental Health

Part 2: Talking About Public Safety With Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter

In the News: Reproductive Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case whose outcome could still limit access to an abortion pill despite Minnesota’s protections. by Michelle Griffith, Minnesota Reformer

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Diversity in Politics

stories underwritten by Vote Run Lead and Women Winning

Minnesota Women Step Into U.S. Congressional Campaigns

Four women running for U.S. Congressional seats — two trying to unseat anti-choice incumbent men in Greater Minnesota districts — spoke at a Women Winning event.

Congressional District 2 has been in Republican hands for 70 of the last 82 years, said U.S. Rep. Angie Craig. “This is not a safe seat.” 

Bulletin Board Supported by Badass Members

Guest Mary Tjosvold, an advocate for women’s rights and equality, has focused on eliminating violence toward women, ending child trafficking, preserving the environment, and eliminating torture.

Musical guest Yemi Love will share stories of her musical life from Nigeria to Minnesota.

April 4, 6:30pm doors open for dinner & cocktails; 7:30-9pm show.

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