Kennedy, Fischer, DeWine for Ohio Supreme Court

The Board of Ohio Value Voters (OVV) is proud to announce our unanimous endorsements for the election of Justice Sharon Kennedy as Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and reelection of her colleagues Justices Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer in the upcoming November 8th General Election.

Never before has your vote been so critical in securing Ohio's future protection of our shared values of Faith, Family, Freedom and the safeguarding of Human Life. Should any of these three candidates not win, these values we cherish so deeply will be undermined and jeopardized. The loss of even one of these Ohio Supreme Court seats will result in a Democrat majority in our state's highest court.


George Soros, Barack Obama and Eric Holder are pouring tens of millions of dollars into the campaigns of our candidates' opponents using out-of-state deep pocket special interest money to unseat our conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Justices Kennedy, DeWine and Fischer have an incredible record of protecting our families and our freedoms while serving honorably on Ohio's highest court. We encourage you to re-elect Justice Sharon Kennedy, Justice Pat DeWine and Justice Pat Fischer. Each of these Justices have consistently stood their ground in ensuring and protecting our most basic rights under the Ohio Constitution. 


We encourage the 2.8 million OVV supporters and followers to explore the campaign websites for each of these Ohio Supreme Court candidates and stand with us in protecting Ohio's future: 


Justice Sharon Kennedy -

Justice Pat DeWine - Pat

Justice Pat Fischer -


We urge you to cast your vote and support all three of these outstanding Ohio Supreme Court Justices on November 8th. They represent the very best Ohioans seek in judicial wisdom and protection for our future.


John Stover, President

Ohio Value Voters 


Thank you for your prayers and support.


John Stover, President

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